Rob Schneider’s Criticism of Hillary Clinton, ‘SNL’ Divides Internet

The criticism of Rob Schneider, including his famous moment of singling out Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live, has divided the internet on the left.

Chris Farley, David Spade, and Adam Sandler, among others, were part of a period when Schneider, who is now 58 years old, was associated with the popular NBC comedy show from 1988 to 1994. He transitioned from being a writer to becoming a cast member in 1990.

During a November 2016 episode of The Glenn Beck Podcast, conservative comedian Glenn Beck mentioned that Kate McKinnon portrayed former President Donald Trump on a sketch show following his loss to Hillary Clinton in the election.

Rob Schneider is pictured left on August 28, 2020, in Ventura, California. Hillary Clinton is pictured inset on July 8, 2022, in New York City. Comedian Schneider has sparked debate online, after criticizing “Saturday Night Live” and singling out a Clinton-themed sketch from November 2016. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images;/Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Beck, a conservative commentator, expressed, “I dislike criticizing my own show.” Schneider commented, “She is not precisely the most rational individual in the vicinity,” explaining why she was unsuccessful when Hillary Clinton was defeated.

‘It’s not going to return.’ “And there was no punchline at the conclusion, and I thought, ‘It’s finished. It’s finished.’ Please refrain from descending there.’ I sincerely prayed, ‘Please include a punchline at the conclusion. Do not proceed with this. Then when Kate McKinnon went out there on Saturday Night Live in the opening skit in the freezing weather, and she’s dressed as Hillary Clinton, and she began performing ‘Hallelujah.’ He carried on:

“I refuse to quit, and you shouldn’t either,” McKinnon declared on camera, prior to serenading the audience with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” on a grand piano. McKinnon, who had impersonated Clinton on the show throughout the election period, was seated at a piano, as SNL cold opens typically aim for humor.

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The moment was also a homage to Cohen, who had departed days earlier.

Beck inquired the comedian if he was prepared to risk everything for his beliefs, referencing Schneider’s conservative remarks that could potentially harm his professional life.

My children are going to reside in the rural area, which I am concerned about. I no longer care about my career. If we don’t have anything, then we have nothing. Schneider replied, “Definitely.”

Schneider has three daughters, including the renowned singer Elle King, who is 33 years old.

The comedian’s declaration regarding his profession was ridiculed by others, whereas supporters whose political perspectives were in line with Schneider’s remarks responded with a surge of backing.

“No one who values their profession.. Appears on @GlennBeck’s show… So.. Unnecessary,” wrote comedian Hal Sparks on Twitter.

Farron Cousins, the host of the progressive radio show Ring of Fire, suggested that Schneider may already have very little to lose.

Cousins posted on Twitter, “It occurred a while back,” Rob Schneider stating he is unconcerned about losing his profession is similar to me stating I am unconcerned about gaining weight.

SciBabe science blogger Yvette d’Entremont recounted Schneider’s commercial for State Farm Insurance being pulled back in 2014 over his stance against vaccines.

Rob Schneider was fired when I remember tweeting, “She.” The spokesperson from State Farm did not like this because they have not been selling health insurance since they fired Rob Schneider for being an antivaxxer. We have seen his work, so we knew he didn’t care about his career, but he also knew that.

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Krister Johnson, the writer, executive producer, and showrunner of Murderville, also contributed to the abundance of jokes made about Schneider’s professional journey.

“Johnson wrote that never before has a single individual sacrificed so little in exchange for such great rewards.”

Amongst Twitter users who expressed and embraced his perspectives, there was additionally a surge of fervent backing, whereas Schneider’s remarks were greeted with significant ridicule.

“‘It’s FINISHED. It’s not going to return.’ – Comedy icon Rob Schneider continuously PLACES mic on SNL– RUINS woke comedy in MOMENTS, tweeted Benny Johnson, the principal imaginative officer at Turning Point USA.”

Amidst the online conversation, Schneider shared a link to the full Beck interview with his 1.2 million Twitter followers on Tuesday.

“Schneider titled the link, ‘I engaged in a pleasant discussion, with a pleasant individual who has been in this industry and shares the same age as myself.’ ‘I expressed some viewpoints. If you are interested, it is worthwhile to give it a listen…'”

In his interview with Beck, Schneider also discussed late-night hosts who he claimed were involved in an “indoctrination,” without specifically naming them.

He expressed, “That’s the way you discern their lack of interest. The presence of an autonomous perspective is no longer evident. It has transformed into mere indoctrination through the imposition of comedy.” The process of comedic indoctrination occurring with each of the late-night hosts can be interchanged among themselves.

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