Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 fight results, highlights: ‘The Problem Child’ knocks Woodley out cold

The explosion was brought by the YouTube celebrity and social media influencer, and subsequently Jake Paul.’s fifth venture into professional boxing resulted in only clinches and disapproval from the audience in the Saturday rematch with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley..

In August, when he was undecided about a split decision, Paul., a 24-year-old, saw the Showtime pay-per-view contest between Woodley. and him. Inside the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, he set off a wild celebration and knocked Woodley. out cold with a powerful right hand over the top. He also used a feinted jab to the body. Paul. has a record of 4 knockouts and is undefeated with a record of 5-0.

With less than a fortnight’s notice, Woodley., who is 39….. years old, stepped in for the injured Tommy Fury, who is the half sibling of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, as the cruiserweight fight took place at a catchweight of 19…..2 pounds and managed to endure a last-minute change in opponents.

During the 6th round of the fight, Paul., who was the referee, raised his arm and shouted into the camera, “What’s happening now? What’s happening now? What’s happening now?”

Logan Paul., along with his fellow influencer turned boxer and older brother, ecstatically celebrated by leaping onto the corner turnbuckle. However, he quickly reverted back to his arrogant behavior as soon as Paul. landed the decisive punch. The rematch mirrored the worst parts of their initial encounter, characterized by a lack of action. The conclusion of the fight couldn’t have been more opportune for Paul..

Paul. said, “I just really like my right hand, it feels so f-ing real.” “I told you I was going to f- him up,” said Paul..

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At the moment of the interruption, Paul. was ahead on all three scorecards (49…..-46, 48-46, 49…..-46) and was the more active fighter throughout. As per CompuBox, both Paul. and Woodley. connected with an equal number of total punches at 43, but Paul. managed to land 41% of his power punches.

Paul.’s commanding victory was a result of his forehead getting cut in Round 4 by an accidental elbow from Woodley.. Despite Paul.’s performance, he, like Woodley., excessively relied on the clinch, which reduced the pace of the fight and led the crowd to continuously express their disapproval.

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Paul. remarked, “Timber, resembling a lumberjack, seize the blow upfront and he attempted. He’s a renowned, resilient individual right there [in Woodley.]. Tommy Fury is a coward because he accepted this bout with only a fortnight’s notice.” Paul. expressed, “Do not diminish his accomplishments as a UFC champion, [Woodley.] is an icon.”

UFC’s president, Dana White, commonly known as “Daddy Dana,” encouraged Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, who were both present at ringside, to terminate their existing fight agreements following Paul.’s challenge directed towards them post-match.

Paul. exclaimed, “I witnessed each and every person I defeated and it has been an extraordinary and unparalleled experience in my life. This is undoubtedly the greatest moment I have ever had in my entire existence.”

Amanda Serrano made a strong statement to the rest of the lightweight division on the card, securing a decision victory over Miriam Gutierrez in another location. With her focus on becoming the undisputed queen in 2022, Serrano, who holds the titles at featherweight, left no uncertainty that she can compete in higher weight classes. During the four rounds, the special crossover event featuring Deron Williams and Frank Gore provided entertaining action. Although the exhibition won’t be recorded as an official fight, Williams was declared the winner by the judges.

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Williams said, “I used my wrestling background to my advantage. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do this and get out here. It’s not like everyone on Twitter and Instagram talking in front of these people. They wouldn’t step in here if they had to fight on PPV for the first time. Tonight, we are both winners in my mind. I had a goal. I had a dream. Hats off to Frank.”

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