How to Unlock Daily Training

Discover the Daily Training feature, which includes a variety of tasks and the corresponding rewards you can earn by achieving specific activity points milestones. Keep reading to learn how to successfully complete these tasks and obtain rewards on a daily basis in Honkai: Star Rail. Daily Training serves as an excellent opportunity for players.

Advance Pioneering Ventures

While there has not been a definite requirement on what Level you need to unlock Daily Missions and Daily Training at, it is possible to minimum the Training Level at 10 to unlock them.

In Jarilo-VI, up until the Blade’s Edge’s Long Wait, the primary narrative is enacted from the Herta Space Station, provided that it is feasible.

Catalog of Every Trailblaze Expedition.

Catalog of Every Day Training Assignments

Every Day Training Assignments

Complete the Clear Calyx (Crimson) activity once, take 1 photo, clear the Calyx (Golden) activity once, defeat a total of 20 enemies, enter combat by attacking the enemy’s Weakness and win 3 times, level up any Relic once, complete Forgotten Hall once, obtain victory in combat with support characters once, complete 1 Daily Mission, and receive the Daily Tasks Reward of 200 Activity.

After finishing, Daily Missions will grant the players with 200 points, whereas simpler tasks only grant 100 points. Every day, players will encounter various types of tasks they can accomplish, and the daily training tasks will reset on a daily basis.

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Unlocking and Completing Daily Missions.

All Daily Training Incentives

Daily Exercise Incentives

All Daily Training Rewards Lost Gold Fragment Adventure Log Credit Stellar Jade Trailblaze EXP.

Your rewards will depend on the level of equilibrium. These include Stellar Jades, Credits, Materials, and EXP items. The player will be rewarded with points for various activities, and daily training will help in progressing.

Daily To-Do List.

Honkai: Guides Related to Star Rail

All Hints & Techniques.

Comprehensive Guides for Tips and Tricks

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