Odell Beckham Jr. Could potentially make a significant amount of money from Super Bowl LVI, as his contract includes an additional $1 million in incentives – located in Thousand Oaks, California.

Drake could also do so.

According to his Instagram account, the rapper and Beckham’s close companion has wagered almost $1.26 million in Bitcoin on the Los Angeles Rams and their standout receiver during Sunday’s match against the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Dude,” Beckham said with a chuckle when asked Friday about the bets, “I have to deliver for him.”

Among the three wagers, Drake shared images on his Instagram profile on Thursday. He placed a bet on the Rams to emerge victorious, putting more than $471,000 at stake – when converted from Canadian to U.S. Dollars – in hopes of receiving over $711,000 as a payout. The remaining two bets were placed on Beckham achieving more than 62.5 receiving yards and scoring a minimum of one touchdown. Drake risked approximately $393,000 on each bet, resulting in payouts of nearly $711,000 and exceeding $844,000.

“Laugh Now Cry Later,” Drake’s 2020 hit, featured Beckham in the music video. “The entire family has placed their bets,” read his social media post. According to his caption, if Drake wins all three bets, he will receive a total payout of $2.267 million, resulting in a profit slightly exceeding $1 million.

“All of those things are highly achievable. Taking it one play at a time, I remain focused, I execute the plays, I successfully catch every pass if I stick to my game plan. Frankly, I have this feeling of accomplishment, like ‘Wow, we actually did it.’ And experiencing that immense joy, I lock eyes with my teammates, thinking, I just want to proudly raise that trophy. In the end, my friend, I must deliver for him,” Beckham reiterated.

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During this season, Beckham has successfully scored a touchdown in six out of his 11 games with the Rams. Moreover, in four of those matches, he managed to accumulate a minimum of 63 receiving yards.

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Beckham, who has already earned $2 million, stands to receive an additional $500,000 if the Rams do not emerge victorious in the Super Bowl and $1 million if they do. The agreement that Beckham entered into with Los Angeles in November is a one-year contract which comprises of $3 million in incentives linked to the team’s performance during the postseason.

Every day, his partner Lauren Wood is expected to give birth to their first child. The 29-year-old Beckham has been getting ready for the Super Bowl as well as getting ready to become a parent.

“You have two of the largest blessings, two unique moments and opportunities all occurring simultaneously,” he stated.

In order to avoid any clash with the game, Beckham is desiring that the baby is delivered on Friday evening or a couple of days following the Super Bowl.

He jokingly inquired, “What will occur if the baby is delivered on the day of the Super Bowl?” He added, “Continue throwing it in the air, you all don’t truly require me.” “However, I pondered about that last night,” he expressed, “It is genuinely overwhelming for one individual to handle and keep. I believe I have performed admirably. I have an incredible support system. My partner assists me significantly with that and she’s like, ‘You concentrate on winning. I can handle this.’ However, simultaneously, I yearn to be present. Thus, it hasn’t been simple, yet it is a plethora of blessings.”

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