Louisville shooting: Timeline of massacre as evil Connor Sturgeon kills five at bank

In Kentucky, Louisville, an armed disgruntled employee fatally shot five of his colleagues with an AR-15 rifle before being gunned down by the police at the National Old Bank.

Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year-old individual who had been employed at the financial institution for a considerable period, initially as an intern but purportedly had awareness of his impending termination, was subsequently recognized as the perpetrator of the shooting incident.

Six individuals lost their lives, including the assailant, while nine others were transported to the hospital for medical care.

The five victims have been identified as Joshua Barrick, aged 40, Thomas Elliot, aged 63, Juliana Farmer, aged 45, James Tutt, aged 64, and Deana Eckert, aged 57.

This is the chronological sequence of the shooting.

Louisville shooting: Timeline of massacre as evil Connor Sturgeon kills five at bank

Sturgeon leaves a message for family and friends

Sturgeon wrote a note to his loved ones before going to the bank, as stated by a law enforcement insider familiar with the investigation.

The message to Sturgeon’s parents and a friend stated that he intended to commence shooting in the bank.

It is uncertain whether it was read prior to the incident or if it was a physical message.

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“Sturgeon devised a plan to eliminate all individuals present at the bank,” expressing feelings of despair and contemplating self-harm, as reported by a dispatcher handling the incident, based on a voicemail left prior to the assault. Sturgeon reached out to an acquaintance.

Foreboding posts on Instagram

In the moments prior to gunfire erupting, Sturgeon made several posts on his Instagram account, which has since been deleted.

One stated: “They will not pay attention to words or protests. Let’s observe if they perceive this.”

Others included viral images from films like Star Wars and Office Space.

The gunman proceeded to broadcast the shooting live on Instagram.

8.30am: The shooter begins shooting

Authorities have stated that Sturgeon discharged a firearm at approximately 8.30am.

Rebecca Buchheit-Sims, a manager at the Old National Bank, had joined a Microsoft Teams meeting when the shooting began.

She stated: “Shortly after the meeting commenced, the shooter, who is a staff member, began firing in the conference room.”

Troy Haste, a bank account manager at Old National Bank, stated that he was in the meeting room when Sturgeon began shooting.

WHAS Haste informed me that the shooting had begun, and in a hurry, he and I quickly turned around to see what was happening. Then, I noticed a lady nearby, so I clicked to listen and heard a sound.

While conversing with journalists, he had another person’s blood on his shirt.

He stated: “The person next to me was shot, and I have blood on me from the incident.”

8.38am: Authorities are informed of gunshots being fired.

The initial 911 calls begin to arrive, reporting an ongoing shooting.

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Authorities begin hurrying to the location at 333 East Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky.

8:41am: Law enforcement personnel reach the location

The police officers carrying weapons arrive at the location.

Gunman Connor Sturgeon was still firing when law enforcement arrived and gunfire was exchanged.

The police shoot and kill the sturgeon, but two officers are also wounded.

Among the officials was recently recruited Nickolas Wilt, a 26-year-old who had just finished his education and made a commitment to become a member of the law enforcement agency.

He was struck in the head by one of Sturgeon’s projectiles as he sprinted towards the mass assailant.

Officer Wilt was subsequently transported to the hospital where he underwent a surgical intervention on his brain. He is presently in a critical state.

Officer Nickolas Wilt, a recent addition to the LMPD, bravely rushed towards the gunfire today to rescue lives, as stated by a tweet from the LMPD. Despite being shot in the head, he is currently in a critical state.

Recently inaugurated, a fresh recruit to the LMPD, Officer Nickolas Wilt, the individual who sustained severe injuries while apprehending the armed assailant, verified that Wilt had successfully detained Sturgeon, as stated in the subsequent tweet.

10am: No more an active gunman

Law enforcement officers secure the area and ensure there are no additional individuals with firearms.

An update from the LMPD states: “The only gunman is no longer alive.”

However, the public is recommended to stay away from the area.

At 10.12am, Governor Andy Beshear arrives at the designated location at Louisville Slugger Field near the incident site.

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10.30am: LMPD Deputy Chief verifies five fatalities

The conditions of the individuals were not known. Six more people were rushed to the hospital, including five individuals who died, as confirmed by Paul Humphrey, the Deputy Chief of LMPD, during the initial press conference.

The figure of five dead was later updated to six when it was confirmed Deana Eckert, 57, had succumbed to their injuries.

The count of wounded individuals was subsequently revised as well.

11am: Another nearby shooting reported and additional information revealed

Within a few hours, the police were summoned to another deadly shooting that occurred in close proximity.

At 11am, officials swiftly responded to Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville following receiving reports of a shooting incident occurring outside of the educational establishment.

A single individual was fatally shot and another person was injured.

The police stated that the shootings are not believed to be linked.

The gunman or gunmen escaped from the location and investigations are ongoing.

At the scene of the mass shooting, police confirm a LMPD officer was in critical condition after being shot by the gunman.

It is also disclosed that the shooter was employed at the bank.

1.49pm: Detectives scour a Louisville residence

Officials are observed conducting a search of a residence on the adjacent Taylor Avenue in connection with the gunfire incident.

The identity of the shooter has yet to be disclosed at this point.

3pm: Connor Sturgeon, 25, recognized as the gunman by authorities

At a police conference, the gunman is identified as Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year-old individual who had been employed at the bank.

This initiated a frenzy of information being disclosed about the gunman, including his apparent past of battles with mental health problems.

At this point, the police have not disclosed his reason.

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