Middle school student brings school bus to safe stop after driver loses consciousness

Following the driver’s loss of consciousness, a heroic middle school student from Michigan was praised for safely halting his school bus, transforming an ordinary journey home.

Officials stated that Dillon Reeves, a seventh-grade student at Lois E. Carter Middle School in Warren, Mich., Was among numerous students traveling on a bus back home from school on Wednesday afternoon. The unidentified bus driver contacted the transportation base at approximately 3 p.M., Expressing feelings of extreme dizziness and requesting to make a stop, thereby triggering the necessary procedures for dispatch to arrange for a replacement driver.

At a press conference on Thursday, Robert D. Livernois, the Superintendent of Warren Consolidated Schools, stated that as the driver slowed down, she lost consciousness, and he remarked, “The bus began to roll towards oncoming traffic.”

Livernois exclaimed, “I halted the bus in the middle of the road and swiftly took hold of the steering wheel, then sprinted towards the front of the bus,” while tossing his backpack aside and Dillon, who was seated in the fifth row behind the driver.

“In my 35-plus years of teaching, this was an exceptional display of bravery and maturity on his behalf,” Livernois expressed.

Livernois stated that he had the means to gradually move the bus filled with passengers, likely due to the anticipation he possessed. In the background, children can be heard shouting and panicking. In the video, Dillon can be observed calmly taking control of the brakes and slowly grabbing the steering wheel.

After halting the bus, Dillon instructed the remaining students to dial 911.

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On Livernois street, a man and two women were walking down the street behind the bus while the woman helped the children exit through the rear door. The driver, Dillon, attended to the man who came to aid the students in distress.

Livernois stated that police and fire officials arrived within a span of four minutes. He mentioned that there were no injuries reported among the students and no damage to the bus was documented.

Livernois stated, “As she saw that, she quickly released the accelerator and prepared to stop. The school officials stated that she followed the exact protocol by alerting the base to send another driver. The driver’s journey began in July, which was one of our best.”

McAdams, the commissioner of the Warren Fire Department, said that the driver, who was semiconscious when responders arrived, became more alert and oriented after being given an IV drip, oxygen, and an EKG monitor. She did not remember the incident itself but does remember that she wasn’t feeling well prior to the incident.

According to federal law, he mentioned that the driver is currently being subjected to drug screening. Livernois confirmed that she has never experienced fainting before and has successfully completed the mandatory medical examination conducted by the Department of Transportation. As of Thursday, the 40-year-old driver continued to stay at the hospital for further testing and observation.

Steve Reeves, who characterized his son as “extremely observant of his environment,” stated that Dillon has been operating a vehicle while seated on his father’s lap on rural roads and driveways since the age of 4. Dillon’s parents, Steve and Ireta Reeves, commended their son’s behavior and referred to him as a hero.

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Reeves Ireta mentioned that, when she inquired Dillon about how he was aware of what actions to take, he replied, “I observe [the driver] perform the task on a daily basis.”

Livernois said that the school board intends to organize a recognition event for Dillon.

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