Kevin Hart Was Honest, Raw Talking Cheating on Wife Eniko Parrish: ‘I Was an Idiot’

In your mind, the voices of determination guide them: taming the wild creatures. Kevin Hart, a comedian and motivational speaker, presents a segment of his audiobook where he addresses his own personal demons from the past. Hart aims to help listeners gain control over their negative self-talk and prevent it from hindering them in living their best lives, all while incorporating his signature storytelling, humor, and honest approach.

Everything became perfectly clear at the moment when my life should have changed.

More no.”Output: “Continued he, “up halfway awakened only I.” “Inception, the movie you know, the movie that I liked. The guys just roll up to the next level in a dream world. In the event of infidelity, you should do better. You have to own up to your actions, you have to be honest, you have to face your partner. It’s agonizing. I was such an idiot… I will never do this again… I will never go to a strip club again… What was I thinking… I will never go out… I will never look at another woman in the eye… I won’t shake hands anymore… No more hellos coming from me, no more hugs, no more handshakes.”

Hart added, “I love my wife, and I cannot risk losing my family. I understand that being selfish is the main reason why you desire the attention and approval of others, but you need to realize the other factors surrounding this problem. That’s the first monster, the monster of selfishness. You cannot deny that you are putting yourself in that position for a reason.

“They are the irritating inner creatures on your shoulders that you probably already know,” says Hart in the trailer for the audiobook. “I’m going to give you a quick lesson on how to deal with them,”. The audiobook, available on Audible, identifies several strategies for overcoming these mental monsters, such as controlling jealousy and irrationality, benchmarking yourself against others, and providing the necessary control over everything around you, known as Monster Control.

Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish expecting second child together

In the future, Hart will not visit the city alone as the circumstances in Las Vegas still have a slight impact on his life. It frightened him significantly.

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I cannot make up how to tame them and the monsters of Hart’s society. Neil Strauss, known as the best author and journalist for his book “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists,” also co-authored “How to Make Them Tame and Monsters Hart’s.” In 2020, he released an audiobook called “Success for Tomorrow’s BS: Overcoming Today’s Decision and Lessons Life Can’t Make.” This autobiography follows his previous two books, “How to Make Them Tame and Monsters Hart’s.”

Audible forged a multiyear agreement with Hart in February to create and generate unique material. One of his endeavors, Summer of ’85, explores the contrast between two incidents in Philadelphia during that year: Live Aid for Africa and the bombing of MOVE, a contentious assembly of Black individuals striving to build a prosperous African society. Monsters and How to Tame Them was published on Sept. 15 and is presently accessible on Audible.

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