RIP Cameron Boyce’s Dad Remembers the Late Star on 2-Year Death Anniversary: ‘It’s Always a Bad Day’

“A commemoration is something that is positive. Personally, I prefer not to label this day as an anniversary. Today is really, really unfortunate. It is not a good day for me. On Tuesday, July 6th, he shared an eight-minute long video on Instagram, in which he expressed his thoughts. Without fail, every day is a difficult day for me without Cameron. Regardless of whether it is yesterday, today, or tomorrow, it is always an unfavorable day.”

The performer from Descendants died on July 6, 2019, at 20 years old, after having a seizure while asleep due to epilepsy.


In his Instagram video, Victor expressed, “My son surpasses all of that. He has become this power that surpasses me. It’s the most peculiar thing for me because I’m simply an ordinary man, an ordinary individual, and for some unknown reason — through some miracle — my son, my firstborn son, my only son, we have received an abundance of support, an abundance of love from all the fans, all the family, from all corners of the world. There are no words to describe how I feel about the loss of my son. I simply want to express my gratitude to everyone.”

“Despite our immense defeat, we are incredibly fortunate to receive an abundance of affection and assistance,” he expressed. “I am profoundly grateful to all of you,” he conveyed. “He remains adored, and I genuinely believe that we are too.”

He mentioned in his Instagram video on Tuesday that his son Cameron, who was an incredible person, taught him so much. He explained that they are trying to bring some good out of his loss by helping other people with epilepsy, noting that it reminds him of “everything” Cameron fans told him. Through the Boyce Cameron Foundation, which honors Cameron’s memory and keeps his legacy alive, his mom and dad started charity acts to support Grown-Up the star’s memory.

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Sofia Carson, a former costar, also remembered her via social media. She shared a photo of the late star alongside a caption that she read. This photo is a reminder that you, my dear cam, were always our angel on Earth. I miss you every day and I adore you. Paulina, Cameron’s sister, also included some videos and photos of Cameron in her Instagram Stories, which were shared by the actress on Disney Channel.

On May 28, Cameron’s two-year anniversary since his 22nd birthday, Sofia wrote a heartfelt tribute titled “Dear Cam, You Changed My World” to commemorate their extraordinary efforts in ending gun violence and finding a cure for epilepsy, which benefitted the Boyce Cameron Foundation. As a tribute, they decided to release a limited edition line of merchandise.

United, we vocalized those phrases. Our Cam sketched a work of art on your back, a denim jacket that reads ‘we have the ability to alter the world’ on your chest. Our assortment originated with that denim jacket, purely him,” the actress from Feel the Beat also expressed. I envision him in his preferred denim jacket whenever Cam comes to mind.

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