Hunters hit Everglades for annual Florida Python Challenge

The Florida Python Challenge awaits the best hunter this year, with a chance to win the title and prizes worth up to $30,000. It requires a special breed of person to hunt pythons.

Think again. Pythons left and right, pulling out in a frenzy, are trudging through the South Florida swamps, hundreds of people think.

Amy Siewe, known as the “Python Huntress,” and her partner Dave Roberts, were interviewed by WINK News. In the Florida Everglades, they actively search for and eliminate pythons on a nightly basis.

“Every moment; this is our existence,” expressed Dave. “This is our… Not merely our source of income. This is our life.”

But how does a pair from Indiana end up searching for large serpents in Florida?

Dave mentioned, “We were heading back to our place to prepare our belongings. You can observe the expression on her countenance. I captured an image, and I’m currently observing her. The initial individual positioned atop the vehicle, I could discern her grip on the serpent.”

Dave followed suit for quite a while, didn’t it take? In order to pursue her passion, Amy relocated to Southwest Florida and took a leap of faith, abandoning her real estate career. Amy’s passion transformed into a mere python-hunting adventure and a short visit to Florida that was intended to be.

“We began leading the Python expeditions,” stated Amy.

The main goal is to improve the ecosystem in the Everglades by eliminating invasive species, specifically pythons. However, the pair is also competing in the Python Challenge Florida with hopes of finding some big pythons and winning big prizes.

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“Every single Python that we’re taking out of the Everglades is saving the lives of hundreds of our native species,” said Amy.

Amy stated, “and subsequently they realize they are present here for, you know, the initial five days, and they fail to spot a python at all.” “I believe it is a genuine revelation for individuals when they arrive here with the anticipation of that.”

Throughout the initial days of the Florida Python Challenge, Amy and Dave informed WINK News that it is typical for them to fail to capture a python from the marsh. WINK News accompanied them on their pursuit on Friday and utilized illuminations to scour for the intrusive serpents.

Amy said, “Normally, they wouldn’t just be pythons. There is a lot of activity and vibration, so it’s not only pythons that are out there. There are many other people who necessarily aren’t catching pythons because there is so much activity and vibration.”

Everyone is on the hunt for that massive python, but locating it can be challenging, particularly considering the presence of over a thousand others in the Everglades vying for a reward. Typically, it requires approximately 12 hours to capture a python.

They have always loved going out every night to do their part in eliminating the threat of invasive species in the Everglades ecosystem. So, for their trip to Florida, the couple decided to pack up their lives and move from Indiana to Southwest Florida. During her trip, she managed to catch a python.

Click here for additional details regarding the Python competition.

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