Megan Fox Addressing The Transgender Rumors About Herself

At the 66th annual Golden Globe Awards, while being interviewed on the red carpet, the acclaimed actress declared, ‘I personally identify as transgender. I am biologically male.’

The 35-year-old Hollywood actress Megan Fox rose to fame by portraying Mikaela Banes in the first two Transformers blockbuster films, not only for her looks and smoldering acting but also for her shocking statements.

In an interview with Glamour UK, Megan revealed that she likes to wear dresses and is helping her oldest son, Noah, with his gender identity.

When Noah started wearing dresses, I bought a bunch of books that addressed these sorts of things and addressed a full spectrum of issues, she said.

Megan said, “You can express yourself however you want through your clothing; you can wear a dress and be a boy, just like some of the books are written for transgender children.”

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Her honesty in her interviews has caused her a significant amount of difficulties in her acting profession.

The most unfortunate comment she ever made was hands-down the one about Michael Bay when she compared the Transformers director to Hitler.


What’s Different About Megan Fox’s Thumbs?

She said he wants to be like Hitler, which is awkward and hopelessly awkward. I really enjoy his unique personality, but when you have to work with him, it’s a nightmare. He wants to be like Hitler, she said.

This caused her to be terminated from the franchise and nearly removed from the Hollywood A-list.

It should come as no surprise that the same year, in 2009, she made yet another regrettable comment on the red carpet.

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The rookie actress was attending her very first Golden Globes ceremony. There was no one else but herself slamming at this time, but the difference was that she was ever so golden.

Understandably, she was feeling anxious and inadequate in the presence of all the glamour surrounding her, so she had a few drinks.

No, she is not transgender. Here’s what caused people to believe in such a rumor.

I confessed, “I went through multiple glasses.” They always placed those giant bottles of Chandon & Moët champagne on the table at the Golden Globes. I was sitting at a table with all three Jonas Brothers and Blake Lively.

Later that day, Megan Fox was being interviewed on the red carpet by Juliana Rancic.

The interviewer complimented her on her good looks and expressed surprise when she started criticizing herself, comparing her appearance to Alan Alda, the actor, and saying she felt nervous about being called a “tranny.”


At the age of 15, Megan Fox was an extra in “Bad Boys II”.

This resulted in a massive negative response.

She used a disrespectful term for the transgender and cross-dressing community.

Her words did not align with her immaculate appearance.

In a more recent interview, nearly five years after the incident, she finally spoke about what had occurred.

“I made a jest about the fact that I was indeed a male,” she stated when prompted to identify the most absurd gossip she had ever come across regarding her own self.

She then went on to say that it caused a significant number of individuals to believe that she was a ‘transgender actress.’

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Her comment simply stated that there is nothing amiss with her, but rather that people foolishly believed her joke to be true and mistakenly thought she was male.

Whenever she shows up, Megan Fox definitely catches everyone’s attention and leaves people amazed, but it’s important to acknowledge that we can form opinions as much as we please.

Startling as her statements typically are, we cannot resist revisiting them years after they were initially released.

Ultimately, providing entertainment is the essence of celebrities, and Megan Fox always succeeds in delivering.

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