Luyện tập tổng hợp

1. Nam mentioned that he was instructed to arrive at school prior to 7 o’clock.

2. Thu mentioned that all the students would have a gathering the upcoming week.

3. Phong mentioned that his parents were extremely proud of his excellent grades.

4. The educator mentioned that all the assignments needed to be completed diligently.

5. Her father told her that she had permission to go to the cinema with her friend.

6. Hoa mentioned that she could potentially pay a visit to her parents during the summer.

7. The teacher mentioned that we (they) could gather used books for the underprivileged students.

8. She mentioned that she did not purchase that book.

9. The boys mentioned that they needed to give their utmost effort to secure victory in the game.

10. Lan’s classmate mentioned that she was the smartest girl in their class.

11. They informed us that their acquaintances would receive the accolade for their top marks.

12. He mentioned that he would commute to school via bus the next day.

13. Phong mentioned that he required to acquire additional lexicon.

14. His sibling informed him that he could utilize their computer on that particular day.

15. Mai informed Nam that she was unable to accompany him to the cinema.

Exercise 2: Exercises on Reported Speech: Yes/No Questions.

1. Phong inquired of Peter if he enjoyed reading.

Hoa inquired of Lan whether she enjoyed sports.

3. She inquired with Nam about whether his sister and brother attended the same educational institution.

4. She inquired her mother if there were any oranges in the refrigerator.

5. He inquired his friend if it would rain the next morning.

6. Tam inquired from Peter if he had visited Hue three years prior.

7. Tuan inquired of Lan whether Tan and Hoa had arrived late to class.

8. She inquired of me if I could converse in Chinese.

Tam inquired of Thu whether she would be present for a duration of five days.

10. She inquired of Ba whether he had been perusing that book at 8 o’clock on the preceding Sunday.

Lan inquired of Hoa if she could have a glance at her photographs.

12. Phong inquired of Ba whether those athletes were capable of swimming across the aforementioned river.

13. Lam inquired of Lan whether their class would participate in that competition.

14. Tuan inquired of Ba whether he enjoyed watching television.

15. Nga inquired Hoa if she could borrow her dictionary momentarily.

Exercise 3: Activities Involving Reported Speech and WH-Questions.

1. The teacher inquired about the location of my father’s occupation.

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2. She inquired of Lan the number of individuals in her household.

3. Tam’s companion inquired about the duration of his stay in England.

4. She inquired her mother if there were any oranges in the refrigerator.

5. The teacher inquired from Lien about her leisure pursuit.

6. His friend inquired about his mode of transportation to the airport.

Lan inquired from Lien about the price of that dress.

8. Ba inquired of Tam the frequency with which he laundered his garments.

9. Phong inquired of Thu about the time when her father would depart Vietnam for the United States.

10. The librarian inquired of my teacher the quantity of books required by the students.

Ex4: Reported speech with infinitive “to”.

1. She instructed him to provide her with an additional glass of wine.

2. She instructed me to fetch her a book.

3. His mother instructed him to unlock the window.

He instructed me to close the door behind me.

The captain told them to wait there until he comes back.

6. She instructed her to grab it and accompany her.

7. He instructed me to return after one o’clock.

8. My mom reminded me to remember to glance at the entrance.

He instructed his brother to refrain from opening the window but to open the door.

10. He instructed the girl to refrain from sitting on his bed and instead sit on the chair.

Exercise 5: Reported speech with the infinitive “to” and the gerund (HSG).

1. The elderly gentleman blamed the young boy for breaking two of his spectacles.

The boy confessed to breaking two of them.

3. He strongly insisted on accompanying me to the zoo on the upcoming Sunday.

4. If I agreed, she volunteered to irrigate the flowers every morning.

5. They declined to accompany him on the subsequent Friday.

6. The teacher blamed the students for making the wall filthy.

7. The kids refused to create any disturbance the previous night.

8. The parents warned that they would close the door if their children continued to go outside.

9. The girl expressed remorse for causing the house to become messy.

The teacher warned the students that they would be punished if they failed to pay attention to the lesson.

11. He volunteered to take care of the residence for me.

12. She instructed me to remain silent.

13. He instructed me to remain silent.

14. He proposed gathering outside the movie theater after eight.

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15. He volunteered to fix my vehicle.

He asked me to join him for a beverage.

17. She suggested that I should hurry.

18. He pleaded with me to allow him to enter.

19. He ordered us to cease speaking any further.

He motivated each and every one of us to give it another shot.

21. He cautioned me against swimming too far.

22. She extended an invitation for me to join her family and partake in the pleasure of tea.

23. He proposed paying a visit to their instructor on that particular day.

24. She suggested that I engage in morning workouts.

25. She recommended that I acquire proficiency in the English language.

Exercise 6: Please complete the sentences using reported speech. Take note of the pronoun changes in certain sentences.

1. The instructor instructed Joe to cease conversing.

She advised him to have patience.

3. Her dad instructed her to proceed to her chamber.

She instructed us to hasten.

5. He requested that she hand over the key to him.

6. She requested Sam to replay it.

7. He requested Caron to take a seat.

The front desk clerk requested that the visitor complete the document.

9. She instructed us to remove our footwear.

10. She advised him to take care of his own affairs.

11.She advised him against touching it.

He instructed me to refrain from repeating that action.

13. He instructed her not to communicate with him in such a manner.

14. She cautioned him against fixing the computer on his own.

She instructed me to forbid his entry.

16. He pleaded with her to refrain from going outside unaccompanied by him.

17. She instructed me to remember to bring my bag.

The chemistry instructor instructed his students to refrain from eating inside the laboratory.

19. He cautioned her against surrendering.

20. She advised the boys against causing harm to themselves.

Ex7: Change the following sentence into reported speech.Output: Please change the following sentence into reported speech.

1. The instructor instructed John to meticulously complete that assignment.

2. Mrs. Green instructed me to perform at our gathering.

The teacher advised John to exercise caution and contemplate before providing his response.

4. Tom instructed John to peruse his assignment and inform him if it was accurate.

5. The passenger instructed the taxi driver to drive to Victoria station as quickly as possible.

He inquired whether the window was ajar.

The student requested the teacher to provide them with higher grades.

8. Ann informed her son about his untidy appearance!

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9. My brother suggested that I refrain from returning before one o’clock.

10. She expressed curiosity about the individuals who would be joining the outing on the following day.

11. Mr. Brown proposed going for a stroll.

12. The teacher mentioned that the weather wasn’t as foggy that day as it had been the day before.

13. If I were a good student, my father advised me to be humble.

14. She instructed me to remember to convey her regards to her parents.

15. Johnny inquired of Alice whether he had received it.

16. He instructed me to pay attention.

17. He inquired whether I informed you or else I would face consequences.

18. He cautioned me against doing so as it was exceedingly hazardous.

Mary informed John that she was unable to accompany him to the cinema.

She instructed us to close the door, but not to secure it.

Please complete the sentences in reported speech, taking note of the pronoun and tense changes.

1. She inquired about the whereabouts of her umbrella.

2. Martin inquired about our well-being.

He inquired whether he needed to perform the task.

The mother inquired of her daughter about her whereabouts.

5. She inquired her partner about his preferred dress choice.

6. She desired to comprehend their activities.

7. He was curious to find out if I planned on going to the movies.

8. The teacher was curious to find out who was able to communicate in English.

9. She inquired about my knowledge of that.

10. My friend inquired whether Caron had spoken to Kevin.

Please complete the sentences in reported speech, taking note of the pronoun and tense changes. 1. He wanted to know what the time was.

She inquired about our next meeting.

3. She inquired of him whether he was insane.

4. He was curious about the location of their previous residence.

5. He inquired of her whether she would attend the gathering.

6. She inquired whether I could rendezvous with her at the train station.

7. The educator desired to discover who was acquainted with the solution.

8. She was curious to understand why he didn’t assist her.

9. He inquired whether I had witnessed that vehicle.

10. The mother inquired the twins whether they had cleaned their room.

Choose sentence A, B, C, or D that most effectively rephrases the original one.

The sequence of numbers is as follows: A 19. 18. 17. 16. B B 15. 14. C 13. A A A A 12. 11. 10. A A B 9. 8. C 7. A 6. D 5. C 4. B 3. C 2. C 1.

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