Jo Koy reveals where he stands with ex Chelsea Handler 1 year after breakup

Jo Koy has nothing but positive remarks about his former partner Chelsea Handler.

On Sunday, Six Page exclusively informed us that the opening night of “Here Lies Love” on Broadway was a beautiful affair, with the star and her friends in attendance. And we’re still aware that you were there too.

“And she’s currently engaged in wonderful endeavors. She’s excelling at the moment, so I have nothing but the utmost affection for her,” he expressed about their close to one-year partnership. “It was a splendid period,” he added.

The duo were long-standing friends before they started dating in the summer of 2021.

They ended their relationship in July 2022, with Handler announcing their intention to “pause” their romance.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler on a red carpet.
Jo Koy has nothing but positive remarks about his former partner Chelsea Handler.
NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

As a pair, they couldn’t reestablish their friendship unless he accepted responsibility for their downfall and admitted that she hadn’t communicated with Koy, who is 52 years old, for a considerable period of time. This occurred in December of last year, when the ex-host of “Chelsea Lately” was 48.

“She expressed on Brooke Shields’ “Now What?” Podcast that it was simply absurd, you understand? Similar to his account of the events, there needs to be a certain level of responsibility, I mean.”

Handler explained that their relationship had “devolved” over the course of 11 months, while Koy declined to explain what went wrong.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler on a boat.
Koy called Handler “a beautiful person” and said he has “nothing but the best love for her.”
Instagram/ Chelsea Handler

She expressed, “However, I was not prepared to take that course of action. Additionally, it seemed as though I would have to forsake my own identity, which might have been acceptable if I were in my early twenties or mid-twenties. There were simply certain actions that we were unable to find common ground on.”

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  • Prior to realizing that Koy was not the right match for her, the handler expressed, “I had to distance myself from a situation that I genuinely believed would last forever.”

    “Leaving him behind was one of the most challenging tasks I have ever had to accomplish.”

    Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler holding dogs.
    They were longtime friends before becoming a couple.
    Instagram/ Chelsea Handler

    Koy was present at the David Byrne/Slimboy Fat concert as one of its producers.

    The show is based on the life of Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines, and her husband, President Ferdinand Marcos, who overthrew the power of the People’s Revolution in 1986.

    The comedian, whose mother is from the Philippines, recalls his childhood in the Philippines during the corrupt Marcos regime.

    Jo Koy at Broadway opening of "Here Lies Love."
    Koy spoke to Page Six at the Broadway opening of “Here Lies Love,” which he co-produced.

    Sharing a captivating narrative, we have the opportunity to do so presently, and my mother’s relatives experienced an intriguing tale. Recalling a recollection in my mind, it was simply, you know, and at present, we find ourselves on Broadway, reminiscing about those moments. “I resided there during my childhood,” he informed us.

    Daniel Dae Kim and Natasha Rothwell, actors of “Insecure,” teamed up with other celebrities such as Spike Lee, who brought his two children, and Koy, who arrived with his 20-year-old son, Joseph.

    “Here Lies Love” is the inaugural Broadway musical to showcase a complete Filipino ensemble.

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