Meet Amazon’s star-studded NFL studio lineup, from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Richard Sherman

Get acquainted with Amazon’s impressive NFL studio lineup for its 2022 broadcasts of “Thursday Night Football.”

Charissa Thompson, presenter

Thompson will anchor the star-studded lineup as the host of halftime and postgame coverage for “Thursday Night Football.” In addition to her job as a host for NFL Fox’s “Kickoff NFL” on Sundays, Thompson will also retain her position to work with Amazon.

The crew … minus a few. LFG @NFLonPrime

In addition to working as a co-host on the show “Extra,” Thompson has also worked with Versus and Network Ten Big in the entertainment news industry. She has also served as a host on “Fox Sports Live” and has been associated with Fox Sports since 2013.

Richard Sherman, commentator

The five-time All-Pro cornerback appears to be focusing on the next phase of his career as he joins Amazon’s studio crew, suiting up for the Buccaneers in games after less than a year of retirement.

Throughout his 11-year career, Sherman has certainly made a name for himself, ensuring that he shines as a debut television personality. His intensity and personality, both on and off the screen, have been instrumental in distinguishing him from others in the industry.

Sherman stated that he intends to keep “that (NFL) door open” for as long as he can. Through “The Volume,” Sherman showcases his own podcast, where he confidently takes on the role of a polished host behind the microphone.

Tony Gonzalez, commentator

Returning to the radio waves as a member of Amazon’s production team, the legendary tight end is resuming his broadcasting career after taking a break for one year.

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In 2013, Gonzalez retired from the “NFL Today” show after spending four seasons with CBS. He then joined the NFL Fox’s pregame show before moving on to another role in 2017. He decided to step away before the 2021 season to pursue acting opportunities.

Gonzalez returns to the studio, bringing a wealth of studio expertise, including extensive time working with Thompson, which is likely to enhance the overall chemistry.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, commentator

How about some studio Fitzmagic?

Like Sherman, Fitzpatrick captivated fans as a player with his memorable moments — and impressive facial hair. Following his retirement from the game, Fitzpatrick seamlessly transitions from the field to the booth, leveraging his extensive 17-year career as an NFL quarterback to contribute to the studio.

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Fitzpatrick described the opportunity as “the perfect match.”

Andrew Whitworth, evaluator

The individual, who is 40 years old, will now become a part of two other individuals who also participated in the 2021 season. In the month of February, Whitworth concluded a 16-year career as a player by winning his first Super Bowl championship and subsequently declaring his retirement a month later.

Whitworth, who was crowned the 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year, is highly esteemed as one of the players participating in the league. Furthermore, he achieved two All-Pro designations and accumulated a total of 235 starts throughout his professional journey. This Super Bowl victor was chosen as a second-round draft pick in the past.

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