New details on Dwayne Haskins’ death: Lawsuit alleges former NFL QB may have been robbed and blackmailed

The civil lawsuit filed by the family includes startling new accusations, as they seek clarification about the events that transpired in the last moments of Dwayne Haskins’ life, a year after his passing.

Attorney Rick Ellsley filed the lawsuit claiming that Haskins may have been implicated in a blackmail scheme the evening before his death.

In the legal case, Ellsley stated, ‘It is suspected that Dwayne was singled out and administered drugs as a component of a plot to extort and steal.’ Numerous uncertainties persist regarding the events leading up to Dwayne’s death.

The “highly-expensive watch” that Haskins was wearing was taken away from him shortly before his passing because his family believes that this theory is the reason.

The key details that are important here are the medical examiner’s release of the toxicology report in May 2022, which led to the medical examiner in Broward County ruling the death as an accident. The former NFL quarterback died in the early morning hours of April 2022 after being hit by a dump truck while attempting to cross an interstate in Florida on foot.

  • It is believed that Haskins had been driving his car on the interstate before running out of gas in Florida. Two separate blood samples were taken from Haskins, with one measuring a higher level of .24 and the other measuring a lower level of .20, which is three times higher than the legal blood-alcohol limit of .08. Haskins was legally drunk at the time of his death.
  • If Haskins had been prescribed the drug, whether for recreational use or medical purposes, the state did not report it. The medical examiner also found ketamine in Haskins’ system, which is a painkiller. Legal drugs were also found in his system.
  • Haskins’ death was ruled accidental. After he was struck by a truck dumped by accident, the situation couldn’t have been handled differently to help him. The report found that Haskins was unexpectedly in the roadway since the driver of the dump truck couldn’t do anything differently to fix the situation. Due to the circumstances, Haskins’ death was ruled as an accident.
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    Haskins strongly believes that the man who was operating the dump truck, which collided with him, also attributes a significant portion of the blame for the unfortunate incident to the family’s conviction that Haskins was intentionally singled out and administered drugs the night preceding his demise.

    According to the Florida Highway Patrol Traffic Homicide Report, the lawsuit claims that Dwayne’s truck, which had separated sidewalls, worn-out tires, brake system issues, and was overloaded with cargo, was hit and fatally injured by an aged dump truck just a few feet away from reaching the other side of the road.

    The legal case also mentions that numerous other vehicles managed to evade Haskins.

    The lawsuit alleges that “Dwayne was struck prior to the zone where motorists were located and had the opportunity to dial 911, even a handful of motorists.” The lawsuit further claims that “Dwayne was on the thoroughfare and managed to evade being struck by motorists traveling ahead of and behind the garbage truck, including several other drivers.”

    While driving that morning, whether the dump truck driver was impaired or distracted was an issue that the family wants to have resolved. It appears that resolving this issue is what the family wants.

    “The lawsuit asserts that the cell phone records of the truck driver have not yet been revealed,” affirms the lawsuit. “Additionally, the report highlights that the driver declined to furnish a blood sample to the authorities at the location and is yet to furnish the outcomes of the alcohol test.”

    The Haskins family is hoping to obtain answers that have eluded them.

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    The filing of this lawsuit is an important step in the process of uncovering the complete truth about this tragedy, allowing people who have knowledge about the events leading up to Dwayne’s death to be sworn in for testimony and critical documents to be issued subpoenas for by the civil justice system, wrote Ellsley.

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