Kmart’s ‘ship my pants’ ad causes shockwaves and smiles

A new Kmart advertisement has been released to promote a complimentary shipping service, utilizing a clever linguistic technique. The online video features customers expressing their intention to “ship their pants” using Kmart’s delivery program, although it may sound like they are using a profane word that closely resembles ship.

Many users on social media gave kudos to the Chicago Draftfcb agency for creating an ad for Kmart that was deemed to have an edgy sense of humor, while some found it “vulgar” and “gross”.

Despite receiving negative comments, Kmart successfully achieved its goal of making millions of potential shoppers aware of its “Shop Your Way” program by offering free shipping when the desired product is not available in-store.

CNN’s HLN and other news networks reported on the controversial Kmart ad, which had nearly 10 million views on YouTube as of late Tuesday afternoon.

Bharati Ramji of Edison, N.J. leaves a Big Kmart store in Lawrenceville, N.J., in this file photo.

According to Barbara Lippert, the advertising columnist for Mediapost.Com, the advertisement is generating a lot of attention online.

“People are discussing it. People are writing about it,” she states. “It accomplished precisely what it was intended to achieve.”

According to Lippert, he emphasizes that one should never underestimate the influence “of a comical joke.” If the advertisement merely mentioned that Kmart offered free shipping as a component of this initiative, it wouldn’t generate the excitement it is currently experiencing.

“It’s humor that’s suitable for fourth-graders, but it still brings laughter,” she remarks.

Lippert states, “ship my pants” in humorous inflections, stating that it appeals to individuals of various age groups – ranging from children to middle-aged shoppers to seniors – thereby enhancing the online advertisement by incorporating a touch of widespread attractiveness.

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“It’s not demeaning anyone,” she states.

Kmart spokesperson Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler says the company is pleasantly surprised to see overwhelmingly positive responses. The irreverent ad will also be aired on some cable channels beginning next week.

In both the full-year and fourth quarter of Fiscal 2012, sales at the comparable store of Sears Holdings Corp., A unit of the retailer, declined by 3.7%. The new ad attempts to strengthen Kmart.

By Tuesday evening, the video also garnered around 35,000 “likes”. Other individuals on that platform distributed the video, which Kmart uploaded on its official Facebook page, reaching approximately 18,000 Facebook users.

“Excellent advertisement, captures your attention and brings a smile to your face. Well done,” expressed Facebook user Norbert R. Gabby.

However, Melissa Clark Edgington expressed on that Facebook page that she was “let down by the absence of personality” demonstrated by Kmart.

She expressed, “Desperate appears to be the perfect advertisement. Both expectations and business quality are equally low. If you choose to shoot a commercial that is inappropriate for my children to hear, then I believe it’s time to close your doors. However, I do understand that times are tough.”

“It is a lighthearted approach to a creative service proposition: purchase in the store and have it delivered to your home. We apologize if it seemed inconsiderate.” Kmart responded, along with a response from Kmart that stated “Hello Melissa — We understand you. That remark received 86 likes on Tuesday afternoon.”

Sean Farrelly, a Facebook user, commented on Kmart’s Facebook page and said that he gained 1,000 fans with this. He also mentioned that if you’ve offended one customer, you will gain 152 likes overall, but some customers will be upset and offended by the ad. Kmart acknowledges this and believes that they will still reap rewards in the long run.

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Even when Kmart, a big company, takes risks, it seems out of character that they do so with such a positive attention to detail.

According to Lippert, the humor in Kmart’s ad seems to be appreciated by most viewers. However, it can appear desperate, as it seems like a move to take their brand image out of the spotlight.

The retailer says that she still expects an increase in sales and adds that one-off runs just can’t. The business also makes sure to have great customer service and interesting merchandise to ensure that all other aspects of its consumer-friendly business are taken care of.

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