Lisa Marie Presley was ‘back on opioids before Golden Globes’

At the awards ceremony, the 54-year-old was observed speaking unclearly and seemed unstable while walking on the red carpet, shortly before her unexpected demise due to a heart attack at her residence in California.

Extra host Billy Bush interviewed her prior to the occasion, and she turned to her friend Jerry Schilling, who is 80 years old, and expressed, ‘I intend to hold onto your arm’ in the video.

In Southern California, she seemed to speak at a leisurely pace and had a noticeable speech impairment when discussing the movie’s lead actor Austin Butler and the severe weather conditions causing floods.

Marie Lisa, the mother of twin daughters Finley and Vivienne Harper, had previously struggled with addiction to opioids. In 2008, she was prescribed short-term medication during her recovery after giving birth.

By 2013, she was extensively misusing cocaine and entered rehabilitation facilities at least five times.

After a long period of being clean, the body’s tolerance to drugs will decrease, which can trigger cardiac arrest and is known to cause opioid overdoses.

Lisa Marie’s weight loss drugs are not clear, although Wegovy, the latest weight loss medication approved by the FDA, has gained significant popularity.

Wegovy, an active drug containing Semaglutide, can cause a host of side effects, including an increased heart rate, due to the impact of electrical impulses on the muscle caused by this medication.

In the course of the clinical trials, the commonly utilized medication for weight-loss observed individuals losing 15 percent of their total body weight over a duration of 68 weeks.

Preexisting cardiac conditions such as heart disease or an irregular heartbeat could be worsened by an elevated heart rate.

Dr. Shauna Levy, an assistant professor of bariatric surgery at Tulane University in New Orleans, who sits on the American Board of Obesity Medicine, did not rule out the possibility that Marie Lisa’s death could be a contributing factor, even if it was unlikely.

Regarding cardiac results, she remarked: ‘It’s merely a one to two beat elevation, thus it shouldn’t significantly influence Wegovy’s impact on heart rate.’

There is still a lot that doctors do not know about how opioids, including other drugs that interact with it, may cause weight loss, as Wegovy was recently approved by the FDA.

Dr. Levy said that there is no interaction between Wegovy and opioids, as long as someone takes the correct amounts of each medication and follows their doctor’s advice. Therefore, there should be no issues in taking the medications together.

The cause of Marie’s Lisa’s death is still to be determined, as tests for toxicology are being carried out to ascertain whether there was an accidental or intentional overdose, despite the delay in conducting the autopsy.

Lockwood Michael, her ex-husband, was feared to have relapsed, but she believed that he has been sober in recent years.

To help her overcome drug addiction, her mother enrolled her in The Castle, a Scientology facility located in Hollywood. However, as a teenager, she resisted and continued to use drugs from the ages of 13 to 17.

‘I did everything except mushrooms and heroin or crack,’ she stated.

‘Cocaine, tranquilizers, marijuana, and alcohol — all simultaneously… I don’t know how I survived it.

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I woke up on the floor with a group of people on day one. Now, someone said to help me… ‘Now.’ I drove myself to the Church of Scientology for assistance.

For a period, it was effective, and Lisa Marie claimed she was free from drugs starting at the age of 17.

At the age of 27, Riley Keough, the sister of actress Riley Keough and the daughter of actor Danny Keough, married her second husband Benjamin Jackson, after a six-year union.

He had suffered from severe burns due to an incident that occurred in 1984 while filming a Pepsi commercial. This incident was followed by a decade-long struggle with opioid addiction. By the time of their wedding in 1994, he had already experienced these challenges.

In the foreword to Harry Nelson’s 2015 book, Marie Lisa revealed for the first time the extent to which addictions own her, liberating a nation in pain through prescription opioids in the United States.

‘You may read this and wonder how, after losing loved ones, I also became a victim of opioids,’ she wrote.

The doctor prescribed opioids for pain when I was recovering after giving birth to my daughters Harper, Finley, and Vivienne in 2008, as she explained.

‘It only took a brief prescription of opioids during my hospital stay for me to feel the urge to continue taking them.’

Lisa Marie stated: ‘I had never publicly discussed my personal dependency on opioids and pain relievers.

‘I was uncertain if I was prepared to disclose on such an intimate subject.’

In her 2015 book, she mentioned encountering a ‘challenging journey’ during her healing process.

It is time for us to bid farewell to the feeling of shame regarding addiction.

‘Throughout the United States and globally, individuals are losing their lives in staggering amounts due to opioid and other substance abuse overdoses.

Many additional individuals are silently experiencing suffering, dependent on opioids and various other substances.

‘I am composing this with the expectation that I can contribute a minor role in directing attention to this dreadful emergency.’

Lisa Marie mentioned her kids – her twins with Lockwood, along with Riley and Benjamin Keough.

‘The numerous parents who have lost children to opioids and other substances,’ she penned, which made her reflect on my four children, who provided me with the motivation to recover, as I compose this.’

She concluded by stating that despite the challenging circumstances, her four wonderful children have provided her with a meaningful reason to continue and she feels particularly thankful and appreciative to be alive today.

The extent of her issue was revealed during her difficult 2016 divorce from Lockwood, following ten years of marriage.

In a 2017 testimony, which was acquired by Radar Online, she confessed to misusing cocaine, opioids, painkillers, and alcohol.

She mentioned that she had to go to rehab several times in the last three years, spending approximately five and three separate occasions at a Mexican treatment facility.

‘I was a disaster. I couldn’t cease.’

Lisa Marie stated that her dependency reached its highest point as their marriage concluded in 2016.

“According to the court documents, she stated that during the final year of our marriage, I was heavily using cocaine.”

When asked about the intensity of her drug usage, she responded, ‘It was severe, indeed.’

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She stated: ‘I didn’t combine the medication and alcohol until, approximately, the final two years.’

Meanwhile, Priscilla Presley, the granddaughter of Marie Lisa and daughter of Riley Keough, was forced out as a trustee, alleging that her signature was inconsistent and presenting court documents that pit her against Keough.

Priscilla filed legal documents to set aside an amendment in 2010 to Marie’s trust, which replaces Keough Ben and Riley with her late daughter’s former business manager Barry Siegel and eliminates her grandchildren as trustees.

In 2020, Ben Keough committed suicide, which left Priscilla’s hopes of making this amendment to Marie’s estate invalid. Lisa would be the sole trustee.

‘Lisa Marie’s signature, which typically remains consistent, seems to deviate from her usual and customary style. Moreover, the document contains an error in the spelling of Priscilla’s name. Additionally, the date specified on the document raises suspicions as it is questionable. Priscilla has expressed doubts regarding the validity and authenticity of the amendment, arguing that she never received it.’

On January 29, 1993, Lisa Marie established a changeable living trust, which she modified and fully replaced on January 27, 2010.

Barry Siegel, the former business manager of Lisa Marie Presley, was appointed as the co-Trustee alongside her mother, Marie Lisa Presley, effective as of the 2010 restatement filing date in court.

After the death or incapacity of Presley’s Marie Lisa, Siegel Barry and Petitioner will serve as co-Trustees, as stated in the 2010 restatement that provides additional clarification.

Siegel had prioritized his personal financial concerns over hers, as the daughter of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll asserted that Siegel and Lisa Marie became embroiled in a substantial legal dispute in 2018. Subsequently, she severed all connections with Siegel.

According to Priscilla’s recent submissions, it was revealed on March 11, 2016 that there was a document which had been modified following the passing of Lisa Marie.

The court documents state that upon the death or incapacity of Marie Lisa, Benjamin (also known as Benjamin) and Riley (also known as Riley), who are the co-Trustees of the Marie Lisa Trust, will serve as the successors. Presley’s daughter, Marie Lisa, is currently the Trustee, and the successors and current Trustees of the Marie Lisa Trust are Presley Marie Lisa and Barry. [Priscilla] Petitioner was replaced and removed by the purported Amendment of 2016.

‘There are numerous concerns regarding the genuineness and legitimacy of the Alleged 2016 Amendment.’

Financial difficulties and legal battles regarding finances characterized a turbulent financial journey, encompassing a rock-and-roll heritage, bequeathed by Lisa Marie Presley, the sole offspring of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, who passed away on January 12 at the age of 54.

Upon her passing, certain celebrity websites even speculated that she might have possessed a detrimental financial standing, whereas Lisa Marie, a singer-songwriter akin to her father, lacked the wealth necessary to secure a spot on the Forbes roster of highest-earning performers.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a representative from Graceland stated that Lisa Marie still possesses Graceland, the estate of Elvis Presley, which is presently a popular tourist destination, via a trust, and it will eventually pass down to her offspring.

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In 2018, when the detailed glimpse of her financial situation emerged, Siegel sued her, claiming that he had mismanaged her finances resulting in a dwindling trust fund of $14,000,000 by 2016.

According to Reuters, the lawsuit also alleged that Lisa Marie had accumulated $500,000 in credit card liabilities.

Beginning in 2005, Lisa Marie experienced an ’11-year journey to financial devastation,’ as stated in the lawsuit.

Lisa has incurred an amount of damage that has not yet been fully ascertained, but is believed to be in excess of $100 million.

The lawsuit came after her separation from musician Michael Lockwood was completed in 2021.

According to TMZ, Lisa Marie asserted that she was in a financial hole of $16 million, primarily due to outstanding tax payments arising from the divorce process.

CKX, an entertainment company that also possessed the ‘American Idol’ TV program, transferred an 85 percent interest in the Elvis Presley Estate (EPE) to Priscilla, attributing the primary reason for her monetary difficulties to a deal made in 2005.

During that period, the Associated Press stated that she was given $50 million in addition to shares in CKX, ownership of Graceland, and the maintenance of a 15 percent stake in EPE.

Apollo Global Management later acquired CKX for a sum of $509 million.

Utilizing the trust’s funds, Siegel purchased a $9 million British residence, asserting that Lisa Marie’s lawsuit alleged that he prioritized his personal financial concerns over hers.

According to Reuters, Siegel responded in his own legal action by alleging that Lisa Marie’s financial difficulties were a result of her own errors and asserted that she had wasted her inheritance on two separate occasions, attributing it to her lavish spending habits. Meanwhile.

Lisa Marie’s ownership of 15 percent in EPE still generates a consistent income, and despite her father’s passing when she was nine, she remains the exclusive proprietor of Graceland.

Last year, Lisa Marie stated that she made almost $104,000 per month from ‘Elvis Enterprises.’

The lawsuit against Siegel continued for years.

Prior to 2016, she was requested to solely surrender her financial records and was given approval by a judge to halt the issuance of subpoenas for her financial records after achieving a minor triumph in 2019.

The case was still unresolved as of 2021.

‘Lockwood, on the other hand, can enjoy a lifestyle that aligns with my current marital status of living, while he requested $263,000 per year from her back in 2016, at the time of their initial separation.’

He also requested $40,000 per month in financial assistance for the child.

The couple had a pre-marital agreement, but he argued that he received poor guidance from his attorneys.

Therefore, she did not have the means to support him, and she had managed to avoid paying for years. In 2021, Lockwood went to court to demand child support, but the case was settled in her favor in 2018.

The documentary movie about Elvis and her publishing agreement valued at $1 million, claiming that she possessed a substantial amount of wealth, he demanded that she ultimately resolve her financial obligation.

The matter was still unresolved at the time of her passing.

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