Inside Christi Paul’s stunning home as CNN anchor reveals devastating reason she quit to spend time with husband & kids

FORMER CNN anchor Christi Paul has decided to leave the network to spend more time with her husband and their three kids.

The journalist, hailing from Ohio, disclosed that she will be heading back to her native state after a span of nine years, bidding farewell to The New Day Weekend.

Christi Paul has decided to leave CNN to spend more time with her kids and husbandCredit: Instagram/Christi Paul
She gave fans an insight into her home life as she shared a series of snaps on her Instagram feedCredit: Instagram/Christi Paul

Paul offered fans an insight into her life at home, when she married Peter in 2003 and shares a house with her husband, but their kids were not present.

Last year, she refurbished her house, posting a sequence of pre and post pictures on Instagram as she recorded the development.

In February 2021, she posted an image of her kitchen undergoing renovation.

She clarified that she was refurbishing her residence while her children were studying remotely amidst the Covid outbreak.

Paul wrote: “3 children, 2 canines, and a spouse… Residing without a kitchen this week while it’s being painted.

This should be fascinating. Virtual learning is a plus. In general, there are only kitchen appliances and ovens in the living room, and the fridge is in the TV room.

According to Instagram users, if anyone said that Lynda Kinkade was the urban equivalent of “camping,” everyone can handle it with grace.

The reporter livened up her kitchen by swapping out wooden cabinets with white units.

She has posted a picture of her bedroom that features the phrase “I will forever select you” above her pillows.

She stated: “Whom are you selecting? Every. Single day” and recounted a story from when Peter proposed.

“I select you and I only make a single selection,” stated Pete when he proposed to me, Paul expressed. “Recall, whenever you gaze upon it, I am bestowing upon you a ring adorned with a solitary diamond.”

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We hold our vows and other sacred commitments dearly. As parents, we act as one united front. We collaborate in making decisions together. We will always choose each other in this journey of life. This has been our guiding principle, our mantra.

“Oh listen – we argue. We get frustrated and angry with each other. It’s not a cakewalk (& I do like cake).”.


“I sincerely hope that you select what and who truly support you,” concluding her extensive message, she inquired her followers about their choices.

You ‘be still’ figure out what/who you really value and choose that.Output: Try to immerse yourself in someone else’s narrative… So that you can truly discern what/who you value and make that choice.

In a collection of family photos, she posted an image of her kid on Zoom while enjoying popcorn.

And she disclosed how she and her family celebrated her daughter Sofie’s 16th birthday in January.

Images displayed numerous balloons of various colors drifting near the upper part of the room.


Paul mentioned, “The fairy who brings birthday balloons still appeared this week.”

She exclaimed: “Happy Sweet 16 to my beloved funny person Sofie. It brings me immense happiness to be a mother.”

She characterized the connection between her and Sofie as a “relationship unlike any other”.

Paul fought back tears as she said goodbye for the last time on Sunday, June 26, on the New Day Weekend.

In a goodbye video created by CNN, Christi was praised for having covered “some of the most memorable stories of our lifetime”.

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The reporter has covered Hurricane Harvey, the Orlando shooting, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her final performance, Christi detailed the heart-wrenching yet significant choice to depart from the Atlanta show.

“I am a part of the Great Resignation. Back in 2020 for those of you who might know, my husband had Covid.

I thought there were moments and weeks when I was going to be a single mom, and it was really bad for about three and a half weeks.

A chance arose and we must return to our residence. We simply pondered, ‘What are we engaged in?’ My spouse and I exchanged glances and, similar to numerous individuals here, I did not reunite with my guardians for a whole year.

“I’m returning to Ohio. I will be traveling by plane. It will be declared at a later time this week.”

Numerous accolades have been given to Paul after her departure.

Victor Blackwell, who has co-hosted the program for nine years, offered a heartfelt tribute.

He expressed that we will miss you on weekend mornings. However, I feel a bit melancholy for the rest of us. As for you, I am genuinely pleased.

“You’re more than just a journalist and an anchor. You brought compassion and warmth to the show. You’ve been the show’s conscience.

“I personally want to thank you for our breakfast gatherings, our FaceTime appointments, and for listening to both the not-so-enjoyable and enjoyable moments. It means a lot to me.”

“I will end though with what you’ve ended every show with for eight-and-a-half years … Thank you for some really good memories.”.

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