Mother and daughter were on sightseeing tour before plane crashed on Long Island

According to the FAA, the aircraft departed from Republic Airport for a scenic flight.

There was smoke in the cockpit and the pilot, identified as 23-year-old Fayzul Chowdhury, issued a mayday signal a short time later.

The aircraft turned back towards the airport to make an emergency landing but crashed approximately 300 feet south of the nearby LIRR tracks.

A pilot on the ATC radio recording stated, “I believe they are attempting to assist them. I witness individuals sprinting. The airplane is utterly demolished and it is engulfed in flames.”

As per a lawyer representing a flight academy at Republic Airport, the pilot, who is 23 years old, is a flight instructor hailing from the Bronx and holds a valid license and certification.

He sustained injuries to 75% of his body in the form of burns.

Gupta from Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, known as Roma, was a 63-year-old mother, and her 33-year-old daughter Reeva Gupta, who purchased tickets for the excursion via Groupon, were the two travelers.

The lawyer stated that the aircraft underwent a thorough inspection lasting 100 hours.

Gupta Roma was pronounced dead at the scene. Chowdhury and Gupta Reeva were transported to Stony Brook University Hospital, where they remain in critical condition.

Eyewitness News interviewed neighbor Chris Baldassano, who captured a video of his street following the accident.

Within his dwelling, he truly experienced the effect, not solely heard the collision, but also expressed that the collision occurred in such close proximity to his residence.

Baldassano stated, “observed fireball and cloud of smoke, hurried to the front of the residence.” “Ensured that all individuals on the block had evacuated their houses, sprinted outdoors.”

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Baldassano thinks the aircraft grazed the row of trees that borders the train tracks prior to the accident.

There are scattered aircraft components in the backyard due to one house still being cordoned off. The visibility was poor due to the dense smoke and there was wreckage scattered all around from the airplane.

People living nearby express their concern about planes flying so close to their homes, fearing a possible collision might happen.

And they claim recently the aircrafts are becoming larger and flying at lower altitudes.

Kellie Watson stated that the planes fly at such a low height during their descent towards the airport that it generates vibrations in her home.

Watson said, “We heard only two explosions.” The house shook quite severely. It was quite frightening as the house shook, and we were just looking out the window when we heard one explosion followed by another. I immediately yelled for my husband, as we knew beforehand that it would not even make it to the living room. It was a significant explosion.

When she stepped out of her home after the crash, she said she could hear one of the victims screaming frantically.

The pilot was alert and conscious when first responders arrived and was able to tell them how many people were on board.

“According to Chief Fire Stallone Kenney of North Lindenhurst, they were rescued from a plane by a civilian, although he is unsure of the exact number of people involved.”

The crash is still being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board to determine the possible cause.

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