Nicki Minaj: Astrological Article and Chart

Astrological portrait of Nicki Minaj (excerpt)

This is the reversed version of the paragraph input: Unlike in the extensive astrological profile, any detrimental element that could harm the positive image of a public figure is not published here, as Astrotheme is not a controversial website. Furthermore, following the guidelines of contemporary Western astrology, these passages offer explanations of dominant planets in zodiac signs and houses, as well as the significance of individual planets or planetary combinations. This principle applies to the 63,936 celebrities in our database, and it should be noted that their inclusion is purely professional and not personal in nature. Disclaimer: these brief excerpts of astrological charts are generated by computer algorithms.


This birth chart provides a comprehensive description of Nicki Minaj’s personality traits, shedding light on the interesting and unique aspects that can be of interest to both astrology enthusiasts and professional astrologers.

You can receive an astrological portrait of Nicki Minaj, which is much more extensive than this report, via email within minutes. The portrait consists of around 32 pages.

The dominant planets of Nicki Minaj

When interpreting a natal chart, it is usually best to start with general features and gradually move towards specific character traits, descriptions, chart structure, and overall analysis.

However, the exercise is valuable. In order to fully understand this intricacy, it is crucial to read a birth chart multiple times. While it is not an insurmountable challenge, attempting to quickly summarize it is deceptive. Describing it is a complicated task, as the human personality is an infinitely complex entity. Nevertheless, these general characteristics are considered and either confirmed or refuted in the comprehensive analysis. By highlighting various points that are affirmed or negated in the thorough analysis and discerning the primary traits of one’s personality, an overall examination of the chart allows us to do so. This is accomplished in the initial section.

The twelve astrological houses are divided into Pisces to Aries signs on the wheel of the Zodiac. They are all positioned on the wheel along with other minor objects such as Chiron, Lilith, the Dark Moon, and the Lunar Nodes. These additional elements include the slow-moving planets Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, as well as the two slow-moving planets Saturn and Jupiter. The chart natal is composed of ten planets, including the three fast-moving individual planets Mars, Venus, and Mercury, as well as the two luminaries, the Moon and the Sun.

The first step is to evaluate the importance of each planet. This is what we call identifying the dominant planets. This process obeys rules that depend on the astrologer’s experience and sensitivity, but it also has steady and precise bases. We can take into account parameters such as rulership, exaltation, fall, and exile, as well as the quality parameters and the numerical evaluation of the planet-angle distance and the type of angle. Each aspect of a planet forms an active number of aspects, and we can evaluate their importance according to the nature and exactness of their proximity to the four angles: Nadir, or Coeli Imum, Descendant, and Midheaven, and Ascendant. Therefore, we can take into account all these parameters to assess the significance of each planet.

These various criteria enable a planet to be emphasized and result in beneficial conclusions when interpreting the graph.

The overall analysis of the chart begins with the observation of three planetary distributions: extraversion, introversion, and predispositions in terms of tone. These distributions can be mapped on a chart that divides the hemispheres into three regions: South-western and South-eastern, North-western and North-eastern, and the Western or Eastern hemispheres as well as the Northern or Southern hemispheres.

There are four groups of signs, each with a different polarity – Yang and Yin – as well as a different modality – Mutable, Fixed, and Cardinal. Each group corresponds to one of the elements – Water, Earth, Air, or Fire. Additionally, there are three additional distributions called triplicities.

The three categories of main influences are dominant households, dominant symbols, and dominant celestial bodies. Examples such as “being an Aries” or “being an Aries Ascendant Virgo” are what astrology beginners often mistake astrology for. However, it is much more intricate than that. Around one-third to half of your psychological traits can be unveiled solely by analyzing the Sun and the Ascendant. Nevertheless, an individual is not solely defined by the Sun or the first house. The Ascendant may be influenced by a cluster of planets, which can add subtleties and at times diminish the significance of the Ascendant and the Sun sign. As a result, the impact of a specific celestial body can be significantly heightened.

They provide additional information. Each sign is divided into three decanates, which are types of astrological classification (occupied by decanates) and houses. There are two other criteria for accentuations: cadent and succedent, which are angular. Lastly, there are ten degrees in each decanate.

Based on sound hierarchical principles, the aforementioned factors are combined to create a comprehensive overview of each aspect of one’s personality. The emphasis is on the in-depth and accurate examination, enabling a better understanding of the interpretation of the chart. However, it is important to note that these are preliminary indications of general character attributes and should not be interpreted literally.

Astrological Quadrants for Nicki Minaj

Each quadrant of the combination is a character typology that relates to the four hemispheres of your birth chart. The Western hemisphere, which indicates how you influence other people and how flexible you are when making decisions, is linked to your willpower and ego. On the other hand, the Eastern hemisphere prompts a private and introspective life, while the Northern hemisphere is associated with a public and action-oriented life. At the top of your birth chart, the Midheaven is located around the Southern hemisphere.

The benefits of your energy, of course, are seen by the world – you strive to achieve your ambitions, plans, and dreams very eagerly through an active and socially charged life, whether it be through friendly relationships or actions. Your concerns revolve around achievement and assertiveness: the 12th, 11th, and 10th houses dominate your chart, indicating a strong emphasis on the South-eastern diurnal quadrant, similar to Nicki Minaj. At times, there may be a cost of isolation, but it is likely that actions driven by humanitarianism or spirituality are part of your motivations.

Elements, Modes and House Accentuations for Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, here are the listings of your Elements and Modes, which are established by the placements and orientations of planets in the twelve signs.

It may be foolish to do things that prompt you to take a bold step back or to face the relative weakness of this challenging element. In order to achieve your goals and dreams, you must be willing to come out of your comfort zone and move forward, asserting your willpower and being passionate. You are naturally inclined to be enthusiastic and confident, with the courage, energy, and intuition that fire, as dominant in your birth chart, endows upon you.

You should take action in order to understand and love the need to fight against certain vulnerability, which is a detriment. The word “feeling” is essential in your psychology, as a matter of fact. If you don’t feel a strong affective charge, you can’t do anything on Earth and your emotions and heart are the driving forces. The predominance of Water signs indicates high elevation and sensitivity, as shown by Nicki Minaj.

The twelve zodiac signs are divided into twelve modes, known as quadruplicities, which consist of three groups. Only a single word meaning “learned” is associated with these groups, which include four signs. These groups, known as quadruplicities, consist of four signs. These quadruplicities are called Mutable, Fixed, and Cardinal. The twelve signs are positioned in angles and their importance and positions in the natal chart depend on the planets. The modes Mutable, Fixed, and Cardinal are represented more or less in your natal chart, depending on the positions of the planets.

As long as you are not bored, things change quickly in this way… You change yourself, things change, you change things, and you optimize. Security doesn’t matter as long as you are not bored. The danger with this configuration is that it can lead to stagnation, and mobility can confuse agitation. However, you are quick to react to solicitations, flexible, and lively. Your mobile character indicates a thirst and curiosity for new experiences and evolution, which is emphasized as the most prominent mode in your natal chart, Mutable.

Residences are divided into three categories: angular, succedent, and cadent.

The Nadir, positioned across from the Rising Sign, corresponds to the 4th house, while the Descendant corresponds to the 7th house, and the Midheaven corresponds to the 10th house, which are all opposite the Nadir. These four well-known angles represent the cuspides of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses, which are considered the most prominent and dynamic houses. Among them, the first ones hold the utmost significance.

Planets in Western astrology are evaluated according to a comprehensive set of criteria that includes specific types of houses, signs, repartitions, and their emphasis on turning at certain times, as previously explained.

The indications in your chart must include them, whether they are validated or not. Patience and time are part of their characteristics. These houses also favor realization. The qualities of your heart may be very important, but they can be detrimental to self-assertion or self-confidence. Usually, this configuration endows a personality with sensitive and affective qualities. The emphasis is on the succedent houses in your chart, namely the 11th, 8th, 5th, and 2nd, according to Nicki Minaj.

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Note: this prevailing is a minor one.

Dominants: Planets, Signs and Houses for Nicki Minaj

How wonderful it would be if a person’s character could be described with just a few words and one or several planets, without the need to analyze factors like rulerships, angularities, houses, etc! The concept of dominant planets has been a part of astrology since ancient times.

The classification of ten involves associating distinct personalities with the natal chart, dominant signs, dominant houses, and dominant planets. Each individual has their own weaknesses, strengths, ways of acting, and unique personality. In a role-play, the ten planets, from Pluto to the Sun, represent ten characters.

The owner of it quickly describes to display signs that are usually highlighted in a chart. The sign in which a planet is posited is like a character whose features are modified according to the place where he lives. If signs represent the physical and emotional structures of an individual, planets symbolize their mental hues. It is indeed quite the same situation with houses and signs.

The principle regarding astrological houses is even simpler. It highlights the importance of houses that correspond to twelve life fields, such as friendship, work, and marriage. These houses increase in importance given any tenanting planets and relevant departments of life.

In your birth chart, Nicki Minaj, the ten primary celestial bodies are distributed as follows:.

The three most significant planets in your chart are Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.

The fruits of power are naturally obtained when you demonstrate a reconciling and synthesizing mind. Since you were young, you have known and embodied your role. You can use your self-confidence to erase differences in opinions by leaving the task of perfecting and analyzing things to specialists. You are an optimistic and active individual who is consensual, sociable, open, and warm, much like any Jupiterian. In your chart, the planet Jupiter emphasizes benevolence, power, organization, and expansion.

The Jupiterian politician is indeed a type of politician who excels in society and follows a chosen path that is in line with positive integration in Jupiter. As a leader, you can appreciate both the structured and organized nature of human entities and plans, as well as the importance of social order and legality in general.

Certainly, in the most extreme situations, excessive material wealth and the desire for excessive material possessions could result in unwarranted arrogance, never-ending indulgence, and an inclination to exaggerate in all aspects. Your relentless pursuit of growth at any expense might give rise to arrogance, similar to that of the Solarian, but each planet’s characteristics have their own vulnerabilities, certainly not portraying this idealized image as flawlessly flawless, isn’t it?

Uranus, among your dominant planets, is associated with possible wrongdoings, marginality, rebelliousness, originality, freedom, and independence. However, unlike the seven classical planets that are clearly defined and visible to the naked eye from the Sun to Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are less clearly defined in their typology.

He tends to intellectualize emotions and situations, borrowing some character traits from Mercury but with a higher octave, Uranus exhibits a jagged affectivity or affective detachment.

Although you are allergic to any kind of routine, it is necessary to take many precautions. Particularly when it comes to Uranians, who are never predictable and believed to be well settled and stable. You are someone who is always on the lookout for revolutionary ideas or any kind of action. You are a passionate woman who is keen on exploring new things.

You are always ready to encounter and impose your authority on people and things, while living intensely, in order to evolve and reconstruct for the risk of destruction. You are like a mighty and magnetic predator, ruled by the planet Scorpio, which needs to exert pressure on others in order to test and “test” them, with Pluto as the dominant planet in your chart.

Your great assets, Plutonian, are often misunderstood, as you successfully go through each ordeal in life, growing stronger. You are inclined to be passionate with hidden motivations. You also possess powerful energy that remains inside you. You simply like to exert your domination and sound out people, following your instincts. However, it is possible for you to come across as authoritarian, cruel, or wicked.

Many different elements of these indications emerge due to the high activity of two or three celestial bodies. It could also be in proximity to a different angle, such as the Midheaven or Ascendant, or there might be a grouping of celestial bodies. Your Sun or Ascendant is positioned in those areas, making these indications significant overall. Based on the aforementioned criteria in your birth chart, the three most crucial indications are Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Aquarius, listed in descending order of potency.

Some characteristics signs display a bit like a superposition of features on the rest of your chart, so if you emphasize it, it is more the all.

Your sense of humor is truly overpowering, which makes it even better, right? You are very outgoing and friendly, but some people may criticize your harshness or tendency to lose your temper, and it might intimidate others, especially considering how active you are. You always seem to be planning trips and suggesting activities because nobody likes being bored around you. Both mentally and physically, you are always restless – always on the move and sociable. You are optimistic, enterprising, and enthusiastic. In your astrological chart, your dominant sign is Sagittarius, which is known for being adventurous and conquering like a fire sign.

You are so reluctant to even reveal your secrets to your closest friends, as your nature is mysteriously secretive. Although you never dread confrontations, you are proud enough to never please yourself by transforming into someone you are not. You are no longer able to bear who you are and what you are. However, you cannot help but admire and stand up for those who cannot do the same. Obviously, this often results in a natural selection of people who possess many qualities and dangers combined in one person. You are sometimes aggressive and bordering on daring and tough-willed, but also intolerant and destructive. You are passionate and complicated, yet astute and strong-willed. As a Scorpio, these qualities make you a dominant sign.

This is not a big deal – you are detached in the aspect of love in your life, only confirming that the rest of your life is not affected by it. You have an active social life and many friends. You are either a genius or a kind of tremendous charm – in any case, there are two different things, reality and appearance. But… Despite your sociable and nice character in public, you could frustrate many of your private admirers because you don’t show tears, emotions, or deep affection. You are quite strange actually. You tend to easily do things in public, but you never open up on a personal basis, which is one of the main characteristics of your personality. The blend of Saturn and Uranus defines you as a paradoxical woman, with qualities that create an endearing and complicated character. Your chart natal in Aquarius, one of the most important signs, endows your personality with a point of eccentricity and originality, despite sometimes being distant and humane.

Your internal drives pertain to the future experiences you will encounter or the current experiences you are going through. They determine your most important areas or domains of engagement based on the examination of the most inhabited residences. The most notable ones in your astrological chart are the houses representing transformation, friendships, and career.

Your personal accomplishment will undergo visible actions and interactions with others, serving as the tests and challenges. Eventually, you will have to interact with the general public. Manifesting your aspirations is something you are naturally passionate about. Realizing your envisioned plans may require a substantial amount of your energy. The 10th house symbolizes your career, public image, and ambitions, making your destiny’s attainment highly significant and noteworthy.

The eleventh mansion is one of your predominant mansions. Consequently, your societal life and/or companionships possess noteworthy significance, even to the extent of being tactical to you.

As long as there are no tense aspects in this industry, collective endeavors, whether in the realm of humanitarian work or casual get-togethers with friends, offer boundless wellsprings of motivation and pleasure. Frequently more significant than your personal achievements, anything related to humanity holds significance for you, unless your 10th house is also influential.

You are naturally interested in fields that involve understanding occult or hidden things, and you are generally affected by them. However, do not worry too much, as these particular fields do not depend on you for sudden financial losses (such as donations or inheritances), dispossessions, or possessions relating to sexuality. This house relates to complex spheres, and it is forbidden to want to understand everything because you tend to overstep boundaries of propriety and end up experiencing everything with a bitter outcome. Indeed, you often go hand in hand with transformation and passion, which symbolizes everything above. The 8th house of the Zodiac is the most complex house, and your house 8th is highlighted very much.

Only texts have the capability to successfully decipher all the intricate details, as a human being is a multifaceted entity. They highlight or, conversely, lessen various aspects or aspects of an individual’s personality. The texts concerning prominent celestial bodies merely provide an overview of the personality and are fairly broad in nature. Given their specificity, these personality traits need to be examined more attentively than the preceding texts following this paragraph on Nicki Minaj’s dominant planets.

The Moon in Virgo and in House 8: her sensitivity

You may be an unbearable critic and demanding individual, constantly finding fault and insisting on learning everything in order to gain some self-confidence. Your clever and wise advice may also be critical and demanding, making it difficult for others to be ready and gain self-confidence. You may feel that you are useful in your own work and can help by planning and organizing according to your logic. However, you are an extremely perfectionist individual who lacks self-confidence. You tend to analyze the slightest details in your emotional reactions and are dominated by your sensitivity, making you shy and anxious by nature. These traits cannot be weakened or overwhelmed, so you hold them at bay and examine them if you want to.

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Your (excerpt) enigma and intricacy filled with an indescribable allure are possessed by you, and you are incredibly imaginative, warm, and intuitively perceptive. Your emotions, Nicki Minaj, can be so powerful that they may provoke torment, and at times, your feelings can even be intense to the point of violence.

Mercury in Sagittarius and in House 11: her intellect and social life

If you manage to control your tendency to scatter all your encounters and approach life philosophically, you can positively influence all your discoveries. You may be perceived as over-optimistic and heedless, and have numerous centers of interest. Similarly, you express your beliefs and opinions with clarity and honesty while also receiving and understanding others’ views. You may turn into a frequent “traveller” in order to communicate and connect with them. You are a dormant humanist who wants to abolish all kinds of frontiers and are open-minded. You have a considerable thirst for learning, spending a lifetime studying law, philosophy, geography, languages, and even Nicki Minaj.

Your belief, especially. Your collective and friends’ projects involve your curiosity and your mindset. You are less inclined to strictly undertake personal projects, Nicki Minaj. As soon as you have identified a goal and have brilliant and intelligent partners to work with, you are ready.

Venus in Sagittarius and in House 11, and the Sun in Sagittarius: her affectivity and seductiveness

Whoever is a homebody will be in trouble. It is most unlikely that the news will spread and the flames of passion will fade. The configuration of this situation is your forte, as it gives you the ability to give new momentum and evolve. In love, you are either an adorable vampire or a refined gangster, a “gentlewoman-heartbreaker”. Your paradox is that you play without a moral sense, yet without surprising or upsetting others, you can go beyond conventions more than anyone else. It is certain that your spontaneity and open-mindedness prompt you to cultivate and accept love. However, it would not be right to believe that you have no social or taboo reference. Within mutual respect for everyone’s differences, it is the most wonderful crucible for enrichment. It doesn’t matter if you don’t seem to have anything in common with your partner. You are fond of love without borders, feeling harmony with those who elude your reason and senses. You are a Sagittarius at heart, thinking first in terms of discovery, excitement, and sentimental independence. In your chart, both Venus and the Sun are in Sagittarius.

The conditions of faithfulness and harmony can be achieved under such circumstances. Since your childhood, you have felt the need for independence and freedom within your relationship. Ideally, your life should include fresh air, travel, and a certain degree of mobility. While finding your soul mate is not your top priority, the ability to easily make friends is likely to favor instability over faithfulness. In some cases, you may be opposed to your family or your native environment because you are often carried away quickly and have a burning desire for emancipation and all forms of independence and exoticism. Your ability to make friends easily is due to your well-established moral values and your enthusiastic and open expression on the plane of affectivity.

You are inclined to achieve greatness. Your personality has a powerful characteristic of leading you to easily navigate between friendship and love with your close entourage, despite facing some challenges. Your charm and welcoming nature, resembling Nicki Minaj, are truly remarkable.

The Ascendant is in Aquarius and the ruler of the Ascendant is Uranus, in Sagittarius: her behaviour

The aim is to immerse yourself in friendly relationships and participate in the ideals and projects of the whole human community, rather than asserting yourself individually or flattering your ego. Instead, you see yourself as a unique link within a chain and value friendship in a sensitive way, especially in the sentimental sphere.

You were born under the sign of Aquarius, which means you may also be cold and eccentric, maladjusted, utopian, distant, resigned, and marginal. However, you cannot be constrained by any kind of stand, and paradoxically, you are also tolerant, generous, disconcerting, elusive, charitable, creative, intuitive, quiet, impassive, self-confident, friendly, likable, humanistic, innovative, contradictory, gifted, surprising, original, independent, detached, and altruistic.

You are always lively and intellectual, constantly searching for something amazing or new to keep an eye on. Madam, you are interested in exploring the zodiac sign as it relates to love.

Can you comprehend, solely you, that you are irritated by subtle factors because suddenly, your partner has become impersonal and detached, now cold. You idealize your relationship by utilizing your mental and imaginative abilities, and currently, you are passionate, unpredictable, and surprising. You are in love with your partner more frequently than you are in love with love itself.

Do you possess the inclination to abruptly terminate a relationship when your partner is least prepared, while exhibiting immense intelligence and an aversion to disappointment?

Once you settle in and trust your chosen partner, you will hardly be recognizable and you will be fulfilled. Under those conditions, you will be able to have a harmonious and eventful yet stable, long-lasting relationship. One condition is that you must accept total independence and freedom, while another condition is that you must be disconcerting and exceptional. In order to charm, you must be able to accept.

Ideally, you should live with a man who is both your lover and friend, as he provides you with warmth and mental stimulation. The role of this man constantly shifts according to the circumstances, depending mainly on your common tastes. This will greatly influence the lifespan of your relationship as a couple.

If the symbol is the same as either of them, it can enhance it. The character type explained by the Sun and the Ascendant is refined by the symbol in which the ruler of the Ascendant is positioned. The interpretations given by the Sun and the Ascendant are carried by the ruler of the Ascendant, also known as the chart ruler, with a few intriguing subtleties.

The specific characteristics of the Sun’s sign that were previously outlined are reinforced. The ruler of your Ascendant is the same as your Sun sign.

The Sun in Sagittarius and in House 10: her will and inner motivations

It is indeed challenging to constantly keep up with Sagittarius because he is highly independent and follows his own mind and spirit. However, if you succeed in accomplishing the task at hand, you will find yourself rewarded with a straight path forward. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is action-oriented and always up for a challenge. Your drive and charisma are fully integrated into the collective life, and you possess an active and energetic soul. Psychologically speaking, your nature is oriented towards sociability, expansion, independence, and extroversion.

You may be irritable and impulsive, unreliable, ruthless, disloyal, inconsistent, domineering, self-centered, and hot-tempered. However, you are born under the sign of a freedom-loving, enthusiastic, daring, honest, adventurous, self-reliant, charismatic, expressive, honest, entertaining, outgoing, optimistic, cheerful, organized, kind, likable, energetic, passionate, and charismatic individual.

You would have been mistaken for a benevolent and sane mythological figure of the Amazon era. You are a freedom-lover who appreciates variety, always feeling dynamic and comfortable, extroverted, cheerful, and mobile. You, Madam, are a whirlwind that brings warmth and life into everything, especially in matters of love.

Embrace the new experiences of flying, unless you are already on a plane. Fully enjoy the present moment when you are around. No doubts, no complications, no tragedies. You are likely to have romantic encounters in your business trips or holidays, so take the lead. You have a vibrant personality with various areas of interest, and you are not picky. It is pleasant to handle the constant desire to move with your accepting partner.

You may also change your profession because you may move to a different country or a different city. You will often move with your children and husband during school holidays, and you will start a family and set up a home wherever your husband’s job takes you. Once you settle down, you will be a wonderful mother and wife, and you will be calm and composed.

If you marry more than once, it may happen that your needs for mobility and freedom, which are important to you, are not fully met. This is because Sagittarius is a sign that represents duality.

It is crucial to pay attention to your well-defined goals and put in effort accordingly. It is evident that your success, whether it is in your social or professional life, is heavily dependent on your initial background. Your determination, Nicki Minaj, is incredibly powerful and necessary.

Mars in Capricorn and in House 12: her ability to take action

It is not a concern that you are not being demonstrative; in fact, if you show more warmth, you may become an excellent lover. You are sexually active and energetic. Your practical sense is evident in your ambitious pursuit of service, although it may not be obvious. You are a hard worker and as strong as iron. Nothing can prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities. Even in the face of challenges and coldness, you approach things with clarity and calmness. If your emotions and sensitivity were to divert you from fulfilling your goals, you would be unable to do so. However, your ambition is real and practical. You are a hard worker and as strong as a rock. Nothing can prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities. Even in the face of challenges and coldness, you approach things with clarity and calmness. If your emotions and sensitivity were to divert you from fulfilling your goals, you would be unable to do so. However, your ambition is real and practical. You are a hard worker and as strong as a rock. Nothing can prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities. Even in the face of challenges and coldness, you approach things with clarity and calmness. If your emotions and sensitivity were to divert you from fulfilling your goals, you would be unable to do so. You are sexually active and vigorous. It is not a major concern that you are not being demonstrative; in fact, if you show more warmth, you may become an excellent lover.

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It may seem strange as Nicki Minaj to you, but what you are actually doing and the reasons behind your struggle are important compared to the publicity you do not want. The form of your action, as well as the secrecy and behind-the-scenes means, are crucial to you.


The document provides a comprehensive description of your psychological portrait, including original and captivating pieces of information, spanning approximately pages 32-36. It then proceeds to interpret and quantify 57 characteristics and 11 dominant planetary influences. You are highly intellectual and gifted in communication, representing the efficient and practical qualities of the Air element. You are also receptive and sentimental, embodying the intuitive and energetic traits of the Water element. Furthermore, you demonstrate responsibility and perseverance, reflecting the impressionable and empathetic nature of the Saturnian type. Additionally, you possess quick and inquiring qualities, characterized by cerebral and visionary traits associated with the Neptunian type. You also exhibit secretive and domineering tendencies, embodying the freedom-loving and uncompromising nature of the Plutonian type. Moreover, you are charismatic and noble, representing the original and unconventional qualities of the Uranian type. Furthermore, you are sensitive and imaginative, reflecting the imaginative and imaginative nature of the Solar type. Additionally, you possess seductive and charming qualities, embodying the go-getter and active nature of the Venusian type. Lastly, you demonstrate generosity and benevolence, representing the Jupiterian type. Do you identify with these traits? If you want to learn more about your own astrological portrait, you can order this comprehensive excerpt on this page. It is worth noting that this text only provides a portrait of Nicki Minaj’s.

Analyzing this kind of research will empower you to fully capitalize on this circumstance. Value its celestial information to interpret a depiction with retrospection. It is recommended that various aspects of our mental frameworks are prone to be manifested later, following substantial life events. Individuals are constantly progressing, therefore always remember that astrological analyses depict numerous personality traits and occasionally delve deeper into comprehending a person’s nature.

The first five major aspects are commonly used in astrological analysis. These aspects, which are called bi-quintile, quintile, sesqui-quadrate, semi-sextile, quincunx, sextile, trine, square, opposition, and conjunction, help in understanding the interactions between planets, houses, signs, and elements in an astrological portrait.

The ancient set of rules, which has stood the test of time and been tested over hundreds of years of experience, is applied to organize the whole chart into a hierarchy that allows for the interpretation of your personality through texts. Although astrology is constantly evolving, only reliable elements that have been integrated into classical studies are taken into account. Additional secondary elements, such as asteroids like Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, and Vesta, may also be considered. The usual analysis of planets includes a total of 10 planets and 8 luminaries, which are the Moon and the Sun. These planets, namely Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and the Sun, symbolize active forces that enrich the meaning of any given house according to its location. Each planet located in a specific sign will then enhance the qualities of these typologies. They represent different facets of our character, such as communication, mental process, will-power, affectivity, sensitivity, and more. These typologies are divided into practical and independent facets of our character that represent various aspects of our daily life, including partnership, work, love, family life, social behavior, and material spheres. This only makes sense if we consider the time of birth, as each planet located in a particular sign will enrich the quality of these typologies.

The Placidus system, which is the default houses system, does not include the option to choose the Koch or Equal houses. Additionally, it takes into account dominants and texts related to our house. According to Tradition, we consider a planet near the beginning of the cuspide (known as the “house this belongs to”) if it is within 1 degree for the Midheaven and Ascendant, and within 2 degrees for all other houses. This is done with the precision of the known birth time when it comes to horoscopes.

The image is so negative that it includes other characters who are famous killers, serial dictators, and tyrants. It also includes actual celebrities, comic book authors, sculptors, painters, models, members of royal families, historical figures, famous victims, chess champions, sportsmen, mediums, astrologers, sages, philosophers, saints, religious figures, academics, scientists, explorers, singers, writers, poets, soldiers, professional lawyers, politicians, musicians, and artists. Every category is represented, so it is a very complete sample of undesirable people. We want to draw your attention to this and avoid any possible controversy or confusion.

We are hoping that it will not rebound on the victims’ side because it could hurt the families of such people – negative sides have been erased here. The positive side of each personality is intentionally emphasized. These excerpts, which come from computer programs devoid of polemical intentions, may seem lenient or soft. It should be remembered that even a person who has some human qualities, noticed often by their close entourage, can be at least remembered as a monster or even a person devoid of those qualities. Regarding the latter, it must be emphasized.

Numerology: Birth Path of Nicki Minaj

Numerology, which predates astrology, is found in most ancient civilizations and provides testimonies. In this discipline, numbers symbolize letters alphabetically, ascribing meaning to them, and considering the birth date, surname, and name.

The area of expression, among others, lacks numbers or has dominant numbers. The hereditary number, the achievement number, the intimacy number, the active number, and the expression number all contribute to the elements that are meant to provide indications about the kind of destiny one is destined for. These indications are based on the birth date and provide insight into the path of life.

Your personal path is based on maintaining the same direction and continuous efforts. Although evolution requires quite a long time for success, you can open the door to success by choosing steady and hard work, facing problems with lucidity and calmness, and avoiding the trap of taking the easy way out. Persistence is seen as a major quality in your life, as it is a challenge to not fall into the trap of discouragement when facing hurdles. Throughout your life, if you do not let hurdles dishearten you, you may lead yourself to success in all stages, and you are often invited to display qualities of being methodical and orderly. It may seem a bit tedious, but it is very promising if you demonstrate patience, loyalty, and tenacity. Your destiny and path in life are influenced by the concrete achievements and sustained efforts reflected in the number 4, which is associated with Nicki.

Nicki Minaj was born under the sign of the Dog, element Water

Nowadays, the twelve paths of knowledge that are still applicable represent the Chinese Zodiac. Buddha’s summons were heeded by only twelve types of creatures, forming the Chinese Zodiac. Prior to departing our realm, Buddha gathered all the animals to bid them farewell as depicted in the legend of the Circle of Animals. Without acquiring clarity and detachment, we remain confined in an unforgiving fate. The enlightened individual is thought to be unaffected by celestial influences. Chinese astrology, presented to us as an inheritance of ancient wisdom, allows us to cultivate consciousness and uncover our inner potential.

The wise Asian man considers neither the path as good nor bad, but one must first step to develop and thoroughly know one’s potentialities.

To maintain a sense of order, it is important to consider all aspects of your character and surroundings in relation to the chaos that exists outside of your personal sphere. You make an effort to arrange your living arrangements and be part of the group of dependable individuals who remain true to their values and devoted to their companions.

Your concern is to maintain control over everything within your realm. You enjoy analyzing and discussing details, but you have a tendency to exaggerate certain points because you are both meticulous and anxious by nature. This also implies a fair amount of modesty and a certain level of distance.

The Dog, aware of his limits, prefers to stick to what he masters rather than being tempted by exceedingly adventurous conquests, as far, very far one can go, one thoroughly masters the field in which one contents oneself with doing well. The extraordinary driving force of evolution constitutes an obvious asset in your capacity to control the realm, favoring your control.

Practice reserve or humility, restraint, and tact when facing challenges in your own distinctive manner, disregarding the need to impress others. It is possible that you may lack ambition. Sometimes, you may need to use your own systematic method to eliminate unnecessary elements and settle for only the essentials, allowing yourself to purify and dust off.

The Chinese astrological system consists of five elements, known as agents: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

The Water element is associated with the planet Mercury, the color black, and the number 6 in China, and you feel a strong connection to it.

You are particularly sensitive to the climate and atmosphere of a meeting, as well as the surroundings, allowing you to naturally perceive the underlying stakes and people in the situations.

It is likely that you know exercise is a challenging form of genuine communication. You frequently maintain a certain distance and only share true feelings with a select few intimate friends. By nature, you are reserved, preferring to leave audacity and challenges in life to other people, while reserving your inner emotions.

This is the other side of the coin, where your exceptional clarity of sight and extraordinary sensitivity lie. There is a danger in indulging in laziness and escaping from the responsibilities you have, which may lead you to neglect fulfilling them. Everything in your realm is filled with sheer nuance and subtlety.

You feel connected with only a few individuals. However, this selectiveness forges enduring connections that are authentic and sincere.

We do not claim that it is the best way, but sometimes we publish a date of birth that is available. We rarely come across contradictory sources, but even when they seem useful to us, we analyze them and choose the most reliable ones. We kindly note that the pages we publish constitute a starting point for more detailed research on the sources of birth data. These analyses remain accurate in any case, regardless of whether or not they take into account the parameters derived from the time of birth, such as the Ascendant (domification). The excerpts from these astrological houses do not consider the unknown time of birth, which is at 12:00 PM (unknown).

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