How an Alaskan ‘puppy bus’ went viral on TikTok

The puppy bus: the way she collects them, highlighting the particularly adorable ones, has gained millions of views for her videos of taking walks with the puppies. However, her plan to go viral on TikTok recently didn’t work out as intended, and it’s clear that Thompson Mo never intended to become a dog walker.

She exclaimed, “That was insane. 50 million views. The online sphere went crazy, and as they settled into their seats, they boarded the bus.”

Mo Mountain Mutts, their business for walking and training dogs, accept the packs of canines Mo and her husband Lee showcase in the videos as a component of their leash-free walking collectives.

Viewers have developed a fondness for the dogs’ dedicated care and unique characters. Excursions on trails, in the wilderness, and in the water are organized by their minibus after collecting the puppies from various locations in their quaint town of Skagway, Alaska.

Thompson said, “There are plenty of dogs on the bus that I can relate to, like my dog Lola. Oh, people are like that too, they identify themselves with their dogs. There are so many different breeds and so many different dogs out there.”

There are specific crowd pleasers, such as Jake.

She stated, “Someone remarked, ‘I wager you Jake fastens himself in.’ He boards the bus, greets his companions, completes a loop, and then takes his place. It’s akin to the identical routine every morning. If he were an individual, he would be the type that, for instance, enjoys coffee and toast each morning as his breakfast and peruses the newspaper.”

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Alternatively, Amaru, who is depicted in videos sitting alone in the snow and anticipating the arrival of the bus:.

“You arrive and he begins wagging his tail,” Thomspon mentioned.

“He boards the bus completely coated in snow.”

The Thompsons were surprised by the unexpected popularity they gained.

Prior to acquiring her own canine companion, it initially commenced as a kind gesture for her colleagues. However, Mo never envisioned dog walking transforming into a commercial venture either. Initially, she utilized social media to simply provide updates to the parents of her four-legged clientele.

Thompson expressed, “It’s just a kind of thing in our small local community where people walk each other’s dogs.”

Mo eventually started helping people with training or behavioral problems. As time went on, she formed larger and larger groups and partnered up with friends. She also got her own dogs. Once in the wilderness, she enjoyed keeping them company and getting exercise. She would also take her dogs on trails with her friends.

She mentioned, “numerous waste bags and a multitude of rewards for training purposes, while expressing her enthusiasm towards the ongoing process. Everything is fine, similar to immersing oneself in the experience.

“Can you all, like, give me some money?”

She gathered them in front of the van while riding a simple bicycle, and then transported the dogs in a van. She didn’t always possess a bus.

“I have been recognized in my local area for some time, but not online,” she mentioned. “That rode the bus.”

Majd Al-Waheidi edited this digital narrative.

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