Liam Payne Spent 100 Days in Rehab Following Backlash to One Direction Comments: ‘I Was in Bad Shape’

It was revealed in a recent YouTube video that one of the incidents that led him to check into a program for sobriety treatment was a wake-up call for the singer. This call followed some loaded comments about his former bandmates, specifically Zayn Malik, that he unleashed on Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive. The backlash that Payne Liam set fire to on Twitter last year around this time went when he was on fire.

“It appeared quite arrogant, didn’t it?” He expressed in the 8-minute video. “Even Zayn, too, which is why I did send him a small thank you online. The rest of the boys truly supported me when I needed them the most, they sort of came to my rescue. One of the most significant comments I made was regarding the One Direction situation … And a lot of self-defense, I suppose, in that moment, more than anything. Clearly, I want to apologize for that, initially, because that’s definitely not who I am,” My own frustrations with my own career and where I somewhat ended up, I criticized everyone else which is incorrect.

In September, he started teasing a new album and tour in the southern part of America. He hit a hundred days of sobriety in May, which he celebrated by playing shows. He didn’t realize he had any hobbies until he started drawing while in treatment. He also revealed in a video that songwriting and poetry have been consistent artistic outlets for him. In September 2021, his most recent release was “Sunshine” from Disney’s Pixar film, “Wrong, Gone Ron.” Since then, he has shared a few non-project-related singles. He released his debut solo album, LP1, towards the end of 2019.

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At the beginning of the video, he acknowledged that he didn’t recognize himself anymore and needed a little time to take a step back. He also added that he became someone who reacts negatively to comments from fans, but he recognizes that it’s his fault. He humbly admitted that the whole experience has made him realize that he needed to put a stop to it and be more happy with his work and life. He mentioned that he was really happy until he reached a point where his life was in bad shape and he felt like he needed to get a better handle on everything and gain more control. He emphasized that everything was slipping away from him and he needed to regain control of his life.

I have a better understanding of, I somewhat possess. Somewhat escaping from me, everything that was. Now, I feel like I have a better grasp on life. The things that came from deep love are obviously the most important, and I don’t think I really realized this until now. There is no point in trying to teach you anything if you haven’t learned anything, even though your dad tried to teach you when you were six. He didn’t feel like he reached a point where he could share more with his fans, it was just something he wanted to show them.

After completing his first treatment and embarking on his first headlining tour, he will definitely not need the party anymore,” he said. “It’s good to be in this position,” he added. Payne said that he hopes his sobriety will not be affected when he hits the road later this year, and he also mentioned his plans to start making more content on social media.

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He explained, “I am actually in a privileged position right now, where I want to make use of it. What do I actually want to say to you guys? I am the one who likes making music, because I liked finding out what it is that I love about it by going back to its roots. I absolutely love making music and I love my life, so I’m not ungrateful and I kind of got into this position. The whole thing was just a scramble up to that point. I kind of had to go away to get better. I have had a lot of time to recollect those moments.”

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