I Took A Trip Using Target’s New Luggage Line & Ditched My Old Suitcase For Good

I felt really like this could be the One, you know! Everything was never too small or too big, it was just right, like Goldilocks. But I had trouble finding the perfect travel bag, so I decided to try out the entire 10-piece lineup of the brand’s Backpack Commuter. The Backpack Commuter really interested me the most, especially since I used to be a daily commuter from New Jersey to Apple Big. I chose the Champagne option, which comes in shiny hues of nine, and also decided to check out the star of the show, the Hardside Carry On Suitcase. The Weekender Bag is available in Taupe and Black, while the Backpack Commuter is available in Olive and Black.

target open story bags

The Open Story’s version lacks a better description and comes with a limited 10-year warranty, but those affordable pieces have never failed the sturdy test of time, said Maxx TJ, my local store. Although not as cheap as the under-$50 carry-ons I scored once at my local Maxx TJ, the Open Story carry-on is a bit more affordable than the offerings of competitors Béis and Calpak, as well as Away. So, let me start by saying that people will be interested in the suitcase, I know that.

target open story carry on luggage
Open Story

I personally fear that my most important items might get lost in the fiasco of checked baggage, so I bring them all on my carry-on. The suitcase I use features additional protection with a TSA-approved security lock, which also wins major bonus points in my book. It’s worry-free! I can load it up when I need to, so my suitcase can be light and empty. As an over-packer, I have had no complaints about it. Not only is it lightweight, but it also feels a little thinner than some high-end luggage’s polycarbonate shells.

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target luggage suitcase
Bella Gerard

I really love the separate pockets and zipper compartments for storing small stuff. I know that this baby fits a lot more than meets the eye, but I’ll spare you a photo of my overstuffed suitcase, just for the weekend packing job. When it came time to actually pack, I was pleased as can be with the overall quality and aesthetic of the suitcase, and I would give it an A+ rating.

target open story weekender bag
Open Story

Moving on, I want my clothes, obviously, along with a few sets of shoes and a curling iron. Additionally, I would like the bag to be able to hold my (maybe unnecessarily) extensive skincare and makeup items. Although I appreciate that smaller bags prevent me from overpacking, I still want a bag that can accommodate all my necessities without making me appear or feel like a burden. Therefore, I was thrilled to try out the Weekender Bag.

target luggage weekender
Bella Gerard

Highly recommended. Carrying luggage around the city felt like a burden, but this tote bag was spacious enough to carry all my belongings for a low-key and short trip. Overall, it ended up being practical and aesthetically pleasing. Especially for a long trip, it’s recommended to double up and secure the bag to the handle of your rolling luggage using the detachable shoulder strap. The trolley sleeve allows you to easily attach the bag to your luggage. It looked great too! Normally, when traveling, I would drop my tote bag and take a photo with it, but with this bag, I honestly wanted to take a photo because it looks and feels luxurious compared to my worn-out and grubby traveler bags. However, the material is not just practical, as it is made of nylon and is water-resistant.

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target open story commuter backpack
Open Story

Last but not least, let me wax poetic about the Commuter Backpack. Sometimes, I just need something practical, you know? Even as a Fashion Editor, I love a fancy purse. But, I especially appreciate the narrow design of this bag. It’s still wide enough to fit my water bottle, DSLR camera, and laptop on the side, while requiring me to take up only two people’s worth of space on the crowded subway. The previous backpack I had was an oversized, black monster that stuck out from my body, making everyone else on the subway hate me for standing with my foot sticking out.

Bella Gerard

Once again, I couldn’t wait to use this backpack. It made me feel like a grown-up kindergartener, but in a good way. The backpack straps were so comfortable and I loved how the front exterior pocket was perfect for keeping my wallet. I also had plenty of space for everything I needed, including my reading material, hairbrush, and a full makeup bag. In addition to all that, I was able to securely place my MacBook in the laptop compartment. I used this bag while running around town, going from events to cafes to meetings, and it never bounced or felt heavy.

If you’re interested, you can now find the entire range of Story Open at Target stores and online. You deserve it! If you’re reading this, you’re in for a treat with the Weekender. I’ve got two new front-runners for busy weekend trips and long days. The travel bags are just great – they’re the kind that you can justify giving away because you don’t need them anymore, but you’ll love them if you’ve already got some luggage. They definitely stand up to the pricier competitors in terms of quality, but they’re definitely affordable, not exactly inexpensive. Just so you know, y’all, Story Open has got you covered when it comes to high-quality, affordable suitcases! Don’t sleep on it, final thoughts from me.

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