Inside the loving friendship of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell

Sadly, after the untimely loss of Cornell only two months ago, it now signifies the passing of four years since we bid farewell to the talented Linkin Park vocalist. If circumstances were different, Chester Bennington would still be blessing us with his wonderful company, and on this very day, Chris Cornell would be commemorating his 57th birthday. In an ideal world, July 20th would be a day filled with profound sorrow.

Bennington and Cornell are the two frontmen most admired in recent memory. Despite facing the same torturous battles that anyone can brutally attack, they still enriched the lives of millions with their music. Mental health doesn’t give a shit about how many zeroes extend in your bank balance or any materialistic object or drive your car. Nobody is free from its destructive wrath.

In 2005, when Nicholas asked Cornell to be his godfather, Bennington dutifully handed him the ultimate badge of friendship. During the band’s set, Linkin Park’s Bennington graciously returned the favor and jumped on stage to perform ‘Hunger Strike’ with Cornell. Each night during their 2008 tour, the favor was returned when Bennington jumped on stage with Cornell to perform ‘Hunger Strike’. This cemented their friendship, which was first formed in the mid-2000s, when Linkin Park was supporting Cornell on their Projekt Revolution tour. These two icons met and their minds led the way.

It is simply impossible to adequately capture the tangible connection that emanates from each and every performance they shared using only words. Even without becoming emotional, it remains challenging to view the footage from the previously mentioned 2008 tour, which now carries an added weight of sentiment following their deaths.

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On May 17th, 2017, the lives of Bennington and Cornell took a tragic turn, as they both faced a lonely and difficult journey. In a heartfelt open letter on social media, the lead singer of Linkin Park bravely expressed his immediate grief and paid tribute to Cornell, acknowledging the irreplaceable bond they shared.

Bennington penned with deep emotion, “and tears streamed down my face, my thoughts consumed by you.” We are filled with both gratitude and sadness as we have shared some incredibly special moments with your beautiful family. I am still overcome with grief and weeping. You have inspired me in countless ways that I could never fully express. Your talent was unmatched and truly extraordinary.

I send my love to my wife, children, friends, and family. I pray that you find peace in the next life. I can’t imagine a world without you in it. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. I send my love to your wife, children, friends, and family. I pray that you find peace in the next life. I can’t imagine a world without you in it. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. Your voice was a mixture of heartache and love, forgiveness and anger, pain and joy. I suppose we are all wrapped up in what’s inside. You helped me understand it. I suppose we are all wrapped up in what’s inside. You helped me understand it.

Bennington’s work obligations should have been put on hold, in retrospect. Following Cornell’s untimely death, Bennington had a scheduled appearance on Jimmy Kimmel with Linkin Park the very next day. As a tribute to their departed friend, he guided the band through a profoundly moving performance of the impactful track ‘One More Light’ that they performed. “Originally, we planned to start with ‘Heavy’,” Bennington shared with the audience. “However, considering the tragic loss of our beloved Chris Cornell, we decided to play our song, ‘One More Light’… We cherish you, Chris.”

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“Who gives importance when someone’s light fades away…Well, I do,” Bennington exclaimed at the conclusion of the song.

Bennington seemed like a perspective viewer’s friend, as he wanted to perform and honor his honor. However, even though the stage was his last place, he should have been there. In a remarkable display of courage and inner strength, Bennington plucked up the courage to pay tribute to Cornell, who was watching at home in front of millions.

After the performance, Chester spoke to Radio.Com about his appearance and mentioned that he couldn’t even make it through the song halfway. He choked up and couldn’t finish the song. He missed a couple of lines towards the end and just kind of stopped. The whole song was played on TV, either taped for a film or performed live.

“During an interview, he once said that his self-confidence was destroyed because he didn’t want to do things he was forced to do, and he ended up getting beaten. His entire adult life was plagued by problems stemming from the sexual abuse he suffered from an older male ‘friend’ until the age of 13. Even before Cornell’s memorial service, Bennington was struggling to fight against alcoholism. He somehow managed to deliver a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ with even more bravery, which earned him more recognition.”

Despite all the adoration and fame that came with it, Bennington had always had a hole in his life, and he confided in his close friend Ryan Shuck that he had been sober for six months, only to fall back into his old habits on the verge of his death. An autopsy report would later confirm that there were traces of alcohol in his system, and he had attempted to fill the void in his life with a drink, one month before his death.

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In 2003, Cornell had effectively achieved sobriety but had also faced challenges with substance problems throughout his lifetime. In 2016, unfortunately, he experienced a shoulder injury and a doctor recommended Ativan to him. He became dependent on the benzodiazepine medication, and his addictive inclinations resurfaced. Similarly, Cornell had also faced difficulties with substance problems for the majority of his life but had achieved sobriety in 2003.

The deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington are not related. Musicians who suffer from addiction problems need adequate care and support. However, it can be even more challenging for them to resist these deadly vices, especially in an industry where temptation is present at every corner. Besides, young bands are often paid in bar tabs when they are in the early stages of their careers, making alcohol more accessible than food.

Unbeknownst to many, addiction is a trap that can ensnare anyone without their knowledge. It is a widely prevalent reliance that can be found in every aspect of society. There are numerous individuals, not just renowned musicians, who have succumbed to this struggle and their lives hold equal significance. In a strikingly similar fashion, Keith Flint from The Prodigy also met his demise under comparable circumstances in 2019. Regrettably, the narratives of Cornell and Bennington are not isolated incidents.

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