Megalodon vs Blue Whale: Who Would Win?

Mighty Megalodon and massive Blue Whale, the most impressive to date, are two of the ocean-bound apex predators when it comes to.

I wonder what the matchup would look like between two curious minds (when the time is thought to have gone extinct, around 3.4 million years ago), even though they are separated by both years.

To get a better understanding of the offensive and defensive qualities of these behemoths, let’s examine how a battle between two outlooks would play out. This will give us an idea of which creature truly reigns supreme in the ocean – the PREDATOR APEX.

Important aspects to take into account in a battle between these legendary creatures of the abyss.

1. Large Size

A Megalodon and a Blue Whale confrontation can be considered to possess equal advantageous proportions in a physical clash. In numerous instances, magnitude can prove immensely beneficial for boxers, wrestlers, and UFC fighters who partake in categorized competitions.

The Megalodon, which can reach lengths of 60-70 feet, weighs over 50-70 tons. In comparison, the Blue Whale, with a maximum length of 100 feet, weighs approximately 100-110 tons.

Who Emerges Victorious Based on Size?

It is quite evident that the Blue Whale, being a larger apex predator, has the advantage of being able to move quickly and fight in various advantageous ways in this battle, as the Megalodon, with its smaller profile size, attacks with less agility and speed.

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2. Force of Biting, Dental Structure, and Size of the Jaw

Avoid the ‘business end’ of this apex predator, and it would be wise to consider its bite force of approximately 108,514 and 182,201 Newtons (N). Megalodon’s jaw was equipped with 276 serrated teeth that were specifically evolved to tear through flesh, but size is not the sole determining factor here. It is speculated that Megalodon’s mouth measured between 9-11ft in width, so hold off on comparing your friend Todd’s big mouth until you hear the measurements of these creatures.

On the flip side, we have the Blue Whale, which belongs to a group called ‘Whales Baleen.’ Instead of teeth, they have a sieve-like baleen, consisting of lined plates of bone, which filters fish and plankton, as well as small schools that are bristling with baleen.

In this conflict, its opponent is considerably stronger than the Blue Whale, with a biting force of merely 19,000 pounds per square inch. However, that’s where the similarity ends for the Blue Whale, as one potential advantage could be the whale’s capability to widen its jaw to almost a 90-degree angle. Nevertheless, the dimensions of the Blue Whale’s oral cavity are quite remarkable, being spacious enough to accommodate up to 100 tons of water and nourishment when completely filled.

Who emerges victorious in terms of Bite Force, Dental Structure, and Size of the Jaw?

The Megalodon showcases jagged blades prepared to seize upon prey, whereas the Blue Whale lacks any teeth at all. It is the Megalodon’s weaponry that is equipped for combat, whereas the Blue Whale possesses the largest mouth.

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3. Sensations

The senses of any fighting creature are vitally important, as they defensively or offensively react to necessary inputs, whether they be physical, auditory, visual, or situational awareness.

It is believed that Megalodon, the apex predator, evolved to have highly developed senses, including agility and precision in hunting down its prey. This beast had impressive hearing and acute smell, especially in low light scenarios, making it a capable killer.

The Blue Whale, in contrast, has little to no sense of smell and can clearly see up to about 35 feet underwater. However, they have the ability to call for other whales miles away and have great hearing.

Who emerges victorious in terms of sensory experiences?

From a distance, the Megalodon pursues a Blue Whale, granting it the advantage in scent. The advantage favors the Megalodon in terms of sight, although it is a close competition. When it comes to hearing, the advantage slightly tilts towards the Blue Whale, resulting in a draw. This aspect is a bit uncertain.

Prior to the Megalodon exerting its dominance, will their companions be in close proximity to participate in the battle and level the playing field? The capability of the Blue Whale to summon assistance from great distances could prove to be an unpredictable factor in this scenario. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that whales occasionally exhibit group behavior (pod) and request for support and aid.

4. Type of Speed and Movement

As Ali always stated, ‘move gracefully like a butterfly, strike fiercely like a bee.’

On the contrary, the Megalodon can reach speeds of up to 11mph. However, it is capable of short bursts of up to 20mph. Conversely, the Blue Whale typically glides at a mere 5mph. Respectable, but not particularly remarkable. Maybe enough time to outmaneuver a Megalodon?

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In an instant, the shark swiftly alters its course, facilitated by this maneuver. The Megalodon navigates through oscillating lateral movements, utilizing its tail for both propulsion and maneuverability.

In contrast, the Blue Whale utilizes its enormous flipper for propulsion and fins for steering.

Who Emerges Victorious in Terms of Speed and Mobility?

The Megalodon shark is swifter and more nimble than the Blue Whale over extended durations. However, the Blue Whale’s ability to outpace the Megalodon may not suffice with its brief bursts of 20mph velocities. There may not be any place for a Blue Whale to take cover from the Megalodon’s exceptionally sharp sensory perception.

Megalodon vs Blue Whale: Clash of the Giants Revealed

The probabilities are stacked in the favor of the formidable (and now non-existent) Megalodon Shark. Nonetheless, it appears quite evident that we’ll never truly ascertain with certainty which of these supreme ocean inhabitants would emerge victorious, regrettably (or fortunately).

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