Jedi Fallen Order vs Jedi Survivor: What’s new about the sequel?

The BD-1 droid provides players with the opportunity to continue their adventure with Kestis Cal, and the game Survivor: Jedi Wars Star will take place five years after the first game, Fallen Order, as the sequel to the 2019 Star Wars game. Survivor: Jedi Wars Star is set to launch in the new year.

Have we been busy checking press releases and trailers to find out all the key differences between its predecessor, Survivor Jedi, and this new game? But what can be gleaned about this new game through all the storytelling and features, and the combat variations running through it?


The Order: Fallen was initially released on PS4 and Xbox One, but it can also be enjoyed on newer consoles such as PS5 and Series X/Series S since it has been ported to them. However, the release of the game on next-gen consoles occurred in 2019, before the release of the PS5 and Series X/Series S.

The potential viewership will be restricted since the newest Star Wars game has not been created for previous platforms such as the PS4 and Xbox One. Instead, the creators of Jedi Survivor, EA and Respawn Entertainment, have verified that it has been exclusively designed for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


This story seems to be the last of its kind, taking place five years after the previous game, and now Cal is a true Jedi, unlike the fallen Jedi survivor. As we have already mentioned, players will reprise the role of Cal Kestis.

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Cere Junda, similar to former teammates, and Bode Akuna, the hired soldier, along with new allies, will continue their efforts to hinder the Empire and evade its increasingly frequent assaults, Cal.

Cal and his droid in Jedi Survivor
Image Credit (EA)


Similar to Jedi Fallen Order, Jedi Survivor will be a narrative-focused single-player action game played from a third-person perspective.

In the trailer, we can see several enemy droids freely observing him as he takes a cross-guard stance and engages in battle. It appears that Cal can now wield a dual-lightsaber and the combat has evolved from what we have seen in the first game, as shown in the Survivor Jedi trailer.

EA has claimed that when it comes to suggesting playstyle, there will be a larger variety of sets that are more accessible, allowing players to have more agency in how they can take down enemies in Fallen Jedi.

Asserting that the game will “enhance the series’ dynamic battle mechanics in fresh and inventive manners,” Stig Asmussen, the Game Director of Jedi Survivor, affirms that this will ingeniously be supported by the cutting-edge technology on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Cal must acquire novel abilities and develop his bond with the Force to endure.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor screenshot
Image Credit (EA)

However, even though it is not clear yet, EA has claimed that the range of enemies in the previous game has expanded. Now, Cal will be able to wield a blaster to take down what EA has claimed, along with new lightsaber abilities and the Force.

Throughout the narrative, Cal acquires additional skills as you progress, whereas Jedi Survivor might offer a more expansive map and a less linear structure compared to Jedi Fallen Order. EA asserts that the sequel embraces a design influenced by Metroidvania games, implying that Cal will utilize grappling points and employ animals to navigate through the game’s various stages. The trailer also provides a glimpse of these features.

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In the narrative, we might witness their significant involvement, allowing players to assume the role of Bode. The preview exhibits a scene of them somersaulting over Cal’s back to assail adversaries, yet it remains uncertain whether players will have the opportunity to play as Bode. Bode Akuna will be accompanied by a fresh human ally in this installment, Cal. Additionally.

Initial Conclusion

While we can’t make any definitive claims about Survivor Jedi, it looks like it will expand on every fallen Jedi category in almost every order. Survivor Jedi seems to boast more varied gameplay – with the ability to ride animals around the map and a larger variety of combat options and weapons, along with new team members.

Since it is only available on the latest consoles, Survivor Jedi Order: Fallen Jedi is expected to look a lot better than its predecessor, thanks to technology like ray tracing features being a huge component.

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