It’s never been cheaper to get a ticket to Super Bowl 57

If you’ve never been to the biggest game in American sports, the Super Bowl 57, and you want to head to Kansas City to see the Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles this evening, you might actually find a deal or two if you’re within driving distance of Glendale, Arizona.

In Arizona, the secondary marketplace has begun to decline rapidly. Enthusiasts obtain them through the secondary marketplace, which is the prevailing method for fans to acquire game tickets. The venue might be able to secure entry at “affordable” prices, implying that fans can attend for a nominal value typically exceeding $1,000 per ticket. The secondary ticket market has experienced a rapid decrease.

We examine a few of the most recent pricing choices listed underneath.


If you click here first, you can get a 5.25% discount off the price of a resale ticket on the TopCashback portal. Make sure to click on the TM website before buying a ticket. Additionally, if you purchase any ticket through TM, you’ll also receive complimentary drinks and food on your way to the game. There is a processing fee of $2.95, which may not be a dealbreaker but is certainly offensive. Furthermore, there are additional fees attached to each ticket, totaling over $600. Currently, the worst seat in the house is priced at $3,200.


There is also a $4,400 discount for lower level seats. It hasn’t been this cheap to get tickets to a Super Bowl in a long time. When you add a 5.25% discount via TopCashback, the price starts at $3,637, down from $5,600 earlier this week. With TickPick, there are no annoying fees added to the price you see. The price you pay is all-included when you get to the payment checkout page.

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Only $4,500 for tickets located on the 20-yard-line. Furthermore, to alleviate some of the discomfort, you can utilize TopCashback to obtain a discount of up to 6%. The charges on StubHub are unfavorable, as they amount to $1,082 per seat for the ticket mentioned in this context. To enter the game, the cost is only $2,999 prior to fees. Previously, we were reduced from $5,000.

NFL at the Venue

You might almost consider it a bargain, as it includes hospitality with seats on the 50-yard line, just 29 rows up. The ticket is $5,000, but you don’t need to worry about that because drinks and food are free. Even the most expensive seats are included in the “Touchdown Club” hospitality. These seats, which were $5 just a few days ago, are now only $3,000 with fees of $750.


To avail an even greater reduction, make sure to utilize their promotional codes (SB300 for purchases exceeding $5000, SB600 for purchases exceeding $10,000). Following the conclusion of the championship games, lower-tier corner seats, priced at a mere $4,618, an amount that was nearly inconceivable, are also witnessing a surge in popularity. You can view their prices in actual time here, and the minimum price to enter is now merely $3,819, inclusive of all charges, at TicketIQ. At the beginning of this week, the cost of entry into the venue stood at $5000.

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