Husband of woman killed in Florida Keys parasailing incident shares warning to other families

The woman’s husband is now speaking out for the first time, hoping that other families have a safe stay ahead during the summer vacation. It has been a year since their family’s dream trip turned into a nightmare when two children were injured while parasailing and a woman was killed.

During an exclusive interview, Alaparthi Srinivasrao’s late wife revealed that she always had a smile on her face and kept everything together.

As per an incident report from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, previously covered by ABC News, on May 30, 2022, Supraja Alaparthi, the wife of Alaparthi, aged 33, tragically lost her life while parasailing in the Florida Keys with their young son and nephew. The two children sustained severe injuries as the weather rapidly worsened, causing the parasail to be at the mercy of the strong wind rather than being controlled by the speed of the boat.

The lawsuit is filed by the family of the mother who was killed in a parasailing accident in Florida.

Alaparthi claimed that the captain decided to cut the towline in order to rescue the passengers, who were still on the parasail with three other passengers, after they collided into a bridge and were dragged across the water by the inflated parasail. The crew of the boat alleged that they couldn’t reel in the parasail due to the weather conditions.

Alaparthi exclaimed, “It was an alarming and dreadful moment. [It was a] chilling and dreadful moment.” I didn’t precisely witness the moment when he severed the rope, regardless of his actions, it was disconcerting for each one of us.

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Please go out there and save them, begging Sri to let them go. Captain’s leg is holding him back, but don’t worry, the bridge will help. GMA told his family and Alaparthi to get an attorney, Ricky Patel, to help them. He assures them that he will go ahead and save them.

Daniel Couch, the boat’s captain, was charged with manslaughter and numerous boating violations in September of the previous year. He has pleaded not guilty.

Following a loss of control, the parasail was not adequately descended and there was a lack of sufficient safety gear, such as life vests, on board. Additionally, it is asserted that they neglected to review weather forecasts, a precaution that could have averted the sailing. The legal complaint further asserts that the company and marina failed to take legal action against Couch, Couch’s associate, the boat company, and the marina. Alaparthi’s family has taken subsequent legal action.

Pedro Echarte, another lawyer representing Alaparthi and his family, expressed, “following multiple unsuccessful attempts, failure persisted, and despite that, numerous chances were available to prevent this occurrence.”

Echarte emphasized the significance of being aware of safety protocols, policies, and equipment procedures when booking activities or vacations alone, stressing that it is crucial not to solely rely on websites.

Echarte advised, “If it doesn’t appear suitable or if it doesn’t have a pleasant odor, refrain from proceeding. Which safety gear do you possess? What protocols do you have in place? What are your guidelines? Inquire about these matters. Do not depend solely on the online resources. Do not depend solely on the displayed signs.”

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ABC News contacted the boat company, the marina, and Couch, but has not received any response at the moment.

A year later, Alaparthi stated that the lawsuit, as a whole, has the potential to facilitate transformation within the parasailing sector, and his sole desire is that no other family ever experiences a similar incident.

He expressed that the enjoyment derived from an activity is not valuable enough to justify the potential loss of life. He emphasized the necessity of implementing adequate safety precautions to avoid facing a distressing situation.

Meredith Deliso and Will Gretsky from ABC News contributed to this story.

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