Is Nicholas Hamilton Gay? Read About Hamilton’s Relationship

Hamilton William Nicholas is an Australian actor who has a massive following on social media. Let’s delve into his history, dating life, and views on gender and reality.

In this article, we find information about the current relationship status of Nicholas Hamilton and his partner. Similarly, only a few celebrity couples have long-lasting relationships with the same partner. They quickly create a buzz on the internet with the details of their relationship. Celebrities often make headlines for their relationships and romantic connections.

Let’s delve into the scrolls to read about the life, love, and media personality of Hamilton without any delay. Let’s find out everything about his dating history and relationships. What is his true gender? Is he a gay artist? Who is his partner? Is he dating an Australian actor?

Nicholas William Hamilton confidently shares his personal information on various platforms and takes pride in his sexuality. He openly expresses his gender identity and embraces his queer identity, publicly coming out as gay in 2018.

An Australian actor cum singer, Nicholas Hamilton with his partner, Jackson
An Australian actor cum singer, Nicholas Hamilton, and his partner, JacksonIMAGE SOURCE: Instagram

Hamilton appears to be supportive of his gender identity, even to his friends and family. He prefers to spend time with his belongings and companions.

Is Nicholas William Hamilton in a Relationship? Who is His Significant Other?

They share a strong bond and a deep love with each other. Furthermore, they openly flaunt their love on every possible platform, like lovebirds. The duo celebrated their 1st anniversary in March 2022. William Nicholas Hamilton, a 22-year-old actor, is currently dating his partner Jackson, whom he was born in May 2000.

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Nicholas Hamilton and his partner, Jackson, in the woods.IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram

United and perpetually appearing well-suited, the adoring couple appears flawless. They relish joint getaways, where we can glimpse their charming photographs. Hamilton and his partner, Jackson, explore various destinations while embracing one another. Additionally.

A Brief Overview of His Previous Romantic Partnerships

The Australian performer appears to have only been in a romantic relationship with Jackson. Behind the scenes lie his undisclosed past relationships and dating experiences. In the past, it is uncertain whether or not the entertainer had a romantic involvement with a woman. Furthermore, there have been no reports linking him to anyone in the entertainment industry.

The man takes pleasure in the companionship of his friends and colleagues. Additionally, he has a strong connection with his friends and harbors no negative relationships with anyone. William Hamilton maintains a positive rapport with his colleagues.

A Regular Social Media User

On his Instagram account, Hamilton.Nicholas@username, you can see his videos and pictures. We can see his videos and pictures on his Instagram account. He has a huge fan following on social media accounts like TikTok and Instagram. The Dark Tower is well-known as a social media star.

An Australian actor, Nicholas Hamilton, shows his romance with his partner, Jackson.IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram

The actor has a TikTok account with the username @nichamilton, where he often shares videos depicting his professional and personal life. He has 1.6 million followers on TikTok, just like that.

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We can see lovely moments together as well as pictures of them kissing. In addition, Hamilton’s social media accounts are flooded with gorgeous pictures of Jackson flaunting his love for his partner in life.

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Breakdown of Nicholas Hamilton’s Net Worth

Hamilton quickly rose to fame in their career and is counted among those notable artists. As a musician, singer, and actor, they achieved great success in the entertainment industry, accumulating a substantial fortune. The It Chapter Two alum currently boasts a net worth of approximately $1 Million.

The Australian singer earns a good amount of money from his involvement in various functions and events, as well as his appearances in high-profile lifestyle shows, TV shows, movies, and albums. There is no doubt that this guy has enough money to maintain his high-profile lifestyle.

An Australian actor, Nicholas Hamilton, is a millionaireIMAGE SOURCE: Instagram

He has a massive following on TikTok and Instagram. Hamilton earns a decent amount from his strong presence on social media, in addition to his singing and acting career.

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The actor unquestionably adds a substantial sum to his reputation through commercials, brand sponsorships, and other sources.

Path to Stardom: Films and Television Programs

Nicholas spends his earnings on more luxury cars, branded clothes, and vacations. Additionally, in the upcoming days, he will add a larger sum to his name. Nicholas Young Pretty Hamilton, the singer who began working in the showbiz industry in 2013, is still actively involved in various projects.

The artist is recognized for his character Henry Bowers in the 2017 film. Furthermore, he portrayed the role of Ben in the TV series Mermaids Mako in the same year. He started his career in 2013 with the film Time shirt. According to his IMDb profile, the Australian musician has 21 acting credits.

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Hamilton has credits in TV shows and movies like More and Annabelle to Letter, Shadows Long, Streak The, Strangeland, Gifted, Fantastic Captain, Wanted, Tower Dark The, Two Chapter It, Endless, Victor Love, and Royale Action.

Nicholas Hamilton was photographed during his childhood.IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram

He also has a credit for the soundtrack of the film Captain Fantastic. His upcoming projects include Things Like Creepers, The Pittsburgh Pradeeps, and The Brave Dark.


The actor, who was born in New South Wales as previously stated, is also a singer and musician. Some of his singles credits include Different Year, noRoom, In Line, and Pretty Young. He is renowned for his music career in addition to his acting career.

In the upcoming days, Nicholas will achieve further triumph. Undoubtedly, Hamilton is comparatively youthful and observed to be devoted to his work and passion. The recipient of the Tropfest Short Film Award attained accomplishment with his album, Pretty Young.

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