Instagram post of rapper PnB Rock at Roscoe’s may have led to killing, LAPD chief says

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Police Chief, Michel Moore, stated that a gunman, who was involved in a struggle with a rapper before attempting to rob the Waffles & Chicken restaurant at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles, fatally shot PnB Rock.

Moore said that the police are currently investigating whether the rapper was attacked at the restaurant after being tagged online.

In a previously deleted Instagram post, Rock, who was 30 years old and went by the name Rakim Allen, had been present at the restaurant with his girlfriend, who had shared a photo with a location tag.

Moore stated that following a post on social media, someone who seemingly arrived at the place viciously assaulted him while he was present, relishing a casual meal with his family – alongside his girlfriend or some sort of companion.

According to sources, Rock specifically targeted his jewelry. The victim was asked to hand over items, and a suspect brandished a firearm in the restaurant, as reported by Police Capt. Kelly Muniz.

Muniz said that Rock was shot almost immediately by the attacker during the robbery.

“He shot the victim and ran out the side door to a getaway car and then fled the parking lot,” she said.

Muniz stated that the victim was transported to a medical facility and declared deceased at 1:59 p.M.

According to a law enforcement source, the Los Angeles Police Department investigators are analyzing security footage from within the establishment to identify the attacker, while also checking neighboring establishments to determine if their surveillance systems captured any visuals of the assailant either leaving on foot or in a vehicle.

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Investigators were examining evidence on Monday evening, Muniz stated. She refused to provide any information on what was recovered.

He was born in Philadelphia on December 9, 1991. The album “Take Care” defined Drake’s decade, and he told Paper magazine that he was inspired to make music after hearing it at the age of 19.

Evolution has made him a natural fit for hip-hop, blending his rapping abilities with Rock’s melodies. His single “2015” gained viral popularity, turning the Vine video into an anthem for women doing their appearances on fleek. He went on to collaborate with a bevy of artists, including Chance the Rapper and Ed Sheeran on “Cross Me.”

One of YFN Lucci’s biggest moments came in 2016 when the rapper from Atlanta joined forces with the artist for the song “Lit.” The song peaked at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it their highest-charting song and a victorious anthem for everyday life.

In 2017, he expressed to Paper Magazine, ‘I simply acquired impressive tunes. I am unable to provide you with Chris Brown crooning. I’m not reaching extremely high pitches and becoming excessively wild. Individuals cannot assert that I’m a rapper, but I don’t perceive myself as a vocalist either. It’s like, how do you categorize yourself when you still integrate rap into your music?'”

“Selfish” achieved its peak position at No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100. Rock unveiled his latest song, “Luv Me Again,” on September 2nd.

Roscoe’s released a statement on Monday expressing disbelief over the murder that occurred in its establishment.

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We are deeply saddened by the death of PnB Rock, also known as Hasheem Rakim Allen, an incredible artist in Los Angeles, as mentioned in the post on Instagram.

We will continue to prioritize the safety of our guests and employees by keeping our business as secure as possible. During this challenging time, our heartfelt condolences and thoughts go to the Allen family as they grieve the enormous loss of their loved one.

Rock’s demise occurs as authorities declare they are facing an increasing pattern of “follow home” thefts and other aggressive occurrences.

In February 2020, Jackson Barakah Bashar, a real name rapper from Brooklyn known as Smoke Pop, was killed during a home invasion in the Hollywood Hills.

Authorities believe social media posts, including one of a black gift bag tagged with his address, led the assailants to his location.

The number of homicides in the Southeast LAPD’s Community Police Station area, which covers the same period as last year’s September 3rd, has decreased from 35 to 34 this year.

The data also indicated a 25.2% rise in thefts during that timeframe, from 373 to 467.

In the Sept. 2 episode of “Off the Record with DJ Akademiks” podcast, Rock discussed previous attempts of robbery in Los Angeles.

The rap artist stated that he was out with his significant other and offspring on Fairfax Avenue amidst the “mid-pandemic” when people endeavored to pilfer from him.

Rock stated, “In the place I come from, we appreciate cunning wrongdoers. In Los Angeles… They are audacious.”

Rock and the presenter discussed how thefts aimed at hip-hop artists appeared to be growing more prevalent.

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Rock stated, “I have never experienced a robbery in my entire life.” “Although I am not superstitious, I have not fallen victim to robbery. I am hesitant to say it will never happen because I dislike using absolute terms.”

Akademiks stated, “I find Los Angeles eerie for a reason.” “It’s incredibly audacious. I’m watching numerous videos where they don’t even do it during nighttime. Perhaps during the night, but during daylight hours, that’s when they truly execute it,”.

Rock said that his oldest brother was killed, which suddenly changed the situation, making him more conscious and edgy.

Rock expressed, “Anyone has the potential to pass away…. I’ve been in the presence of individuals who have passed away. I have witnessed people losing their lives. It’s a genuine experience, which has deeply affected me and shaped who I am.”

Certain community advocates expressed astonishment regarding the homicide.

Skipp Townsend, an experienced gang mediator in Los Angeles, declared, “Taking material possessions such as a pricey timepiece is not as valuable as a person’s life. To emphasize this point, a more extensive plan needs to be implemented. I aspire to witness the community’s healing.”

He stated that the shooter had the potential to harm numerous individuals in the midday gathering.

Townsend expressed that apprehensions do not provide resolution for families. Detentions do not put an end to the aggression,” Townsend conveyed. “This incident occurred while he was in the midst of a meal, and that is genuinely sorrowful. We must devise an enduring plan that dissuades individuals from contemplating such actions.”

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