‘Presumed human remains’ found in wreckage of Titanic tourist sub, U.S. Coast Guard says

The Titanic, the ship that was on a journey to observe, collapsed last week, resulting in the deaths of all five individuals on board. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the proof is being brought back to the United States, indicating that human remains were probably retrieved from the Titan submersible’s wreckage. In PORTLAND, Maine (AP) —

The arrival of the Titan wreckage at the harbor in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador on Wednesday is a crucial element of the inquiry into the reason behind the implosion of the underwater vehicle. Discharged at a pier owned by the Canadian Coast Guard were contorted fragments of the 22-foot submersible.

The U.S. Coast Guard said late Wednesday that evidence and debris, including human remains presumed to be described as such, had been recovered from the sea floor.

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U.S. Coast Guard Chief Capt. Jason Neubauer stated that the evidence will offer crucial perspectives to investigators from multiple global regions regarding the reason behind this unfortunate event. He expressed his gratitude for the collaborative efforts of international and interagency support in retrieving and safeguarding this crucial evidence from extremely remote offshore locations and depths. It is important to prevent a recurrence of such a tragedy, and there is still a significant amount of work required to comprehend the factors that contributed to the devastating loss of the TITAN.

It has been reported that the search for the wreck of the Titanic near the ocean floor is being conducted by the ROV owned by Pelagic Research Services, a company with offices in New York and Massachusetts.

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Pelagic Research Services’ team, according to Jeff Mahoney, a company spokesperson, remains committed to their mission and is unable to provide any comments regarding the ongoing Titan investigation, which includes multiple government agencies in the United States and Canada.

Mahoney expressed, “They are eager to return and complete the mission, and they have been working around the clock for ten days, facing both mental and physical challenges of this operation.”

The previous week, the Coast Guard stated that remnants from the Titan were discovered approximately 12,500 feet (3,810 meters) beneath the water surface and roughly 1,600 feet (488 meters) away from the Titanic on the bottom of the ocean. The inquiry into the reasons behind the submersible’s collapse during its descent on June 18 is being conducted by the Coast Guard. On June 22, authorities declared that the submersible had collapsed and that all five individuals on board had perished.

A Marine Board of Investigation has been convened by the Coast Guard to look into the implosion, which represents the most extensive level of inquiry conducted.

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While conducting the search, a Coast Guard consultant mentioned that examining the physical composition of the recovered wreckage might unveil significant evidence regarding the fate of the Titan. Carl Hartsfield from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution suggested the possibility of electronic information being present.

On Monday, he said, “I really don’t know the answer to that question. There is no available data, so the question remains. They should pass the data up. Surely, they should record all the instruments on any deep-sea vehicle.”

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Representatives for Horizon Arctic failed to respond to inquiries for commentary.

Paul-Henri Nargeolet, a specialist on the Titanic, and Hamish Harding, a British explorer, along with Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, who are part of a well-known Pakistani family, and Stockton Rush, the CEO of Ocean Gate and a pilot, tragically lost their lives during the implosion.

The National Transportation Safety Board has declared that the loss of the Titan submersible will be a major marine casualty and the Coast Guard will be leading the investigation. Both the Canadian Transportation Safety Board and the National Transportation Safety Board are involved in the investigation, but they have declined to comment on it.

Liam MacDonald, a representative of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, stated, “At this moment, we are unable to provide any further additional information regarding the ongoing investigation.”

The spokesperson for the United Nations’ maritime agency, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), stated that the agency has not received any investigative reports from the disaster review. Member states of the IMO can also suggest stronger regulations for submersibles as part of proposed changes.

The upcoming Maritime Safety Committee of the IMO is scheduled to commence in May 2024, and it is unlikely that any safety suggestions will be taken into account by the IMO until that time. The IMO has optional safety recommendations for tourist submersibles, which encompass criteria like undergoing inspections, establishing emergency response plans, and having a certified pilot present on board, along with other requisites.

The Titan submersible collapsed, resulting in the death of all 5 individuals on board, as reported by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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The underwater vehicle was officially documented in the Bahamas, however the corporation that possessed and managed the Titan, OceanGate Expeditions, is headquartered in the United States. The Titan was located, leading to the closure of the OceanGate establishment in Everett, Washington. Furthermore, the Polar Prince, the main vessel of the Titan, originated from Canada.

The Coast Guard wants to use submersibles to improve safety operations. The implosion of Titan has raised questions about the safety of private underwater exploration operations. The operator charges each passenger $250,000 to participate in the voyage.

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