No, Mike Tyson Daughter Did Not Drown: She Died In A Treadmill Accident

Despite the speculation that Mike Tyson’s daughter drowned and perished, Exodus Tyson tragically lost her life in a treadmill incident.

If you love watching professional boxing, then you won’t fail to recognize Mike Tyson, who is one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time.

The subject of considerable curiosity has also been his private life. The spotlight has been brought upon the former boxer due to different legal matters. The former professional fighter finished from 1985 to 2005.

Exploring the personal life of the former boxer, it is impossible to ignore the heartbreaking death of Mike Tyson’s daughter at a young age.

The tragic and remorseful incident in the former fighter’s life must be the passing of his four-year-old daughter, Exodus Tyson.

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According to sources, seven-year-old boy, Tyson Miguel, immediately informed his parents when he found his unconscious sister, Exodus, tangled in a cord from the treadmill machine around her neck.

The infant girl, who was sustained by life support, was transported to the hospital. Alerting emergency services, Exodus’ mother attempted to administer CPR. This regrettable event took place on May 25, 2009.

Mike Tyson Daughter Drowned
Mike Tyson’s daughter, Exodus Tyson, with her elder brother, MIguel Tyson. (Image Source: TheCinemaholic)

Sadly, medical experts declared Exodus Tyson deceased the following day at 11:45 am due to her injuries. Mike Tyson, who was in Las Vegas at that time, hurriedly returned to Phoenix, Arizona.

There was a time when rumors suggested Exodus drowned and died. But all of them are merely baseless conjectures.

During a press conference, Sgt. Andy Hill, the representative of the Phoenix Police Department, disclosed that Exodus was simply toying with the cables. She was not on a treadmill, and the apparatus was not functioning at the time of the incident.

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After the incident, the Tyson family released a statement, saying that there were no words to describe the tragic loss of their beloved Exodus.

The family also requested to honor their privacy during this challenging period.

Mike Tyson Refused to Learn the Identity of the Individual Responsible for His Daughter’s Tragic Demise

The former boxer, Mike, occasionally opens up about the tragic incident that hardly ever happened and has a composed voice with regular expression. It has been over a year.

After his daughter’s passing, Mike Tyson gave one of his more well-known interviews when he appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show and broke down in tears as he talked about her.

Mike Tyson admitted that he had no desire to find out who was accountable for his daughter’s demise.

There was no animosity evident. There were no resentments towards anyone. I don’t want to learn how she passed away, and I don’t know how my daughter died. If I know someone to blame for the incident, there will be a problem.

If someone had been accountable for the demise of the little girl, the remorse and animosity would not have rendered it impracticable for both sides to progress.

Mike Tyson daughter Drowned
Mike Tyson admitted that he didn’t want to know who was responsible for Exodus’ death. (Image Source: The Sun)

Mike Tyson is An Proud Father Of Seven Offspring

Rayna, Morocco, Milan, Amir, Lorna Mikey, and Miguel are the six children he currently has, but he previously had seven children, the ex-professional boxer.

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Kimberly and Mike had not been married, but they had an affair. Lorna Mikey is the first child of Mike, with whom Kimberly shares custody in Scarborough.

Rayna and Amir Tyson are the second and third offspring of the WBA champion with his second partner, Monica Turner.

Spicer Lakiha, his present spouse, originated from Morocco and Milan, and they have two kids who are the seventh and sixth children of Tyson. Additionally, he also has two more children named Xochitl Sol and Miguel, who are the fifth and fourth children respectively.

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