Is Lenora Hills real? Stranger Things season 4 filming locations explained

In the latest installment of the highly anticipated Netflix sensation, Lenora Hills, the show’s new primary setting, serves as the primary filming location that required the Duffer Brothers to demonstrate their creativity. As a result, the group is separated unlike the majority of the first three seasons.

The new show, The High Hills, which was released on Netflix today (May 27), has fans in California wondering if it’s really set in a real place. Will and Johnathan, along with Eleven, are getting used to their new school.

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    Unfortunately, those hoping to find the real California in Lenora Hills will be disappointed. However, the minds of the Duffer Brothers have conjured up a similar setting in Hawkins, Indiana. To make matters worse, the gang in California didn’t even make the cut. Instead, scenes for Lenora Hills were shot in New Mexico.

    The filming locations for the 4th season of “Stranger Things” include Vilnius in Lithuania for scenes set in Russia, and Atlanta in Georgia for scenes set in Hawkins. It’s worth noting that the on-screen counterpart of the real-life Eldorado High School, which is located in Albuquerque, is used for filming purposes only and has a different name.

    Georgia instead of Indiana

    The iconic bike-riding scenes, along with the Wheeler, Henderson, and Sinclair houses, were filmed in the vicinity, near East Point, Georgia. The most recognizable scenes, depicting the suburbs where the kids reside, were filmed in the suburbs of Atlanta. Screen Rant states that Georgia is the filming location for all the scenes set in Indiana.

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    Then there are the scenes in the city center and library, which are filmed in Jackson, Georgia.

    Englund, the legendary actor known for his role as Victor Creel in the show Nightmare on Elm Street, also filmed a very important new movie named House Creel in Georgia, Rome, which takes place in the infamous Pennhurst Mental Hospital.

    The Claremont House, where the show is set, is not reported to be too well-maintained, unlike the pretty worn house. Before it was used for the show Stranger Things, it was a bed and breakfast and had been functioning for 16 years. The historic Claremont House is the first Victorian home built in 1882. The house is equally old in real life.

    Is Kamchatka an actual location?

    At the end of Season 3, it was revealed that he was actually taken to the Soviet Union – the clip showed people who spoke Russian and the snowy surroundings indicated that it was the Russians who took him, and he did not die.

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    Kamchatka is actually a place called. If people were wondering, it’s a real place, just like the Lenora Hills. In Russia, he revealed that it was actually taken to a place called Kamchatka in all four seasons.

    The scenes set in Russia are actually recorded in Lithuania. No. However, did they shoot in this place? The Kamchatka Peninsula is situated in the Russian Far East, which is on the opposite side of the Bering Strait from Alaska.

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