Has Trump really turned on Kari Lake, one of his loudest cheerleaders?

Kari Lake, a self-described “election-denying deplorable” who has once called Anthony Fauci an “evil elf” and has helped boost conspiracy theories about Covid vaccines, is not like most normal people. However, her strategy of generating headlines by saying many outlandish and bigoted things is a possible bid to rise to the top of the political world.

Someone who is running for governor in Arizona and claiming baselessly that the election was rigged, then losing, is not someone whose biggest political accomplishment should be considered bad. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley got 20% and 10% of the vote respectively, beating her. She also won a straw poll for the top choice for vice president at the Conservative Political Action Conference in March. It was reported a few months ago by Axios that Trump strongly considered picking a woman to be his running mate for the 2024 election, and Lake was one of his top choices. That seemed to be a strategy that he was working on for a while.

She used to be friends with one of the best-known queens of Phoenix’s drag scene, but now she’s dragging them down by reviving racist birther conspiracies. She claims she doesn’t want them to be equal, saying that men and women aren’t equal and that young conservatives have no problem telling them so. She’s an ambitious woman, but she doesn’t want equality for them because she believes that men and women aren’t equal. In fact, she even campaigned for and donated to Obama in 2008. She’s willing to say whatever it takes to get ahead, but it’s not clear what she actually believes – if anything – at the age of 53. Her lack of shame in this experience is truly appalling.

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Compensating for something bigger, fast, she wants to replace her loss in Arizona. Previously, sources told People that she is working on a “deal” about Lake’s vice-presidential ambitions. If she’s just sidling up to him every time DJ decks hit, or whether she’s having official meetings with Trump, it’s not clear. Essentially, she has moved into Trump’s resort, Mar-a-Lago, which People reported last month is as close as possible to stay to the presumed Republican nominee in her key role for his 2024 campaign. She has also positioned herself as Trump’s biggest cheerleader, proclaiming her devotion to the former president and even threatening anyone who goes against her idol with armed resistance – she has gone to great lengths for every opportunity to proclaim herself as Trump’s biggest cheerleader.

Alas, it seems that Lake may have just flown a little too close to the sun. Despite her sycophancy, Piers Morgan once told her that Trump is so powerful, he wouldn’t even be vice-president. There are reports that Trump’s objections to his newfound spotlight have soured his relationship with his protege. Apparently, she’s a “hound” who likes the limelight too much, and this has caught the attention of the Daily Beast.

If Trump really turned on Lake, this is the end of her career. Unfortunately, she may have hit a snag being Trump’s running mate, but she still has her eyes on a Senate seat. She’s a shameless, ruthless demagogue who wants power to do whatever she wants, as complained by a Trump adviser to the Daily Beast. She is exactly the sort of person who tends to do well in modern politics.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene referred to Lauren Boebert as a ‘small female dog’

It’s heartening to witness how she addressed Boebert, Greene, an extreme right-wing congresswoman from Georgia, has been expelled from the pro-Trump House Freedom Caucus. Especially when two of the most problematic politicians in the United States are openly quarreling.

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Connection between climate crisis and increasing domestic violence in south Asia

An increase of 1C in average annual temperature, as discovered by a study published in Jama Psychiatry, is linked to a more than 6% surge in physical and sexual domestic violence. Previous research has already established a connection between violence against women and extreme heat, which this study further supports. The Guardian noted that the risk of intimate partner femicide increased by 40% during a heatwave, based on previous research conducted in Madrid. Moreover, women in Kenya who encountered severe weather conditions, such as heatwaves, were 60% more likely to report instances of intimate partner violence.

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Sea Project: a scheme led by women to restore Red Sea coral reefs

The Guardian informed AlSharif, “which is impressive for a Middle Eastern nation like Jordan,” AlSharif mentioned, “There’s not a single dive with a female participation of less than 50% -“. Debris from the coral reefs is eliminated by a group of 150 volunteers, numerous of whom are female Palestinian refugees, who engage in routine clean-up dives. More individuals joined in and now a community of 150 volunteers, numerous of whom are female Palestinian refugees, engage in routine clean-up dives to eliminate debris from the coral reefs. Beisan AlSharif and Seif Al Madanat began to emphasize the importance of collecting waste every time they went diving in the Gulf of Aqaba a few years ago.

Italian junior culture minister stands by his misogynistic tirade

Sgarbi, the undersecretary of the Culture Ministry in Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing government, is making headlines for his sexist and vulgar remarks during an event at Rome’s Maxxi Museum. He is accused of using misogynistic language and boasting about sleeping with nine women in a month, referring to them as whores and fucking bitches. Sgarbi allegedly quoted a conversation he had with French novelist Michel Houellebecq, where he used offensive language. It seems that Sgarbi does not appear to be coming forward with an apology for asking a newspaper to resign over his request for resignation, which he claims is similar to fascism and censorship. As the controversy unfolds, it is clear that Sgarbi’s actions are causing a stir and raising concerns about his role as an art critic and government official.

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