I was forced to quit my nursing job after colleagues outed my OnlyFans side hustle – but now I’m a millionaire and healthcare workers say I’m a ‘hero’ for escaping

Following the exposure of her OnlyFans side-business by her coworkers, a mother of three abandoned her nursing profession of 15 years and is presently earning over $1 million annually.

Allie Rae, a 38-year-old from Boston, describes her career as notoriously underpaid and grueling. She reveals that healthcare workers have now recognized her as a ‘hero’ who managed to break free.

She expressed her desire for change and the difficulty of wanting to return to the past. I am currently in a place where I am quite content, although I would approach certain things differently.

‘One aspect of my personality is that I will always pursue my own desires and aspirations.

‘I take full responsibility for every choice I have ever made.’

Allie allegedly made headlines in 2021 after reportedly being forced to quit her senior position in the neonatal nurses’ hospital, following her alleged disclosure to her co-workers of the saucy social media activities she engaged in outside of work.

She has never led a life filled with remorse and remains steadfast; the internet sensation has not reflected on her past despite being compelled to leave her job.

Allie, who creates content exclusively with her partner, Steve, aged 39, is presently generating a significant income and launching her own endeavors.

‘I am still earning more than a million dollars a year,’ the influencer, who has 186,000 followers (@theallierae) disclosed.

She has even launched her own raunchy content site, Wetspace, which is called ‘Tap That with Allie Rae’ and serves as a show reviewing craft beer.

‘This is something very unique to me, considering it’s sort of where my whole social media adventure all started,’ she mentioned.

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It’s very cool to go back in a full circle to my roots and love what I’m doing, and the journey of starting led me to that.

Despite the highs of her own money and social media, Allie admitted that she no longer keeps in touch with colleagues and only says sorry to the person she has reached out to in the past.

Allie admitted, ‘Although it was sincere, I didn’t feel it.’ ‘I was scared that she might reveal it to the press because I thought it was.’

She said that she is the only one out of the five girls who actually went to bat and reached out to me, even though she got fired.

In the field, she has also received messages of support from individuals in the medical sector, and Allie mentions that not all members of the healthcare community have been as judgmental, although facing former colleagues has been challenging.

Recently, I had the opportunity to reach out to a fellow nurse in the Boston community healthcare system, and she revealed that the coolest message she received was probably the one that referred to me as a “hero” and a “legend.” I feel somewhat honored to be described in such a way.

‘Particularly considering the amount of criticism I received for what occurred to me.’

Embracing her ideal existence, she has become an individual who managed to evade the demanding and low-paying environment of healthcare professionals, and she is admired by many, according to the former healthcare worker.

She exclaimed, ‘Numerous individuals are filled with fear when it comes to taking that leap.’ ‘Yet, I went ahead and accomplished it, disregarding the potential danger – and behold my current situation.’

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Following the excessive enthusiasm of obsessed fans, Allie expressed apprehensions regarding the safety of her family, as well as other sinister complications arising from her increased workload.

She clarified, ‘however, that simply glides away from me and doesn’t affect me, I endure a lot of criticism for my actions, being a spouse, parent, and servicemember.’

‘However, I must say that security is likely my main drawback to this field.

“I am continuously striving to safeguard my privacy and my personal life beyond OnlyFans.”

She has had some individuals become ‘extremely connected to her and her narrative’, with numerous occasions where a boundary is exceeded.

“I am putting in more than 16 hours each day and we are operating a business; when you are self-employed, work never ceases. Allie further mentioned: ‘The additional drawback is that.”

For me, it is the ideal setting to flourish and further develop my brand, even though that might be a disadvantage for many, it is not.

‘I am passionate about what I do, and that’s why I excel at it.’

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