Know Your Meme Origins: “All the Things”

I would consult any intrepid reporter who likes to have beers with friends, and I had the idea where the trend “all the Girls” came from. In this case, I thought Chatel was reaching. Now, as a relatively young person, I enjoy blaming Lena Dunham for things that are UGH-worthy.

I asked, “or something similar? Or “read everything” or “do everything” to individuals who are familiar with you?” They were indeed familiar. The phrase “saturation Internet full reached” has reached a point where it’s at this stage.

“I questioned them, ‘Where does that originate?'” They were unaware. One of them suggested, “Speak to Patrick.” “I believe I recall him providing a justification,”

Therefore, I inquired Patrick, who did, indeed, possess an explanation. It entails the Halo video games.

In 2004, I believe, the meme has gained notable popularity for its blind enthusiasm and catchy cadence. However, it quickly fades away, but one of his most memorable lines is when he says, “Do I want to eat all the blue food.” He is projected as a gluttonous childlike character. In one of the scenes where the characters meet their own projections, there is a sort of a blue-themed scene.

It almost seems unlikely that a web comic from 2010 would be a line from a 2013 Internet meme, but I must applaud Patrick’s memory.

Allie Brosh, a graphic narrator, maintains a blog named Hyperbole and a Half. Within this online platform, she skillfully portrays her battles with melancholy and maturity in a manner that is both touching and hilariously amusing.

Summarizing the post doesn’t fully capture its essence, therefore it is advisable for you to read or reread it. In a post from June 2010 (“This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult”), Brosh’s illustrated alter-ego makes a firm commitment to “visit the darn bank like a responsible adult” and “tidy up everything!”

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A few years ago, for a few weeks, this post, no matter what it meant to “go viral,” was being shared by someone new on Facebook every day.

I didn’t notice it until quite suddenly, the internet lingo being ubiquitous. Occasionally, I’d see the phrase crop up in tweets, friends’ posts, or blog titles, and I’ve consistently been thinking, eating, and doing “all the things” since that time, which happens to be one of my best friends.

I always assumed the origins of this meme can be traced back to Brosh, and it started with Internet bloggers, freaks, and other sorts of people asking more questions. I began to wonder if I was wrong when I heard it being attributed to Halo and Girls, but I always assumed it to be a hyperbole and a half.

Attribution is owed to where I first discovered her book, and I must say, her blog was truly delightful. Brosh is undeniably hilarious, but it’s interesting how a meme can transition from being just a meme to becoming a significant part of popular culture over time, of course.

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