How ‘Oppenheimer’ earned its R rating

“Oppenheimer” will mark the first time since Nolan’s 2002 film “Insomnia” that language and sexual nudity received an R rating.

“Oppenheimer” will undoubtedly be one of the most talked about films of 2023 and a front-runner at the 2024 Oscars, attracting a lot of potential audience members out of curiosity.

This review lets you know what is in the movie and to what extent, whether you decide to skip it or see it. This review doesn’t delve into my thoughts on whether I liked the film. That’s why I am here, isn’t it? Is the language in the movie sporadic or constant? Is the nudity in the movie obscured or explicit? It can be challenging to know what to expect in the movie and to what extent. This review lets you know what is in the movie and to what extent, whether you decide to see “Oppenheimer” or not.

This is how “Oppenheimer” obtained its R rating.


The profanity in “Oppenheimer” is not consistent and is not presented all at once. Instead, it is scattered throughout the movie, with approximately 8 to 10 instances of F-words. This is similar to other films by Nolan, such as the “Dark Knight” saga or “Inception,” where language plays a significant role, just like in “Oppenheimer.”

Evaluating the language, it obtained an R rating for its language, so eight to 10 F-words remains eight to 10 F-words in a single film. The proportion of F-words per spoken word does not influence a movie’s rating, but a few stand out more than others. However, despite the abundance of F-words, they can almost blend in since the film is primarily composed of continuous dialogue, and “Oppenheimer” is a lengthy three-hour movie. It is difficult to fathom the number of pages the script encompassed and the quantity of words it entailed. Please bear in mind.

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Here we are, however, a movie with sexual content appears to not have received an R rating, which is quite unexpected considering that “Oppenheimer,” a historical film about the man responsible for inventing the atomic bomb, received one.

It is uncomfortable, and the scene is meant to be uncomfortable, but it does not mean that seeing a man’s bare legs and a woman’s bare back is more graphic than seeing the nude body of another person. The scene is somewhat prolonged, but it is not sexually explicit in nature. The nudity in the movie mainly consists of a topless female and a partially naked male. There are three sexual scenes in the movie that contain nudity, but I don’t want to give any spoilers about the film.

Regarding sexuality and nudity, the film “Oppenheimer” would have received an R rating solely based on its explicit language. Prior to making a decision to watch the movie, it is important to understand the content of the three specific scenes. I want to inform you about this matter, without offering any justification or expressing my personal opinion.


The movie centers on a man who led a team of scientists that created the first atomic bomb. There is no violence in the film, however. The horrors of war, which are being fought around the world, are spoken of but never seen. The devastation caused by the weapon and the horrors of war are discussed multiple times throughout the film.

Additionally, there is a self-destruction scene in the movie. It is not depicted extensively, but it may be unsettling for certain viewers.

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“Oppenheimer” is a weighty movie.

Under treads.

The somber shade is intended for a more adult viewership.


In a cinema, it can be challenging to truly grasp the historical events depicted, something that Nolan does not avoid. Without a doubt, “Oppenheimer” has earned its R rating, although it may seem less intense when compared to films such as “The Departed” or “Deadpool”. Nevertheless, “Oppenheimer” does not possess the same level of intensity as a typical hard R-rated movie.

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