Heritage Sports Rules

These are the basic guidelines of the www.Heritage.Eu site.

If you have any inquiries regarding our policies and the terms for betting, kindly reach out to our Customer Service division. By enrolling and placing bets, you demonstrate your complete acceptance and comprehension of all these regulations. Within this segment, you will discover details about our policies and the terms for online or telephone betting.

Heritage Sports disallows individuals who reside in the nation of Costa Rica from becoming members. All transactions and bets are regulated by the laws of Costa Rica and are deemed to originate from that location.

All members of the Sports Heritage must be at least 18 years old. It is their responsibility to comply fully with any relevant regulations or laws in their own country and to understand that gambling may be unlawful in some jurisdictions around the world, as gaming laws differ across different regions.

4. Heritage Sports retains the authority to invalidate any transactions conducted by an underage individual.

Sports Heritage does not withhold taxes. It is the responsibility of each member to pay any applicable taxes. It is the responsibility of members to report any wagering income to the appropriate governmental agencies. Sports Heritage does not report any losses or winnings to any government agency.

Claims must be filed within 24 hours from the moment the bet was placed. In every instance of disagreement, both the management and the player mutually consent that the file tape backup will act as the ultimate decision-maker in the conflict and all bets will be modified accordingly. Every online transaction will be stored in a document and the document will be preserved using a tape backup mechanism. If there are any disputes, the tape will be replayed and the bet, as confirmed on the tape, will be considered final. All members of Heritage Sports must acknowledge and accept that all bets made over the phone are recorded on a tape system.

Sports Heritage 7 reserves the right to request documentation from customers at any time to confirm their identity. Failure to provide this information may result in the account being suspended and may affect the release of funds. All accounts must have a correct contact phone number listed in their account information, as the use of an invalid phone number may result in the forfeiture of bonuses and winnings.

The potential loss of the funds in these various accounts is also at stake. Whenever a customer opens multiple accounts, each additional account may be subject to a “Multiple Account Penalty” imposed by Heritage Sports. It is important to note that only one account is permitted per name, household, or IP address.

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Heritage Sports reserves the right, as interpreted by a member of Heritage Sports, to adjust or refuse any wager or transaction at any time, in the case of fraudulent intent or technical error, in order to correct the interest.

Heritage Sports has the authority to modify the limits and/or temporarily suspend betting privileges on any individual account, without any advance written or verbal notification.

Any accounts that have been cancelled or suspended by Sports Heritage must have prior approval from management in order to reactivate their account, if it is determined that a player who has been previously banned has opened an additional account to access gains or transfer all of the risks of forfeiture to another party by providing misleading or false information.

12. Any accounts that remain inactive for 365 days will be considered closed and the balances will be forfeited.

Any customer who is considered to be part of a betting group or syndicate is subject to having their winnings accounted for and their account closed due to the risks involved.

14. Heritage Sports retains the authority to terminate a customer’s account at any given time without prior notice and/or additional clarification.

All transactions and account balances are in U.S. Dollars. It is the responsibility of the client to maintain sufficient funds to place any wager(s). Furthermore, no credit may be issued by any employee of Sports Heritage. Prior to wagering, all funds require to be posted.

In relation to that account, Heritage Sports will not be held responsible for any claims if a member gives away, shares, or misplaces his or her account number and/or password. A withdrawal or transfer of funds from his/her account must be requested using this secondary password. A wagering password must be changed using this secondary password. Each customer is required to provide a secondary password for account modifications and withdrawals upon signing up. If a customer suspects that a third party may have access to his/her account number and password, the customer must contact Heritage Sports and change his/her password. An official transaction will be considered when any transactions are made using the account holder’s account number and password. Every client should take every possible step to prevent any third party from using his/her personal account number and password, and it is the responsibility of each client to keep his/her betting account number and password confidential.

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Customers who are eligible may enjoy special promotions provided by Heritage Sports. Accounts with aggregate winnings of more than $5,000 are considered to be playing with the house.

Heritage Sports provides particular promotions that newly created accounts might not qualify for during a review period. All recently opened accounts are subjected to this duration.

It is important to note that any potential earnings and rewards may be forfeited if the information provided is found to be invalid. If there are any changes to your contact details, please inform Heritage Sports within 30 days. It is mandatory for all accounts to have accurate contact information, including the physical address, email address, and phone number, listed on their account for all deposit transactions.

In order to open an account with Heritage, clients are required to provide proof of address, which includes a copy of a utility bill, and a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport. Heritage may request customers to furnish a valid form of identification when deemed necessary.

In the event that non-approved client software is detected, Management reserves the right to cancel any wagers and invalidate all retroactively, taking into account the player’s actions. Any use of a ‘robot’ by the player, including other means, is strictly forbidden. Internet wagering must be placed through the user interface provided by Sports Heritage.

If a player believes that Heritage has posted an erroneous error time or error line, Heritage should immediately verify and notify the player.

Following an event, this price modification can be implemented towards a reasonable market price that would have been accessible at the moment the bet was made. Heritage retains the authority to correct the odds if a bet with an incorrect line is not invalidated prior to the start of the game. Bets made on an event with a clearly incorrect line due to human error will be evaluated as no action as soon as it is discovered.

All bets for horse racing must be placed before the designated time. The same rule applies to in-play wagering, where betting is only allowed when live play resumes or for regular game lines. It is important to note that any bets made after an event has started will be considered ‘past-post’ and will not be accepted.

Heritage 25 reserves the right to reverse any incorrect application of funds into a customer’s account that were not intended to be credited, upon the discovery of an inaccuracy, whether it is due to a system/software error or human error.

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The account holder of the Heritage will receive a refund for all remaining funds and the Heritage account will be promptly closed if any offensive language or mistreatment occurs through phone, chat, or email. We expect our clients to reciprocate the kind treatment towards our employees and we make every effort to treat our clients at Heritage with the dignity and politeness they are entitled to.

The client may participate in a promotion, but we reserve the right to limit the number of times. Participants’ identity may be determined based on any combination or all of the following: required identification forms, debit or credit card number, IP address, email address, mailing address, and name.

Sports Heritage will employ the services of a third-party provider to ensure fair play and prevent any potential wrongdoing. If a robot is suspected of being a potential risk for the forfeiture of funds, it will be deemed unfit for use. We do not accept wagers placed through the manipulation of our systems or the use of robots.

29. Heritage Sports has formulated its services to safeguard customer privacy and uphold confidentiality.

30. All transactions are carried out using extremely secure 128bit encryption.

Before making any bets, it is the duty of a member to inquire and clarify any event not included or rules he/she is unfamiliar with. Time Modifications and Injury Updates are unofficial and susceptible to modifications.

Some instances of related bets include, but are not restricted to, the following: – The total score of one team compared to the total score of another team in the same game, including all quarters and halves. – The total score of one team compared to the run line, money line, or total score of the same game. – Any side or run line/puck line of a quarter, half, or game compared to another side of the same game in a parlay or any type of if bet. 32. Heritage Sports reserves the right to void any wagers considered as correlated.

Regardless of the League category in which it is listed, a matchup on our website will be considered valid as long as the two teams involved are accurate. Even if the matchup is incorrectly categorized under a specific League, the game or match will still be considered valid. For instance, if two teams from the same League are participating in a Cup competition.

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