Marilyn Monroe filmed lost nude scene to please audiences, was ‘furious’ on her last day alive, book claims

However, after 57 years, the notorious nude scene of the blonde bombshell, which was thought to be destroyed, has been discovered.

In 1962, at the age of 36, Marilyn Monroe died, and Charles Casillo, the author of a book called “Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon” about Hollywood’s most legendary sex symbol, sought out some of the remaining individuals who had formed friendships with her.

Since his father’s passing in 1999 at the age of 83, the valuable footage has been kept in a filing cabinet. It was at that time that the 71-year-old disclosed that he had organized an interview with Curtice Taylor, the son of the movie’s producer, Frank Taylor, as part of his investigation.

Casillo informed Fox News that there had been long-standing speculation about the existence of a famous nude scene that people believed had been destroyed. However, during their conversation, it was casually mentioned by the interviewee that he was aware of its existence. Additionally, he had some familiarity with Marilyn. Casillo was conducting an interview with him specifically regarding these matters. It is worth noting that “[Curtice Taylor] was present on the set of ‘The Misfits’ as a child during its production.”

It was one of the aspects that I couldn’t discover for the book. And I was genuinely thrilled about it. I recognized it was something remarkable. I don’t believe he grasped its significance… He simply mentioned it in such a nonchalant manner.

The actress had an idea to heat things up. However, as Gable walks into the bedroom to kiss her, Monroe walks into the bedroom to kiss him and be in bed for the love scene. “Misfits” is a story that tells the tale of a divorcee who falls for a cowboy over the hill, struggling to maintain his lifestyle. This play was written by Arthur Miller, Monroe’s then-husband.

Describing Casillo, she allowed the sheet to fall in a single motion. Marilyn Monroe was incredibly self-conscious. Her physique was appealing to individuals, she recognized that due to her lack of self-assurance. Individuals enjoyed gazing at her, and individuals enjoyed admiring her physique. She consistently desired people to have a favorable opinion of her, the sole aspect in which she was unwavering.

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The scene ended up on the editing floor. Huston felt it was too distracting, despite Miller, Taylor, and Gable insisting that Monroe’s performance would bring a fresh perspective to the film. However, Huston remained unaffected by a nude Monroe.

The movie being made in 1960, “Casillo out pointed,” would usher in everything that was happening in the late ’60s, including the outfall of censorship and nudity.

John Huston had the final say. He decided not to keep the scene as it was. He used a different take. Frank Taylor, the producer, saved it. The producer, Frank Taylor, thought it was extraordinary and groundbreaking that a mainstream actress would do that.

Casillo added that Curtice is being very cautious with the footage, which is in mint condition and includes sound. Taylor, who was still hopeful, made the final cut of the scene after it was fully prepped and edited.

“Casillo acknowledged that we cannot be certain about its eventual release. However, considering the significant level of fascination surrounding Marilyn Monroe, I am unable to specify the exact details of how, where, or when it will be unveiled. Nonetheless, rest assured that it will not remain concealed indefinitely. In some manner or another, this film will see the light of day.”

Miller, a psychiatrist, decided to quit providing round-the-clock care for Monroe in 1961 as she struggled with crippling anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Monroe never had the opportunity to be the first star in an American major movie scene.

Around this period, it was reported that the actress went through a public miscarriage caused by endometriosis, along with physical health issues and battles with substance abuse, during her marriage to Miller.

Later, only two months later, she would be discovered deceased due to an evident drug overdose. Following her consistent tardiness or prolonged absences, Monroe, who was in the midst of shooting “Something’s Got to Give,” was terminated from the romantic comedy in 1962.

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Casillo characterized Monroe’s final day as “disorderly.”

“She was considered to be at the end of her rope, at the age of 36. Marilyn was like a beloved goddess, a symbol of sex, in that era… It was devastating for her. She was 36 years old… She was on a downward spiral… It was devastating for her,” he explained. “In the past few months, her life had been a frantic and chaotic existence.”

“She was extremely frightened and furious, with a lot of things on her mind. Additionally, she was very scared about the idea of losing herself. Her entire persona and identity came from someone like Marilyn.”

Rewritten Output: The blonde and buxom woman felt differently about herself, and she died before the night ended. Warren Beatty, a 25-year-old actor and mutual friend of Peter Lawford, met Monroe. In a 2016 interview with Vanity Fair, the now 81-year-old actor mentioned that he had never seen anything as beautiful as her.

Casillo stated, “Because of what the media was saying about her, she was over the hill. I’m scared and I’m between the ages of 3 and 6. She couldn’t even mention her age. It’s devastating to see how it affected her. I’m trying everything I can to have control over it, but I can’t. I’m awake all day and night. I’m increasingly unable to sleep. She stated that my life is becoming more and more disorganized.”

Casillo asserted that the discussion tormented Beatty for an extended period of time.

Casillo stated, “He was additionally recognized for his attractiveness and allure.” “Will individuals still adore me? Will I possess companions? … Will I find myself in the comparable predicament that Marilyn Monroe is in?” He commenced questioning, ‘What will occur when I no longer possess it?’.

Beatty himself mentioned that he observed Monroe was “already slightly intoxicated from the champagne” even “prior to the sunset.”

Participating in a series of foster homes where she was subjected to brutal rejection and sexual abuse, Monroe’s tumultuous relationship with her father during her erratic childhood was the catalyst for her lifelong pursuit of emotional stability.

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Marilyn’s mother would show her a photo of a man with a fedora, saying that he is your handsome father once again. Marilyn was shuffled from one foster home to another. She was born illegitimately and spent time both in and out of mental institutions.

She felt like she didn’t belong anywhere and had a miserable existence. She wished for someone to come and represent love and security, a father figure. She was in orphanages.

“… Deep within her, there was always a young girl who sought comfort and protection. Marilyn spent her entire life trying to find a man who could be a substitute for her father, someone who would be her savior. Unfortunately, her father failed to recognize her as his daughter. When she mentioned seeing her lawyer, he refused to have a conversation about it. Not only did he refuse to speak to her, but she also attempted to reach out to him as an adult…”

“Towards the end of her life, Marilyn Monroe received an unlikely phone call from Elizabeth Taylor, her alleged rival actress who had reached out to her from Rome after hearing she had been fired from the filming of “Cleopatra” in 1963.”

Casillo expressed, “It is truly remarkable to discover that Elizabeth Taylor would delay the production of this grand movie, which is burdened with tens of millions of dollars in debt, in order to assist Marilyn.” “‘…I will cease my involvement in this film as a show of support for you. I will inform the media, stating that I am leaving because Marilyn is being treated unjustly.’ She stated, ‘Marilyn, I have experienced everything that you are currently enduring.'”

However, Taylor provided a single suggestion. Monroe turned down the proposition, justifying that there was no rationale for both actresses to harm their professional paths.

“‘Simply grin and continue strolling.’ Elizabeth Taylor had the capability to accomplish that. Marilyn didn’t,” asserted Casillo. “She expressed, ‘Irrespective of the comments made about me, regardless of the extent of the criticism, I simply grin and persevere in my journey.'”

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