How Did LAUSD Get Hacked in 2022?

Gaining access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is usually the initial phase of a ransomware attack, can enable malware to infiltrate other sensitive network gateways. In this case, the attackers were able to set up an attack by accessing LAUSD’s VPN, using at least one leaked credential from LAUSD’s internal network, which was exposed on the dark web.

Personally identifiable data that was most likely accessed was not included. Alberto Carvalho, the superintendent, made an optimistic statement without any proof at the time to verify otherwise and did not promptly disclose the actual consequences of the breach. VIce Society, a Russian-speaking ransomware group, initiated a ransomware assault on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) on September 3, 2022.

The ransom demand likely resulted in the reversal of critical system encryptions. The impact of the attack was still unknown at the time. Two weeks later, the hackers issued a ransom demand with a three-day ultimatum.

Vice Society’s ransom threat to LAUSD
Vice Society revealing to cybersecurity reporter Jeremy Kirk that they were responsible for the LAUSD ransomware attack to cybersecurity reporter Jeremy Kirk.

On two fronts, these strategies exert pressure on victims to make a ransom payment. In the event that a ransom is not paid, the organization pilfers confidential information and warns of its potential sale. Nevertheless, LAUSD operates as a double-extortion ransomware gang, indicating that they not only encrypt crucial computer systems but also engage in this malicious activity.

  • The longer a business is unable to function, due to the encryption of time-sensitive systems, the higher the risk of violating service level agreements (SLAs).
  • If confidential customer information is disclosed, a company may experience significant harm to its reputation.
  • In this case, it seems that Vice Society did not clearly communicate its second blackmail threat in its ransom request.

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    The LAUSD rightfully denied the ransom payment, following the strict no-ransom payment advice of the FBI, after data stolen from their blog hosted on the dark web was published by Vice Society, resulting in a leak of ransomware.

    Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announcing the LAUSD data leak

    Other sensitive information and data, which proved to be sensitive data that was finally leaked, were stolen. The connection between data breaches and ransomware attacks is highlighted, as the sensitive data that was stolen finally leaked during the attack. Other sensitive information and data, which proved to be sensitive data that was finally leaked, were stolen. The Vice President of the Computer Bleeping Society revealed that 500GB of data was stolen from LAUSD’s systems. Other sensitive information and data, which proved to be sensitive data that was finally leaked, were stolen. This may include sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and Passport data.

    Learn how to minimize the effects of ransomware assaults >.

    Due to the intensification of the situation, the involvement of local police, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the Department of Homeland Security, and the assistance of the FBI is necessary.

    Not the Initial Ransomware Endeavor

    This is the first time that the LAUSD was targeted by a gang of ransomware that infected the computer belonging to the school’s psychologist with Trickbot malware – a malware designed to steal financial information and credentials. The attack, which facilitated the attack that addressed vulnerabilities specific to the LAUSD’s security, was advised by the LAUSD Security firm to hold firm.

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    Cybersecurity reporter, Jeremy Kirk, announcing that this isn’t the first time LAUSD was targeted by Vice Society

    2 Important Takeaways from the LAUSD Security Breach

    The LAUSD breach, similar to a security event, could be entirely avoided or greatly reduced by implementing them into your existing cybersecurity program. This breach imparts two crucial insights.

    1. Establish a Data Breach Solution

    With the swift remedial response that can be achieved through such a service, the likelihood of compromised accounts being singled out in subsequent attacks diminishes. Through a data leak detection service, compromised accounts can be promptly safeguarded, enabling businesses to receive notifications when their sensitive data has been exposed on the dark web.

    This type of service might have helped LAUSD in detecting and protecting the leaked internal login details that likely facilitated this ransomware attack.

    Ask for a complimentary demonstration of UpGuard’s service for identifying data leaks.

    2. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication for all Corporate Accounts

    In light of the assault, LAUSD declared the expedited implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all corporate accounts.

    LAUSD announcing that it will be expediting the rollout of MFA

    Make sure to consider all typical ways to circumvent if you deploy this security measure; nevertheless, multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be abused, rendering it challenging for malicious individuals to gain access to a network even if they possess stolen credentials, MFA adds extra steps of confirming one’s identity during the login procedure.

    Observe how the security position of your organization compares to that of LAUSD.

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