Jake Paul stops Tyron Woodley with one-punch KO

Jake Paul’s ascent in the world of boxing isn’t showing any signs of stopping anytime soon – it might actually be just getting started.

Woodley delivered a massive right hand to Paul, causing him to face-plant and making contact on the cold canvas. The rematch on Saturday night turned out to be a lackluster fight, with Woodley knocking out former UFC champion Tyron in the sixth round at 2:12. Paul, who transitioned from a prizefighter to a YouTube star, was the one who got knocked out.

“This is as authentic as it f-ing gets, just like my dominant hand,” Paul stated after the victory.

Paul’s victory was spectacular, but it would have been even more impressive if he had knocked out his opponent Woodley, as there was a clause in Saturday’s bout stating that he would win an additional $500,000. Paul beat Woodley in their first fight via a split decision in his hometown of Cleveland on August 29th. The bout was contracted for 192 pounds over eight rounds.

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  • With only a fortnight’s notice, Woodley stepped in to take the place of Paul’s initial adversary, Tommy Fury, who is the stepbrother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. This substitution occurred after Tommy Fury had to withdraw because of a fractured rib and a chest infection.

    “Since Tommy Fury is an extraordinary individual,” Paul remarked about Woodley, “I admire his decision to accept this match with only a fortnight’s notice. This individual is truly remarkable.”

    Paul dealt with some adversity in the fight, getting a fairly big gash on his forehead with blood trickling down his face and over his right eye. It was a result of an errant elbow cut in the third round.

    Statistics on Punches

    PunchesPaulWoodleyTotal connected4343Total thrown170184Percentage25%23%Jabs connected184Jabs thrown10967Percentage17%6%Power connected2539Power thrown61117Percentage41%33%- Courtesy of CompuBox.

    In his postfight interview, Paul disparaged UFC stars Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz for leaving the arena when Woodley got knocked out.

    Paul, a former MMA champion and NBA veteran, has now ventured into the world of professional boxing, making his debut on January 24, 2020. He is promoting his card on Showtime, with Valuable Promotions as the distributing company. With over five knockouts in professional boxing, Paul has established himself as a prominent figure in the influencer and social media world, starting with YouTube and Vine.

    “I’ve defeated every individual that I’ve engaged in combat,” Paul stated.

    After suffering four consecutive defeats against elite fighters in the 170-pound division, Woodley, who is 39 years old, was released by the UFC in March. Hailing from Ferguson, Missouri, Woodley had held the UFC welterweight championship from 2016 to 2019 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest welterweights in the history of MMA. Woodley’s record now stands at 0-2.

    Read the complete summary from Marc Raimondi here ….

    Detailed analysis of each round:

    Round 6: Paul knocks out Woodley with a right punch to the head. Match finished!

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    Paul secured a 10-9 victory over Woodley, with Paul displaying a higher level of aggression. The fifth round witnessed numerous instances of clinching, comparable to the traffic congestion on the Long Island Expressway during peak hours prior to a holiday.

    Woodley 39-37. Woodley 10-9. However, Woodley may have accomplished more overall. Honestly, this round doesn’t seem to favor either fighter, Round 4.

    Woodley won the round with a score of 29-28. Woodley also won the round with a score of 10-9. The referee deemed that Paul’s forehead cut was caused by an unintentional elbow. Despite a lackluster performance, Woodley should have secured a victory in this round, especially considering the strong flurry of punches he delivered in the first minute. This is the third round.

    19-19. Woodley 10-9 more bit little a seemed Woodley but round the of shot best the land to appeared Paul: 2 Round

    Round 1: Close round with a lot of clinching. Felt like Paul – barely – was the more aggressive fighter. 10-9 Paul.


    Williams defeats Gore through a split decision

    Deron Williams, right, defeated Frank Gore with a four-round split decision. AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

    On Friday, the boxing match between former NBA All-Star guard Deron Williams and former NFL star running back Frank Gore was unexpectedly swapped by an exhibition organized by the Florida State Boxing Commission.

    Make no error, however: It was a genuine – and enjoyable – battle.

    Williams proved Gore wrong with a determined performance, dispelling the notion that NBA players are soft, as Williams stated during the prefight news conference on Thursday. Williams defeated Gore in a split decision (38-37, 37-38, 40-35).

    The professional boxing match, which was initially scheduled to take place on Friday, will not happen. The exhibition fight was ruled out by the commission. The bout was contested with 12-ounce gloves, and it lasted for four rounds, with the boxers weighing in at 215 pounds.

    Read the complete summary from Marc Raimondi here ….

    When he walked into the arena and entered the boxing ring, Frank Gore was introduced as a significant participant in a large battle-like fight. The crowd’s reaction was massive, with cheers erupting from the beginning of the fight.

    Statistics on Punches

    PunchesWilliamsGoreTotal connected4839Total thrown156166Percentage31%24%Jabs connected1311Jabs thrown6082Percentage22%13%Power connected3528Power thrown9684Percentage37%33%- Courtesy of CompuBox.

    Williams secured a split decision victory in that four-round exhibition match, displaying signs of fatigue from both himself and his heavyweight opponent. Although he appeared somewhat worn out, Williams fought valiantly, reminiscent of the impressive performances seen from one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, Frank Gore.

    In the fight between two guys, one of whom didn’t particularly seem skilled in boxing but wanted to fight well, it was the type of fight that seemed to be. In the middle of the second round, Gore pushed Williams into the ropes, forcing the referee to stop the action (seconds later).

    Paul Jake barely fought when Robinson said he could throw more connected punches. There were actual punches, but they might have helped if the gloves were heavier (12 ounces). Of course, the bar was very low for Robinson, but both Williams and Gore did better as NBAers. And it’s hard to jump into a boxing ring. Williams and Gore threw big punches. It was entertaining. Give them credit.

    Once again, this was a heavyweight fight in which punches were thrown wildly, resulting in a somewhat chaotic clinchfest. Surprisingly, the third round felt more like an actual boxing match, sparking some interest. At least the first round had some compelling moments. Oddly enough, this fight was different and intriguing, almost like a one-off event. However, there is a sense of reality to it as well.

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    After looking like two middle-aged guys heading toward the middle age, 38-year-old Gore and 37-year-old Williams enjoyed a couple of rounds of something fun that probably doesn’t need to happen many more times.

    Serrano overwhelms Gutierrez, arranges match with Taylor

    Amanda Serrano, right, defeated Miriam Gutierrez by unanimous decision in a lightweight bout. Amanda Westcott/Showtime

    Amanda Serrano ensured the groundwork for her future plans by defeating her final opponent of 2021, potentially paving the way for an ultimate showdown against the undefeated lightweight champion Katie Taylor. This victory on Saturday night allowed her to achieve her goals.

    Miriam Gutierrez was sent a clear message that she remains one of the best fighters in the world, after Serrano’s unanimous decision win over her in the lightweight division, with scores of 99-90, 99-91, and 100-90.

    Gutierrez was prepared to take on a 160-pound and 150-pound fighter, as she weighed far more than 135 pounds. She also sparred with fighters who weighed more than her. In order to prepare for the fight, she hired a nutritionist for the first time and moved up in weight by enduring her least favorite foods, such as carrots, while continually enjoying chocolate milkshakes.

    Read the complete summary from Michael Rothstein here ….

    She would really start to be more concerned about Gutierrez Miriam and take care of her end of it. Serrano All needed Serrano Amanda to handle her part before Taylor Katie knew about the fight. Now, it’s clear to close all. Postfight reaction:

    Statistics on Punches

    PunchesSerranoGutierrezTotal connected236129Total thrown667403Percentage35%32%Jabs connected276Jabs thrown208122Percentage13%5%Power connected209123Power thrown459281Percentage46%44%- Courtesy of CompuBox.

    With a dominant unanimous decision victory, Serrano Gutierrez can now focus solely on the possibility of facing Taylor in a bout that could be considered the best in the history-making, game-changing annals of women’s boxing.

    Madison Square Garden, the iconic hub of boxing, could witness it. ESPN also hinted at Taylor receiving something substantial – a lucrative payment in the seven-figure range, according to one of Serrano’s promoters, Jake Paul, he affirmed. They have expressed their desire to confront each other, as both fighters have stated.

    She demonstrated against Gutierrez that she might be the most devastating women’s boxer, continuously delivering punch after punch with a combination after combination, without any off button.

    In 2022, Serrano delivered a dominant performance on Saturday, inside an arena where the crowd cheered every move Rothstein made. However, Serrano has never faced a fighter quite like Taylor before.

    Paro narrowly defeats Alamo to maintain their undefeated record

    Paro won a very close fight, with a split decision of 95-94, 94-95, and 96-93. The fight showed their smart and crafty attacks, as they each made decisions to cleverly attack one another.

    The Australian boxer, who settled in the United States, may have also made his debut in Puerto Rico. He started the first round strong, capping it off with a powerful combination of a right straight and a left hook, resulting in an early knockdown of his opponent, Alamo, on January 1, 2020. Paro, who had a record of 1 win, 1 loss, and 20 knockouts, rallied back after a rough first round and knocked out his opponent, Paro, in the 13th round with a record of 0 wins and 22 losses.

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    In the next few rounds, Paro became a more aggressive fighter, setting up the match for the rest of him. It was not tight enough of a fight, but Alamo appeared to be stronger in the final two rounds.

    Rothstein, in his third year undefeated, managed to surpass the cap with an impressive CompuBox record. According to CompuBox, he displayed a striking power of 38% and successfully landed 19% of his total punches against Paro.

    Avila emerges victorious over Taylor in clash of MMA competitors

    In the sport of boxing, the scoring favored him on this occasion. Chris Avila expressed dissatisfaction with the verdict of the judges during his bout against Anthony Taylor in Bellator MMA last year.

    Avila triumphed over Taylor through a majority decision (78-74, 77-75, 76-76), enduring Taylor with greater productivity in the latter stages of an intense eight-round rivalry. Taylor serves as a practice companion for Jake Paul and also trains alongside Bellator featherweight champion A.J. McKee, who supported Taylor during the match. Avila has ties to Nate Diaz’s team.

    At the beginning and achieved success with difficult combinations, Taylor focused on attacking the opponent’s body. In a manner similar to Team Diaz, Avila began to gain momentum – around the middle of the fight, Taylor started to become fatigued. Avila targeted the body and continued into the fifth round, successfully executing some impressive combinations. Immediately after the break, he caused damage to Taylor with a powerful left hook. This pattern continued in the sixth and seventh rounds, with Avila showcasing more of his effective strategy.

    Taylor was able to survive to the end of the round. Avila had his best round in the eighth, with Taylor wobbling and a flurry of right-hand punches. Avila had his best round in the eighth, with Taylor wobbling and a flurry of right-hand punches, and Taylor was able to follow and fight back.

    Raimondi – MMA in 5-7 is a 32-year-old Taylor from Los Angeles, who fell to Tommy Fury via unanimous decision on August 29th, on the first card of the Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul fight. Taylor has dropped two straight in boxing (2-3). The 28-year-old from Stockton, California, who is 8-9 in MMA, picked up his first victory in professional boxing, defeating UFC veteran Avila (1-1) on a two-fight winning streak.

    Affection comes back with decisive victory

    The victory decision was unanimous, with scores of 78-74, 79-73, and 77-75 in favor of the leading combination. Love Oliveira Marcus knew throughout his eight-round cruiserweight fight that he brought constant pressure and combination after combination. Even before the scores were announced, Love J’Leon raised his hands in celebration.

    He needed to get close to win the fight and likely knock out Oliveira, but he survived in the fifth round by dropping him close to the ropes.

    In 2021, Oliveira, who had previously won both of his previous matches, ended a two-fight losing streak by defeating Rothstein, whom he had not been able to defeat in the previous year’s fight. Additionally, Oliveira also put an end to his successful streak by winning the bout against Love, which took place over two years.

    Estela prevails, secures unanimous decision

    Jeovanny Estela moved better from the opening bell and continuously put a small barrage on Chris Rollins, so it was no surprise that he won a unanimous decision in the four-round junior middleweight bout.

    Rothstein – Estela (6-0, 2 KO) from Orlando, Florida, emerged as the dominant fighter, seemingly close to knocking down Rollins (5-3-1, 4 KO) from Charlottesville, Virginia, several times throughout the match. However, Rollins, being the fighter with more expertise, managed to withstand each round.

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