Horse trainer suspended from Kentucky Derby after unexplained deaths of 2 horses

On Thursday, Joseph Saffie Jr., The trainer of Miles Lord, the horse who died suddenly at the Kentucky Derby track, was indefinitely suspended by Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Miles Lord, who was trained by Joseph Saffie Jr., Was scratched from the Kentucky Derby.

The suspension prohibits Joseph from directly or indirectly employing any trainer for applying or entering horses in races at Downs Churchill-owned tracks.

Following the races, both Parents Pride and Chasing Artie experienced exhaustion on the track and perished. This determination is made in light of the demises of Parents Pride on Saturday and Chasing Artie on Tuesday.

In a statement, it was stated that “Bill Mudd, the president and chief operating officer of CDI, made the decision to indefinitely suspend him until the details surrounding the unexplained sudden deaths are analyzed and understood. Our top priority is ensuring the safety of our equine and human athletes as well as maintaining the integrity of our sport. We take our duty and responsibility seriously, and we believe these measures reflect that.”

In the lead-up to the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, a somber atmosphere has enveloped Churchill Downs as Joseph’s two horses tragically passed away within a span of 72 hours, in addition to two other equine fatalities in the previous week. The investigators are still searching for the underlying cause.

“This is the most difficult aspect of the game,” remarked Mike Repole, co-owner of early Derby favorite Forte. “It’s incredibly sorrowful.”

Joseph stated earlier on Thursday that he was interrogated by investigators from the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and Churchill Downs.

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“They discovered no misconduct on our behalf,” he stated.

As per the Daily Racing Form, Joseph was granted authorization by the KHRC to withdraw five horses from races scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. He had already withdrawn one on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, he informed the journalists that he had withdrawn any horse that had come into contact with the two that perished, as a precautionary measure.

Joseph had planned to run in the Derby, despite the deaths. Two horses had died at Keeneland in Lexington; The colt arrived from Florida.

Joseph, a 36-year-old third-generation trainer, had his barn examined by investigators who checked the feed, hay, straw, and supplements used by the horses. The blood samples from each of his horses showed nothing abnormal.

The fatalities are the initial ones for Joseph, who arrived in Florida in 2011 after receiving instruction in his homeland of Barbados.

“It devastates you. It shatters your self-assurance, it causes you to question everything,” he expressed.

“At the same time, he stated, ‘We can discover what it is and what we can do about it. You could also face it or choose to pretend it didn’t happen. Additionally, you have the option to run away: there are two ways to do so,’ he added.”

In the meantime, two horses dislodged their exercise riders during on-track training on Thursday, including Verifying, who was scheduled to participate in the Derby. Fortunately, neither rider suffered any harm.

Both Briana Charge Take, a 3-year-old filly, and Ice On Wild, a long shot in the Derby, were euthanized at Churchill Downs due to musculoskeletal injuries sustained during racing or training. Additionally, Joseph’s horses suffered a breakdown.

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Joseph mentioned that the initial autopsy conducted on his horse did not uncover a reason for its demise.

“We’re currently living in unfamiliar circumstances, so that’s the unsettling aspect,” he stated.

One of Cox’s trainers, Brad, was leading the barn to back him when the exercise rider’s right shoulder dislocated. The colt was caught and over turned. A siren warning triggered the loose track on which Verifying got loose. Four Derby runners were startled when Cox’s trainer got loose on the track during training morning, causing spectators to be alarmed.

Cox exclaimed, “We were fortunate, we narrowly avoided a disaster.” The equestrian was lying on the ground, and before I knew it, he appeared splendid as he swiftly trotted past.

Cox stated that he had “no worry” regarding any problems with the racetrack due to the horse fatalities.

Trainer Peter Miller stated that the filly is set to participate in the Kentucky Oaks on Friday. According to Miller, the filly seemed to be in good condition. However, she unexpectedly bucked and threw off her rider. She then sprinted away from the track at top speed and caused chaos as she ran through the stable area, desperately trying to find her barn. Shortly after, And Tell Me Nolies.

“Fortunately, she didn’t descend or anything, so she’s fine,” he stated.

Repole believes it would be beneficial if the sport made more efforts to reassure the public about its commitment to safety.

“Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is a captivating attraction for individuals of various age groups.””He mentioned, ‘Individuals will comprehend injuries.’ ‘Individuals won’t comprehend injuries accompanied by death.'”

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In 2019, the horse racing industry was greatly affected when over 40 horses died at Santa Anita in California, leading to the implementation of numerous safety reforms that have been adopted nationwide.

Joseph remarked, “however, such occurrences still occur, these types of incidents, and we exert our utmost effort to mitigate them while ensuring that the horses receive excellent care.” “Often, one does not obtain explanations for those unexpected fatalities.”

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