RFK Jr.’s wife hangs herself

Yesterday, insiders informed The Post that Mary, the separated spouse of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Took her own life in a barn on their Westchester property. Mary combated her husband’s alleged extramarital affairs by resorting to alcohol and prescribed medications.

The 52-year-old mother of four, the latest victim of a cursed dynasty family’s tragedies, may have her life taken away from her, as her broken marriage continues to haunt her and she laments the loss of her friends.

According to a trusted family acquaintance, “She was profoundly distressed, misusing alcohol and prescribed medications.” “It was a terrible situation,” she expressed. “Bobby completely exhausted her and discarded her.”


Officials declined to provide further details regarding her demise and stated that it would be scrutinized by the Westchester Medical Examiner’s Office.

Police in Bedford responded to a report of a possible unattended death at the estate, where there were no witnesses present, at 1:36 p.M.

After officials arrived, they lowered her and attempted to resuscitate her. She was discovered by a maid, as stated by ABC News.

According to a statement from the police, Mary was discovered “within a structure located outside the main building on that premises.”

According to sources, she left a note behind, and none of her offspring were present at the moment.

Behind the house, on a sloping terrain that leads to a lake, there are multiple sheds – a few contain gardening equipment while one serves as a housing for falcons.

According to an anonymous insider, Mary “was extremely downcast and hopeless” during a conversation on Monday, as reported by RadarOnline.

Mary said she was terrified to lose her home and file for bankruptcy, and she was concerned that Robert was planning to reduce the amount of financial support he gave her. She mentioned that she was facing financial ruin after struggling with outstanding debt to several other creditors, including American Express.

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The Kennedy family handled the most recent in the long succession of shocking deaths with resilience.

We deeply regret the death of our beloved Mary, whose creative and radiant spirit will be missed by those in the family who loved her.

“Our sympathy extends to her children, whom she loved unconditionally. We have no additional remarks at this moment.”

A serious-looking RFK Jr. Arrived at the residence at approximately 8 p.M.

After a span of 12 years, his initial marriage came to a close just one month after he tied the knot with Mary Richardson in 1994. He holds the position of being the third child out of a total of 11 offspring from the renowned Robert Francis Kennedy, who has served as a United States Senator, Attorney General, and even ran for president.

The ceremony took place aboard a research vessel on the Hudson River, a fitting spot for the couple, who were environmental advocates.

According to a family friend, Mary had been a close friend of his sister, who was also named Mary but commonly known as Kerry, since they were 15 years old. She had been acquainted with the Kennedy family long before her marriage to Bobby.

“She had matured alongside the Kennedy family, being Kerry’s closest companion since their teenage years,” the acquaintance stated.

The marital relationship deteriorated amidst reports of her dependency and speculation of his connection with other females.

“She had known Bobby her entire life, and now he turned her down. Sad,” the family friend remarked.

As per reports from law enforcement, Kennedy, who is 58 years old, initiated divorce proceedings on May 12, 2010, just two days after Mary contacted the police to register a complaint against her spouse. However, it was noted that she seemed “clearly under the influence” when the officers arrived.

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As TMZ.Com reports, the divorce has not been finalized as of yesterday. Nevertheless, according to sources, Kennedy has been romantically involved with actress Cheryl Hines.

According to reports, Mary was allegedly intoxicated during a “domestic incident” at her residence, leading to the involvement of Bedford police once again, just one day after the divorce was filed.

Her license was suspended. She was caught speeding down the Taconic State Parkway when she was later charged with driving under the influence, two days later.

However, the family members came together to support her, even during her significant decline.

Ethel Kennedy, her mother-in-law, sent a handwritten letter, requesting mercy and describing Mary as a “compassionate, affectionate, and benevolent individual.”

Mary’s close friend pointed out that the police had confirmed that they had called the estate in previous years. This was in reference to the strain on her 18-year marriage.

“She was lovely. She always looked out for you,” she said, but added, “She did not have it easy, being Bobby’s wife.

He is such a dog. We hadn’t even spoken to say hello. He put his hand on my thigh under the table and I had met both of them for the first time — it was also around 10 years ago — I remember being seated next to Bobby at a dinner. Output: He is such a canine. We hadn’t even exchanged greetings. He placed his hand on my thigh beneath the table and I had encountered both of them for the initial time — it was also approximately 10 years ago — I recall being positioned beside Bobby at a dinner.

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“Similar to all Kennedy spouses, she was anticipated to adhere to the rules. Remain silent, attend to the children, endure the extramarital relationships, and appear joyful. She found comfort in yoga and meditation,” the acquaintance, who asked not to be named, hinted at the challenges faced by other women who have wedded into the legendary family.

The source stated, “He received all the recognition, while she received no recognition for her efforts: maintaining everything at home,” further mentioning, “Nevertheless, the adultery had a devastating impact.”

Kennedy seldom discussed his personal life, but he revealed more to Oprah Winfrey during a 2007 conversation.

He stated, “Shortly after my father’s demise” — alluding to his father’s murder in 1968 — “I began using substances.” He transformed into a supporter of the environment after conquering his dependency.

As per her friend, Mary embraced the identical ecological issues and endeavored to transform the Bedford estate into an exhibition, having previously worked as an architect prior to getting married.

She expressed great pride in how she had transformed her family’s home into the greenest and most eco-friendly home ever. She had a gentle soul.

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