Jones Road Beauty Review.

I would like to try and place several different orders, and then try something else. (Wait!) What is the value of the Foundation that has been cough cough out of stock and backordered? This post has taken a longer time for me to finish, as there are soooo many products. I have received the most highly requested reviews from you, Jones Road, for all of the different beauty brands.

Bobbi Brown, a skilled makeup artist, has recently embarked on a new journey called Jones Road Beauty (and it’s focused on clean beauty!). She is exceptionally talented in her craft and requires no introduction. I have been a dedicated fan of her original product line for many years, even watching her Masterclass, so I was extremely thrilled to try her latest brand. As of 2016, she is no longer associated with Bobbi Brown cosmetics or its products. Now, her newest endeavor is Jones Road, which she introduced in 2020 (during the peak of the pandemic). This brand offers a versatile and inclusive range of cosmetics that aims to bridge the gap between skincare and makeup.

I have purchased all of these products with my own money, placing three different orders over several months. Overall, I am a fan! The shipping for this brand is pretty slow and the lip tint product came a bit damaged (which I tried). There are a few exceptions where I noted. Overall, I really like most of the products I tried.

BPA or EDTA, PEGs, petroleum, sulfates, and phythates are not included in the formula of every product that I like. I, Road Jones, always want to make sure that the products I use are also good for myself. I spend just a little bit of time, like five minutes, putting on makeup on my face (although it would take me twenty minutes for a fancy occasion) and I am not the type of girl who contours her face. The products are also easy to apply. The moisturizer, which felt really good on my face (really!), Was actually the first tinted foundation I have ever tried. The Foundation from Beauty Road Jones made me rethink how makeup should feel. The formulas melt into your skin and feel really good. This brand seems to be amazing for my very, very dry and mature skin, especially during this fall season. It has become my favorite thing about this brand.

Then, I am interested in experimenting with the eye cream. They have all secured positions in my rotation. Additionally, I am quite fond of the shimmer wash and the eyebrow pencil. Among the items I tested, the What the Foundation, Just a Sec, Mascara, and the Shimmer Face Oil are absolutely remarkable – they have become my new favorites. So, here is the ultimate conclusion! However, it is important to note that some individuals prefer a brief overview. I will delve into each product I tested in the following section.

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Jones Road Beauty Review

Jones Road Cosmetics

What the Foundation

(I am extremely concerned that it will be sold out again?) When it became available again, I also purchased the beige shade for when my summer tan fades. I appreciate it so much that there is an option for every skin tone. This is an exceptional product and it’s ideal for individuals with dry skin and mature skin as it provides incredible hydration. The medium shade is perfect. Therefore, I decided to order it in medium (although I thought it might be too dark, but perhaps it would work with a tan, and if not, I could still get a sense of the product?). During that time, it was out of stock in numerous shades. It was actually Bobbi’s response that convinced me to try the product: a foundation with lower coverage that is highly moisturizing and aims to achieve a natural, no-makeup look. (Bobbi’s response was exceptionally impressive). I became very intrigued by this product after witnessing all the TikTok controversy.

You don’t need to do a lot and jar the last pretty long time. I am obsessed with building slowly and brushing foundation, Inc Rose. I have a tutorial on my Instagram where I dip and like to highlight, but I also like it. It is really buildable, so you can just layer a bit more in areas where you want more coverage. This has more coverage than a tinted skin but less coverage than a lower foundation.

The Facial Pencil

Intelligent, intelligent. My travel camouflage is now it. As a fluid, it does not tally for travel. A reader also pointed out that it is excellent for travel as it does not tally as a fluid. Jones Road’s products are all this manner, making the line a fantasy for dehydrated skin. It’s highly velvety and feels pleasant on your skin. It conceals gloomy circles and doesn’t sink into the delicate lines there, so it accomplishes a remarkable job with undereyes. But I do believe it accomplishes a remarkable job with undereyes as it conceals gloomy circles and doesn’t sink into the delicate lines there. I appreciated it (particularly for undereye) but didn’t adore it. I purchased this in 10 Light Med- Neutral Undertones.

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Chilled Shine

I frequently grab a variety of lip balms and lip glosses. This particular one smells really good, with a refreshing minty scent. It’s non-sticky and has a nice texture. I don’t necessarily think it’s anything special, but sometimes I just want a clear gloss. It’s just a simple, shiny, and pretty gloss, which I happen to like.

The Top-rated Pencil

It’s not particularly attractive, but I don’t like it because it’s too salty. Maybe I’m just not feeling special anymore with this drugstore eyeliner. I neither loved nor hated it. (For something fun) I purchased the silver and navy blue. This pencil is satisfactory.

Magical Ointment

Using my fingertips, I apply this as a blush and on my lips; it’s a peachy coral with subtle specks of gold, the new Miami Beach, my second preferred shade. It truly gives the impression that you are on vacation. It is excellent when used with a brush (as demonstrated on the website), rather than using your fingers. I strongly support this notion. Apply it with THIS brush. “Magic Hour” is my preferred shade. The tinted moisture balm is like a radiant, enchanting Instagram filter when applied with a brush. I have included my original impressions below, but I was mistaken!!!! Friends, I have made updates.

Initial impression: This product left my face feeling grainy and a bit greasy, which I did not enjoy. Maybe I received a bad one or I should have tried a different color, but I ordered the “Naturel” Au in it. It’s packed with hydrating oils, so it should feel nice and I should love it. From what I can tell, this is the brand’s most loved product, but I don’t understand the hype. Honestly, this product did not work for me.

The Eyebrow Pencil

I enjoy this product. My eyebrows become quite faint, but the contrast between the before and after would be quite noticeable. It didn’t appear as if I had any makeup on and it blended in perfectly. It’s a truly excellent eyebrow pencil. I purchased this pencil in the shade Ash.

The Eyebrow Gel

I find Boy Brow disappointing and will avoid using it. I don’t understand the purpose of the brush. Applying it felt awkward due to the large wand. The clear version is acceptable, but I didn’t like the brow gel. I had high hopes for it, but I was disappointed by this aspect.

The Top Eye Shadow Option

I might like it more if they described the eyeliner as “the best”. I bought the champagne shadow powder to cream, but I was underwhelmed by how sheer and pretty the colors blended. I prefer “Just a Sec” products, but I’m not completely sure if this is actually the best eye shadow within the brand’s portfolio.

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Glowing Facial Oil

You can also use this as a highlighter, dabbing a bit on your collarbone, shoulders, and the shin bones for a subtle glow. This can also be used as a highlighter, dabbing a bit on your collarbone, shoulders, and the shin bones for an extra little glow. What foundation did you use under it to achieve that super dewy, radiant, and glowy look? It’s just shimmery enough. I really like this product, which I bought like the Midas touch.

Just a Moment

You can use your fingers to tap on and blend this really pretty eye shadow powder into a cream. I ordered the medium shimmery brown shade, Topaz, and I love it so much – it’s my second favorite product after the foundation. The maintenance for this product is also really low, which I really appreciate.

Shimmering Clean

The result is truly beautiful and delicate. I like to blend and apply it with a brush, maybe creating three dots on my eyelids. If you use more, you could achieve a molten look. This liquid eye shadow could be used in many different ways. It is extremely pretty. I bought this one in Gilded and I love the little sparkle of gold shimmer.

The Lip Stain

(Inverted sentences)(Coming soon, I will have a review on these!) If you’re in search of a good lip tint, my preferred one is from Saie. The optimal method of application (I have no intention of discarding them but wouldn’t repurchase) is to simply use a small amount with a lip brush and then blot. They do not adhere well, as the tints themselves tend to be messy and glide on the lips. It was a bit disheartening to discover a new lipstick with a smudged tip, but I did not bother contacting customer service since it still functioned perfectly. I was discouraged by the damaged Valencia Rose, but I actually ordered Valencia Orange and Pink Rose. These are definitely not worth it for me.

The Eyelash Enhancer

I am a huge admirer. This mascara is exceptional (perhaps my top choice at the moment). There is no smudging, clumping, or losing color. Undoubtedly the most impressive aspect: it enhances the length and volume of your lashes… And the mascara truly amazed me.

The Sun-Kissed Glow

I am truly, truly impressed by this bronzer. It is currently my favorite bronzer. The powder is super silky and it glides onto the skin effortlessly, never leaving it looking muddy or orange. The shade of tan is light, which is perfect for me. I also love using it as a dusty rose blush. I highly recommend the bronzer brush as well; it delivers the perfect application and it is extra fluffy. This is my longer review of the bronzer – by the way, postscript!

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