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  • To ensure a smooth arrival in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), it is necessary to obtain a visa prior to arrival, as failure to do so may result in immediate deportation, fines, and a requirement of having a valid passport with at least six months remaining.
  • Apply for a ten-year multiple entry visa, which allows repeated travel between mainland China and the administrative regions of Macau or Hong Kong.
  • If you plan to work in the PRC, make sure to obtain the correct visa. Working in the PRC without the appropriate visa may result in deportation, imprisonment, criminal charges, and detention. It is not permissible to work in the PRC on a tourist or student visa.
  • Leave the People’s Republic of China before the specified period of time ends and make sure you possess a valid visa to depart from the nation.
  • If you possess an arrest warrant in the United States, it is advisable not to travel to the People’s Republic of China.
  • Not having a visa, possessing an expired visa, or exceeding the duration of your visa will lead to imprisonment and/or penalties.

  • Depart from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) prior to seeking a visa extension from the nearby Entry-Exit Bureau. Submit your application in advance and refrain from anticipating any fast-tracking of your request.
  • Remaining in the People’s Republic of China with an expired visa can result in a penalty, confinement, and expulsion.
  • Visit the website of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States for up-to-date information on PRC’s nationality and immigration laws, as well as current visa information.
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    Traveling through China: The U.S. Department of State has no knowledge of any limitations on HIV/AIDS for tourists or foreign residents entering China. To obtain information on particular entry criteria for Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) or other restricted regions, consult with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America. If you enter a restricted area without the necessary permit, you may face penalties, detainment, and expulsion for unauthorized entry. Tourists visiting TAR must obtain special permits, typically arranged by a travel agency in China.

  • The People’s Republic of China prohibits visiting other cities, and this travel permit, known as “visa-free travel,” is only applicable to the city of arrival. If you do not possess a visa for the People’s Republic of China, you are permitted to stay in mainland China while transiting through specific international airports.
  • The length of permitted stay and how extensively you can travel differs depending on the region.
  • If you are transiting without a visa, you will need a valid passport with a remaining validity of at least six months from the ticket’s location to your onward destination (if applicable).
  • Before leaving the airport, it is necessary to notify your airline during check-in and obtain an endorsement stamp at the immigration counter.
  • For an updated list of airports that meet the requirements and more comprehensive instructions, please refer to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America.
  • Foreign travelers may be refused entry to the PRC by PRC border officials without prior notice or justification. In the event of being denied entry to the PRC, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates General are unable to provide assistance.
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    During Your Visit:

  • Failure to register your stay within 24 hours of arriving in the PRC may lead to fines and deportation. Either the local police station or the hotel staff can assist you with the registration process.
  • Local regulations mandate that foreigners must always have valid passports and PRC visas or residence permits with them.
  • The enforcement of entry and exit requirements is strict, just like the restrictions on activities permitted by each specific visa category.
  • Ensure that you have not exceeded your permitted time, as your visa may be inspected by law enforcement, school authorities, transportation personnel, and hotel employees. If you exceed the authorized duration of your visa, you may encounter refusal of services from hotels, airports, and train stations, as well as potential penalties and imprisonment.
  • The Chinese government typically does not grant permission for U.S. Government personnel to travel to the Tibet Autonomous Region, even for the purpose of offering consular aid, as the U.S. Government has restricted capacity to support individuals facing issues in that area.
  • Citizens of the United States who hold dual U.S.-PRC passports, such as citizenship and identity documents obtained from the PRC, may experience difficulty accessing benefits such as enrollment in public schools, treatment at public clinics and hospitals, or obtaining citizenship and identity documents from the PRC due to conflicting aspects of PRC nationality.

    To take your child to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), get in touch with the Embassy of the PRC in the United States for specific details on the required documents if your child is born in the United States. If your child is born in the PRC and you have or had a right to PRC citizenship, it is advisable to contact the local Public Security Bureau and/or Entry-Exit Bureau before leaving the PRC with your child to obtain travel documentation. Even if your child is issued a U.S. Passport at birth, PRC authorities generally consider a child born in the PRC to at least one PRC-national parent as a PRC citizen if you have or had a right to PRC citizenship and you are traveling to the PRC. Familiarize yourself with PRC nationality laws and procedures regarding the determination and loss of PRC citizenship if you are traveling to the PRC and you are a naturalized U.S. Citizen or have a potential claim to PRC citizenship.

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