Nepo babies: what are they and why is Gen Z only just discovering them?

Alyx, I keep coming across TikToks about “nepo babies”. What is a nepo baby and why do we despise them?

It is a phrase that applies to people of all ages. Being a nepo baby, or a child of someone who is already successful, is the meaning in this case. “Nepotism” is an abbreviation for nepo, and the answer to your first question is simple.

The discussion about nepotism in the entertainment industry started in February with a tweet about the actors in the TV show Euphoria.

This tweet is amazing for a few reasons. Firstly, Sam Levinson, the showrunner of Euphoria, is referred to as the “baby nepo dad” by Judd Apatow, one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. Additionally, it is interesting to note that Levinson would later find out about this on the internet.

In 2007, it was already known that many famous families, such as Dakota Johnson and Maya Hawke from TikTok, and Zoë Kravitz, were being outed as young and buzzy celebrities. The discourse on nepotism reached a fever pitch because of the tidbit that the shortened syllables “nepo” came out at that time.

In 2007, we discovered for the first time that many people who were not old enough to read People magazine were generally becoming familiar with babies from privileged backgrounds, as they filled the pages of glossy magazines, airwaves, and screens with their creative and big breaks.

Now, moving on to the next aspect of your question: why do we despise them?

Mary Shelley is known for her ability to express herself loudly, which is a talent that some people may not associate with individuals who are also lacking in nepotism. We have always been intrigued by the fascination that celebrities have with children. It is quite obvious, isn’t it?

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However, we also hold a grudge against them.

Why are we discussing this at this moment?

After months of intense discourse, Bloomberg dropped an incredible magazine cover titled “Mind Your Open Nepotism” when Hollywood’s genealogical hook-ups and the flowcharting of baby nepotism were celebrating the year. The whole thing frankly kicked back off in earnest, in New York City.

Are there any Hollywood actresses who aren’t born into privileged families? I thought that was just the norm.

The disconnectedness for out difficult it is still but. Mothers stage have only a few, example, for infants nepo aren’t those celebrities Hollywood are there, indeed.

Incredibly relaxed and transparent regarding their advantage, I presume the offspring of well-connected individuals themselves are, considering that we are all aware of its occurrence and that having influential contacts is an acknowledged means to succeed in the field.

Elle told me that it’s weird for someone to try to diminish the idea that Instagram stories prompted sexist comments towards top models, as it’s a generational thing. They argue that Rose-Lily Depp has benefitted from her inherited fame and cheekbones, and they are being asked about it in interviews. Many people are not fond of the tone of this discourse, but some upfront babies of nepotism are pretty open about it. Yeah, once I saw Connor Cruise DJing next to his own father’s wax mannequin in Los Angeles.

Zoë Kravitz, in her conversation with GQ, reiterated the ideas discussed in the previously mentioned Bloomberg article, stating that “it is entirely commonplace for individuals to work in their family’s business.” In the meantime, she expressed her thoughts.

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Zoë Kravitz, the daughter of actor Lisa Bonet and musician Lenny Kravitz. Photograph: Stewart Cook/Rex/Shutterstock

Gwyneth Paltrow, in a conversation with Hailey Baldwin (formerly Bieber), explained how family connections can actually be a disadvantage, as it is not as good as working twice as hard to have almost twice the opportunities, which puts you at a disadvantage unfairly, as your foot is once in the door.

Just two days ago, Lily Allen pointed out that being the child of a famous person isn’t necessarily easy.

Is this only a Hollywood phenomenon?

The outrage underpinning it has been centered around the most visible examples of famous people, while the chatter about nepotism in the baby industry has been broadened. Hello, Justin Trudeau! Lily Allen has pointed out that nepotistic babies are everywhere.

Rich individuals who are simply born into affluent families often have a distinct advantage, as they can easily dive deep into the industry of their choice. This is why inheriting wealth makes it easier for them to get ahead in every industry, including the magazine industry in New York.

Moreover, having a parent who can stick their foot in the door for you makes succeeding much easier, but it’s not solely reliant on inheriting wealth.

If a field is highly paid, highly respected, or simply highly prominent (hello, journalism), you can be sure that second or even third (fourth, in Drew Barrymore’s case) generation dynasties are working in it.

The scales are manipulated and the idea of meritocracy is deceptive, which creates a generation that is deceitful. The discovery of this fact is what defines Generation Z.

Basically, yes.

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