‘My kids still have a dad’: Crews rescue pilot after plane crashes in Elliott Bay

SEATTLE — Seattle firefighter teams saved a pilot last week after his small aircraft crashed into Elliott Bay.

The aircraft crashed in Elliott Bay near the 2800 block of Alaskan Way, while en route to Auburn. It had departed from Port Townsend at 5:55 p.M. On Thursday, May 18th.

The aircraft has been recovered from the aquatic environment by the National Transportation Safety Board. It will be examined at a designated center this week.

Brendan Ross, the pilot aged 42, conversed with KIRO 7 in under 24 hours following the accident. He expressed his appreciation that events unfolded as they did.

Ross said, “I couldn’t ask for a better outcome honestly,” I still have a wife and kids, and I still have a dad. “I think it’s the worst part of my face for other people to see, and I was thinking about how it could have gone as well as minimizing damage to the plane.”

Ross said that he believes his engine failed, but he doesn’t know yet what caused it to happen. He had limited options and wanted to keep as many people as safe as possible by putting the plane into the bay.

He said, “When I really want to delve into one of your initial thoughts, I am going to put it somewhere plain and safe, where are you going?”

Witness Karla Saur stated, “In approximately 30 seconds, the Coast Guard arrived.” “At that moment, the glider, which was small and flying at a relatively low and leisurely pace, disappeared from our view as it descended towards the water,” we explained.

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Another observer was at AQUA for an occasion when she witnessed the aircraft descending.

“Sarah Ball yelled, ‘Accelerate, accelerate!’ As the crowd frantically signaled for assistance. One of the vessels arrived to rescue him, completely immersed and on the verge of sinking. He managed to grab onto the wings, staying afloat by treading water, and emerged, exclaiming.”

The aircraft had the potential to equalize, so he decided to open a window. Concerned about the possibility of being trapped, he mentioned that he opened a window. According to Ross, the plane was traveling at approximately 40 miles per hour at the moment of impact with the water.

“I managed to pry the door open, and then I swam out,” he stated.

Ross mentioned that it was a pair of individuals on a vessel enjoying beverages who rescued him from the water.

He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to receive a lift for the remainder of the journey, courtesy of those kind individuals. The individuals responded, “Hey, buddy, we’re simply enjoying some drinks out here when we noticed you entering and thought you might require assistance. I even requested, ‘Can I get one as well?'” They were utterly astonished by the sight before them.

He said that he was ready to get back in the air. He was released from the hospital just hours later. He was taken to Harborview to be treated for his injuries, and Ross was treated at the scene by medics.

Don’t be afraid of the loud noise, embrace the exhilaration – let’s experience it again and let’s go back there. I walked away from this situation because I knew what to do, and my knowledge of how to handle this allows me to believe that I can climb in a plane and do what excites me.

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