Las Vegas UFO mystery: Police put up surveillance cameras at house where ‘aliens landed’

Even the skeptical ex-cop who broke the story of the mysterious object that allegedly fell from the skies above Las Vegas just after midnight on May 1st, in an interview with the family who claimed to see tall alien creatures, is absolutely sure it’s a hoax.

Following the occurrence, the LVMPD set up video monitoring devices outside the residence, and Doug Poppa is perplexed as to why the Homeland Security agency took this action.

On May 1, authorities had received a complaint about extraterrestrial beings, as initially disclosed by Las Vegas podcaster Poppa, who typically concentrates on misconduct within the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and covered multiple incidents relating to the Mandalay Hotel mass shooting, which occurred on May 18.

This is the surveillance system installed by police at the home where a 911 call revealed claims of an alien landing.
This is the surveillance system installed by police at the home where a 911 call revealed claims of an alien landing.
Doug Poppa
Bodycam footage of alien 911 call
Footage of police arriving at the house where a 911 call reported two alien creatures has turned the incident into an international phenomenon.
8 News NOW Las Vegas

Although he doesn’t really believe in UFOs, he felt that the family was somewhat credible. He interviewed the family twice, then he told the person in The Post.

During his second visit to their home, the family noticed that the surveillance cameras, which the police had supposedly installed, were there to protect them from the alleged UFO nuts that might bother them and come to address their concerns.

“Poppa informed The Post,” the mother disclosed to me, “they arrived at the location and installed the cameras, allegedly with the purpose of safeguarding the family from individuals who might approach them regarding the unidentified flying object.”

Can I tell you now? They certainly wouldn’t call someone for a UFO report in a situation like that – and they wouldn’t put expensive video equipment up and come out, like the Cops.

Two days later, after it was obtained by a small outfit called Blue Vegas Media, a local news station in Channel 8 Vegas released a report on their property that caught global attention. The report, titled “100% Not Human,” showcased footage from a body-cam of the LVMPD, showing a suspected UFO soaring across the night sky before the family called it in.

Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez, 16, has given his version of what happened on his new YouTube channel, claiming: “It was a gray, greenish color…. He had weird looking feet and a big face and eyes and a big mouth.”
YouTube/ Alien Society51
Two non-human entities were seen on a Las Vegas property, witnesses claim.
Two non-human entities were seen on this Las Vegas property, witnesses claim.

According to the American Meteor Society, the flash of the object was observed in both Utah and California, and a camera belonging to a police officer in Vegas captured the object around 11:50 p.M. On April 30th.

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A member of the Gomez family made a chilling 911 call approximately 39 minutes after he saw an object fall from the sky and two unknown entities in their backyard, saying that.

Do we hear footsteps similar to a group of people near us? We felt a surge of energy and it felt like a significant impact when it hit the ground. It was accompanied by lights and it appeared in our peripheral vision as we looked up at the sky.

The caller informed the 911 dispatcher, “There is a massive piece of machinery, and we observe an individual who stands at approximately eight feet in height next to it, with another person inside. Furthermore, this machinery possesses large eyes and is fixated on our presence.” The caller proceeded to describe the entities as being exceptionally sizable, measuring around eight, nine, and ten feet in height.

“And they’re not human. One-hundred percent, they’re not of human origin,” the caller adds.

Doug Poppa
Doug Poppa has interviewed the Gomez family twice in person and says he finds them credible. But, he says, it is the police installing surveillance cameras which gives the mystery a new dimension.
Truth and Consequences with Doug Poppa/ Facebook

Angel Gomez, a 16-year-old, recently utilized Youtube to provide his own account of the events that occurred last week. He presented a video capturing the rapid movement of an unidentified object across the sky, along with another video featuring the audible evidence of a thudding or crashing sound. According to Angel Gomez and his brother, they witnessed a hazy entity descending from the heavens, followed by the appearance of two towering beings, during their time in the backyard of their residence, where they were engaged in the task of repairing a vehicle.

He said that his family, who were speaking Spanish, witnessed a crash in their backyard and he also included an account of what they saw.

However, just a few moments later, they caught sight of something – Gomez mentioned that they were unable to discern the nature of the item that he alleges collided in the backyard.

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Gomez said, “It was a long and skinny creature, very tall.” When I looked at it, my body froze and my eyes were fixated on it. It had a greenish-gray color. It had a big mouth, big eyes, and a big face. Its feet looked strange.

Poppa mentioned that he talked to a neighbor who also heard a loud bang around the time the incident was reported.

Responding units were as apprehensive as witnesses.
The Las Vegas police log shows how dispatchers recorded details of the incident.

On Tuesday, The Post pointed out to a LVMPD media spokesman that Deputy Chief Sasha Larkin manages a Homeland Security division mentioned on the LVMPD website, despite the spokesman’s initial denial of its existence.

The statement regarding the surveillance cameras, which has not yet been emailed to The Post, is being prepared by the spokesman, who subsequently mentioned that.

The family claimed that two detectives came to their home after two officers initially responded, and another two cops visited later. The retired Las Vegas officer, Marc Berry, who is assisting with the investigation, did not respond to questions about why he told the NewsNation cable channel that only one cop made the visit on Monday.

One of the officers who initially responded to the family’s call heard on the bodycam footage that another officer had seen something in the sky that matched the description given by the family. He took their claims seriously and provided the family with the initial police response.

Las Vegas alien incident
The footage shows the family describing what they say then Angel Gomez pointing police to where he says he and his brother saw two apparent alien creatures after a light fell from the sky.
8 News NOW Las Vegas
Las Vegas alien landing
The family claimed that a perfect circle left in gravel in their yard was evidence of the landing.

However, once the video became popular online, additional extravagant assertions obscured the true events that might have occurred.

Reuters reported that a video on Monday debunked the digitally edited May 1 incident of a legitimate audio news report, transforming it into the likeness of an alien-like creature.

John Greenewald, 42, who runs the Black Vault archive and has been investigating what are now called unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), said he doesn’t know if it is true or not that the family in Vegas claimed to have witnessed something on May 1.

David Grusch, a former intelligence official and Air Force veteran, said that the viral story last week nicely coincided with his claim that the US government has been collecting intact extraterrestrial craft as part of a decades-long alleged secret UFO retrieval program.

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“Regrettably, all of this detracts from authentic research,” Greenewald informed The Post on Tuesday.

Greenewald stated, “While attention is deserved, the other stuff is simply boring.” The media tends to sensationalize stories about reverse engineering and alien bodies, but the reality of these is often less exciting and lacks provable evidence.

Greenewald asserted, “There exists well-documented evidence of substances dating back over 70 years that is connected to what the Army formerly referred to as flying saucers.” Currently, there are documented occurrences where unidentified phenomena are observed to be surpassing the speed of all recognized aircraft.

David Grusch
David Grusch is the Air Force veteran who claims that he has turned over evidence of a covert program run by the government to collect “non-human origin technical vehicles.”

The Air Force veteran’s story was initially reported in The Debrief on June 5 by Ralph Blumenthal, a former reporter for The New York Times, and Leslie Kean, a freelance journalist.

As a component of a whistleblower complaint, Grusch, who is 36 years old, subsequently informed NewsNation that he provided “evidence” of the purported concealed initiative to Congress and the inspector general of the Intelligence Community.

Grusch said on Monday that the activities of the alleged secret program, known as “crashed or landed either have that vehicles origin exotic non-human, spacecraft it call will you if, vehicles technical origin non-human retrieving are these”.

He also proposed that not only vehicles were discovered, stating that “deceased pilots” had reportedly been found.

Greenewald recommends approaching everything with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Greenewald stated, “Therefore, you can interpret that as you wish.” The government has imposed a restriction on disclosing any unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) information under the Freedom of Information Act, except for the materials shared during the UAP hearings in the past two years. “The public at large desires to have faith in a period of openness, but the verifiable proof indicates the contrary,” Greenewald added.

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