Nia Long Says Ex-Fiancé Ime Udoka’s Affair After 13 Years Together Felt Like “a Gut Punch”

Long Nia is speaking out for the first time about her breakup with her partner of 13 years, Udoka Ime, describing their very public demise as a gut punch and the end of a red carpet blessing for their relationship as head coach of the Boston Celtics.

“I have discovered that I possess a greater strength than I had previously believed. It is important to note that fear influences foolishness, and I will refrain from further discussing this topic. Perhaps in the future, I will elaborate on it. While I comprehend the reasons behind it, I am unable to discuss it. It is possible that this matter could have been handled internally,” she informed the magazine. “The Celtics made a deliberate decision to expose my family’s affairs to the public, and I fail to comprehend their rationale. Long maintains that she still cannot comprehend why this extremely personal issue had to be dealt with so publicly by the team. In September 2022, the Celtics suspended Udoka due to allegations of engaging in an improper and consensual relationship with a female staff member, according to The Athletic. Therefore, I make an effort to focus on self-care and make it known that I require privacy during this period.” Even though I may not be able to perceive it, I am able to sense it. However, there comes a point when one realizes, ‘Oh, I appear a bit fatigued.’ “For the past 22 years, I have been exerting myself. In a recent feature article for The Cut, the actor clarified,”

I will try to explain to them how you feel, especially since you’re only 12 or 13 years old. It’s because she added that she’s still trying to figure out what she wants, but she’s not trying to harbor any anger. I understand that it’s natural to have times when you need to circle back and reconcile things with yourself. I’m sure I’ll have to do that too. The first thing I need to do is take care of him, but I also have to make sure I don’t suppress my own feelings. I’m having a tough time because he’s my youngest son, and right now my focus is only on him. She revealed that she’s been going through a difficult time in her life by prioritizing her relationship with her 11-year-old son, Kez. This is something she explained during her conversation with Udoka, the star of the Boyz n Hood.

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Currently, my life greatly resonates with that quote. Malcolm X once stated that the Black woman is the least protected individual in America. The way people safeguard, honor, and regard you — and the way people treat, honor, and regard you. However, the distinction lies in race. I simply desire to have a pleasant experience. That is my main priority: I do not wish to constantly exhibit strength. Black women who are dynamic and well-known, and who serve as sources of inspiration, are also expected to be exceptional, and at times I become weary of always having to be strong. My life is likely a smaller reflection of that. I observe her and I feel immense pride because I understand how challenging it is to maintain and handle everything she has in her life. I feel that way about individuals like Beyoncé. I am grateful for that. And I am grateful for that. The support from the community uplifted me in a manner that felt as though my family was checking in on me and ensuring my well-being. It preserved my mental health because I felt uplifted by the community in a manner that felt as though my family was checking in on me and ensuring my well-being. Fortunately, following the revelation of the infidelity, Long received an overwhelming amount of support from the public, which she states “saved my life.”

However, although she may still be recovering from that split, do not anticipate Long to shed any tears regarding the conclusion of her 13-year partnership. She admitted, “I do not weep as frequently as I previously did. I am uncertain if that is advantageous or disadvantageous, but I do evaluate myself and inform individuals of my emotions, regardless of the outcome. Because I am not clinging to trivial matters, and I am also not indirectly aggressive. Occasionally it is well-received, occasionally it is not, but in any situation, it is my genuine expression. I articulate it.”

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