How many times Argentina won FIFA World Cup?

Argentina, led by Diego Maradona, claimed their second World Cup title in the 1986 final against West Germany. Eight years earlier, under the leadership of Daniel Passarella, they secured their maiden title by defeating the Netherlands 3-1 in the 1978 final. Argentina made their FIFA World Cup debut in the inaugural edition of the tournament in 1930.

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Throughout the different editions, let’s discover the performance of the Albiceleste now that we are aware of the number of times Argentina emerged victorious in the FIFA World Cup.


1930 | Second Place Finishers

The inaugural edition of the FIFA World Cup took place in Uruguay from 13-30 July, 1930, with Argentina being among the 13 teams that took part. South America was represented by seven teams, Europe by four teams, and North America by two teams.

The top four teams from each group, including Yugoslavia, the United States, Uruguay, and Argentina (the host country), advanced to the semi-finals. The 13 teams were divided into four groups, with the winners of each group advancing to the next stage according to the schedule.

In the semi-finals, the United States hammered Argentina with a scoreline identical to the final World Cup FIFA, while Yugoslavia thrashed Uruguay with the same scoreline.

Meanwhile, Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2 in the 1930 FIFA World Cup final to become the first nation to win the coveted title.

1934 | Opening Stage

In the 1934 FIFA World Cup, which took place in Italy from May 27 to June 10, a total of 16 teams qualified for the prestigious football tournament’s second edition.

Interestingly, only four European teams accepted the invitation to the previous edition of the World Cup tournament, as Uruguay, the defending champions, boycotted it.

Argentina, the finalist of the previous edition, was eliminated by Sweden with a score of 3-2 in the Round of 16.

In the final of the FIFA World Cup 1934, hosts Italy edged out Czechoslovakia 2-1 in extra-time to become the first team from Europe to clinch the coveted title.

1938, 1950 | Pulled out because of a disagreement over hosting

Spain could not participate in the ongoing Spanish Civil War, which is why Uruguay also did not participate in the tournament. South America believed that the rights to host the FIFA World Cup should alternate between the two continents, causing massive resentment in South America. As a result, FIFA, the governing body of world football, decided to host the consecutive second World Cup in Europe, specifically in Italy in 1934.

In order to secure their second championship, Uruguay defeated hosts Brazil 2-1 in the final match of the 1950 FIFA World Cup. In the meantime, Argentina pulled out of the qualifying draw because of their dispute with the Brazilian Football Confederation before the 1950 FIFA World Cup, which took place in Brazil.

1954 | Pulled out as a result of political unrest.

Due to the increasing political tension at this time, Argentina has decided to decline the option to participate in the marquee tournament, FIFA World Cup, for the third consecutive time.

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In the final game of the 1954 FIFA World Cup in Switzerland, West Germany secured their inaugural championship by narrowly beating Hungary with a score of 3-2.

1958, 1962 | Initial Round

Argentina was placed in Group 1, along with West Germany, Northern Ireland, and Czechoslovakia, for the 1934 edition of the FIFA World Cup in Sweden, marking their first appearance in the tournament.

Argentina had a dismal campaign as they were eliminated from the group stage, finishing at the bottom of the standings with three losses and one win.

Brazil, the bitter rivals, emerged victorious over the host country Sweden with a commanding 5-2 victory in the 1958 FIFA World Cup final, clinching their inaugural title.

In the 1962 edition held in Chile, Argentina was eliminated in the group stage for the second consecutive World Cup.

Brazil secured consecutive FIFA World Cup championships by triumphing over Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final match of 1962.

1966 | Quarterfinals

The 1966 FIFA World Cup witnessed 16 teams from four confederations earn qualification for the tournament hosted in England from July 11-30, marking the eighth iteration of the FIFA World Cup.

Argentina secured two wins, drew one, and accumulated three points from five matches. After finishing second in the group, Argentina advanced to the knockout stage along with Switzerland and West Germany, who finished in Group 2 with Spain.

However, Argentina suffered a disappointing 0-1 loss to hosts England at Wembley in the quarter-finals to be knocked out of the tournament.

Interestingly, England proceeded to secure their FIFA World Cup championship by defeating West Germany 4-2 in the final.

1970 | Failed to qualify

Argentina failed to qualify for the 1970 FIFA World Cup for the first time in their history which was held in Mexico.

The Argentine national soccer team had previously declined to participate in the 1938, 1950, and 1954 editions of the FIFA World Cup.

Italy thrashed Brazil 4-1 in the final of the FIFA 1970 World Cup, making history and claiming the title for their nation.

1974 | Second phase of group matches

The 1974 FIFA World Cup took place in West Germany from June 13 to July 7.

Meanwhile, Argentina secured a spot in the 1974 FIFA World Cup after not qualifying for the previous tournament.

Argentina was placed in Group 4 with Poland, Italy, and Haiti. In the group stage, Argentina advanced to the second round after finishing in second place, with one victory, one tie, and one defeat.

In the second stage of the group, Germany East and Brazil were placed alongside Netherlands, with Argentina. La Albiceleste looked completely out of sorts as they managed to draw one match while losing their other two. Argentina finished their campaign at the bottom of Group A standings, with only one point from three matches. They were eliminated in the second stage of the group.

In the final, West Germany defeated the Netherlands 2-1 to secure their second championship title.

1978 | Argentina emerged as FIFA World Cup Champions

For the first time, the FIFA World Cup hosted by Argentina between June 1-25, 1978, witnessed the participation of 16 teams from five confederations in the tournament.

Argentina, led by captain Daniel Passarella, managed to advance to the next round of Group 1 standings by finishing second. They secured four points from three games, succumbing to a 0-1 defeat against Italy while also beating France (2-1) and Hungary. Hosts Argentina were placed alongside France and Italy in the first round.

In the second round, Albiceleste La remained undefeated while playing against Brazil, while Peru and Poland defeated them. Peru hammered them with a score of 6-0, while Poland defeated them 2-0.

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Argentina advanced to the final after topping the Group B standings with five points from three matches.

Netherlands equalized earlier in extra time to take the final against Dick Nanninga. Argentina, the hosts of the FIFA World Cup 1978, were beaten 3-1 by the Netherlands, with another goal from Daniel Bertoni and a brace from Mario Kempes, claiming their maiden title.

1982 | Second phase of the group stage

Hosted by Spain, the reigning champions Argentina were eliminated in the second stage of the 1982 FIFA World Cup.

Argentina, earlier placed in Group 3, finished second in the next round of the tournament, defeating one team and securing two victories against Salvador and Hungary and Belgium.

In the second phase of the tournament, Argentina suffered defeats in both their matches against Italy and Brazil, leading to their elimination.

Italy defeated West Germany 3-1 in the 1982 championship at the Santiago Bernabeu to secure their third FIFA World Cup.

1986 | Argentina secure their second and final FIFA World Cup victory

From May 31 to June 29, 1986, Mexico hosted the 1986 FIFA World Cup. The prestigious FIFA competition witnessed the participation of a total of 24 teams.

Under the leadership of the renowned captain Diego Armando Maradona, Argentina was placed in Group A, comprising of Italy, Bulgaria, and South Korea.

Argentina started their campaign with a 3-1 victory over South Korea, after playing a 1-1 draw against Bulgaria and securing 5 points from three games, to finish at the top of Group A standings and advance to the knockout stage.

Argentina continued their impressive form in the knockouts as they pipped Uruguay 1-0 in the Round of 16, before beating England 2-1 in the quarter-finals and defeating Belgium 2-0 in the stormy semi-finals to reach the summit clash.

Argentina defeated West Germany 3-2 in a high-scoring championship match to secure their second FIFA World Cup victory.

1990 | Second Place Finishers

Italy, for the second time in their history, hosted the 1990 FIFA World Cup and became the second nation, following Mexico, to accomplish this feat. A total of 24 teams from five confederations qualified for the tournament.

Argentina, the reigning champions, secured a spot in the knockout stage as one of the best teams in third place, surviving a massive scare. They were placed in Group B alongside the Soviet Union, Romania, and Cameroon.

Romania held their final group match against Games many, finishing with three points. They later beat the Soviet Union 2-0, bouncing back before their opening match against Cameroon, where Argentina suffered a 0-1 defeat.

Italy narrowly edged out the hosts in the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup, winning on penalties. In the quarter-finals of the Round of 16, they defeated Yugoslavia with a 1-0 victory. Continuing their impressive performance, Brazil was beaten by Argentina’s Albiceleste in a thrilling match.

Meanwhile, West Germany ended Argentina’s dream of winning consecutive World Cups as they secured a 1-0 win to claim their third title.

1994 | Knockout Stage

Argentina failed to continue their impressive run in the FIFA World Cups as they were eliminated in the Round of 16 in the 1994 edition in the United States.

Argentina finished third in their group, advancing to the next round as one of the best teams. They accumulated six points from three matches, placing alongside Greece, Bulgaria, and Nigeria in Group D.

In the Round of 16, Romania defeated Argentina 3-2 to eliminate the pre-tournament favorites.

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Brazil defeated Italy in a penalty shootout during the 1994 FIFA World Cup final to secure their fourth championship.

1998 | Quarterfinals

Four sets of eight were divided among all the teams. The FIFA World Cup featured 32 participating teams for the inaugural time. The 1998 FIFA World Cup took place in France from June 10 to July 12.

Argentina has qualified for the Round of 16 with nine points from three games, having won all their matches in Group H, alongside Japan, Jamaica, and Croatia, who were also placed in the same group.

In the Round of 16, Argentina narrowly defeated England on penalties before experiencing a 1-2 loss against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

France, the host country, defeated a highly talented Brazil team 3-0 in the final to secure their first-ever FIFA World Cup championship.

2002 | Opening Round

The tournament saw the participation of 32 teams, similar to the previous edition. The 17th installment of the FIFA World Cup took place in South Korea and Japan in 2002.

Argentina was placed in Group F together with Sweden, England, and Nigeria. Throughout the three group matches, Argentina had a disappointing performance as they achieved only one victory, one tie, and one defeat. After being eliminated in the group stage, Argentina concluded the group stage in third place with four points from three matches.

Brazil secured their FIFA World Cup victory by defeating Germany 2-0 in the final match.

2006, 2010 | Last Eight

Argentina were eliminated in the quarter-final round in consecutive FIFA World Cups in 2006 and 2010.

Germany knocked out Argentina on penalties in the quarter-finals to progress to the semi-finals.

Previously, Argentina defeated Mexico 2-1 in the additional period during their Round of 16 match to arrange their meeting with Germany.

The Argentine national team had previously finished first in Group C with seven points from three matches to advance to the Round of 16.

Italy overcame France through penalty kicks in the final to secure their fourth FIFA World Cup championship.

On the other hand, Germany thrashed Argentina 4-0 in the 2010 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals to knock them out of the tournament.

Argentina finished at the top of Group B standings with three consecutive wins, beating Mexico 3-1 in the 16th round.

Spain secured their first-ever FIFA World Cup title as they defeated the Netherlands in extra-time during the 2010 final.

2014 | Second Place Finishers

After being eliminated in the quarter-finals of the consecutive FIFA World Cups, Argentina bounced back in the 2014 edition of the tournament held in Brazil.

Guided by captain Lionel Messi, Argentina advanced to the FIFA World Cup final before succumbing to eventual victors Germany.

Argentina, positioned in Group F, achieved a 3-2 triumph against Nigeria after defeating Iran 1-0 and prevailing over Bosnia and Herzegovina with a 2-1 victory to commence their campaign.

Argentina, who finished at the top of Group F standings, qualified for the Round of 16 with nine points from three games.

Belgium narrowly won 1-0 against Switzerland in the quarter-finals of the Round of 16, before defeating the Netherlands in the semi-finals on penalties. This victory came under the guidance of Alejandro Sabella, the manager.

Nevertheless, Argentina endured a devastating 0-1 loss to Germany in overtime of the 2014 ultimate match.

2018 | Second Place Finishers

The 2018 FIFA World Cup took place in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018.

Argentina were placed in the Group of Death (Group D) along with Croatia, Nigeria, and Iceland.

Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, held a 1-1 draw against Iceland in the opening match of the tournament before succumbing to a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Croatia.

Argentina emerged victorious over Nigeria with a score of 2-1 in a pivotal game, solidifying their placement as the second team in Group D standings. They managed to accumulate a total of four points from three matches.

In the Round of 16, Argentina experienced a 3-4 loss and were eliminated from the competition.

France defeated Croatia 4-2 in a captivating FIFA World Cup final to secure their second championship.

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