For King & Country ‘Burn the Ships,’ confront suicide and anxiety on personal new album

Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone of FOR KING + COUNTRY are a nominee for Artist of the Year.

Courtney, his wife, was panicking at home in Nashville, as she was pregnant with their second son. When his phone rang, it was Courtney calling. Luke Smallbone, one half of the Grammy-winning duo For King & Country, was only a few hours away from performing on stage with his brother Joel Smallbone in Austin, Texas.

Luke Smallbone remembers, she states, “I require your prompt return home.” “And she responded,” I responded, “For what reason?” “I require them,” she replied, “I am unable to cease consuming these medications.”

Later that night, Luke Smallbone sped to the airport in his car, without stopping to say goodbye to his brother or the rest of his band. He stared into her frightened brown eyes as he headed home.

On October 14th, Courtney’s album “Burn Ships” will be released, and two shows at the Ryman Auditorium are scheduled to celebrate the album’s release. The album’s title track, “Burn,” became a symbol of resolve and bravery, reflecting the Smallbone brothers’ journey as they faced a brewing crisis. This pivotal moment not only strengthened their union as brothers but also recognized the important role their parents, Leo and Jude Phoenix, played in their lives. The album will be available in stores on October 5th.

For King & Country will soon release "Burn the Ships," their third studio album and their first in four years.

Until she successfully completed her first trimester, her healthcare provider consistently advised her to increase her medication dosage. The pills became less effective as her pregnancy advanced. Her physician prescribed a well-known anti-nausea drug for her. Courtney Smallbone had experienced morning sickness throughout her entire pregnancy. When Luke Smallbone arrived home that September night in 2014, his main concern was ensuring his wife’s comfort throughout the night, rather than focusing on music.

Luke Smallbone remarked, “This is dependency.” “I recall pondering to myself, ‘I am aware that I am not intended to consume the medication … But perhaps they desire me to gradually reduce my intake of it. I believe I simply require a capsule,'” she expressed as she distanced herself more and more from the previous instance she had ingested a pill.

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Courtney Smallbone, who survived a potentially fatal illness earlier years, experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorder. She was struggling with crippling anxiety, not knowing what would happen if she couldn’t take her anti-nausea medication, which mimicked addiction symptoms. Ultimately, she was wrestling with anxiety over what would happen if she couldn’t take her anti-nausea medication, which mimicked addiction symptoms.

She had taken them to the edge and flushed all the pills, including PM Tylenol and Benadryl, down the toilet at their home. He missed two weeks of work, driving her to the hospital every morning and picking her up every afternoon. The doctor recommended two weeks of daily outpatient therapy. The next day, Luke Smallbone drove his wife to a residential psychiatric facility for evaluation.

For King & Country took home three major awards, including artist of the year, at the K-LOVE Fan Awards, hosted at the Grand Ole Opry House on Sunday, May 31, 2015. The sibling duo also performed.

She expressed, “I still possessed that anchor within me that requires to manage.” “I merited to be completely vibrant. Luke arrived at home and inquired, ‘What activities are you engaging in?'” “I’m discarding all the tablets. He was weeping. I was weeping.” “I gazed at him and declared, ‘I aspire to be entirely engaged in my existence, not desensitized. I’m not reverting. It’s a fresh day.'”

“Burn the Ships” was born in that moment. Courtney Smallbone cried the first time she heard the song.

She expressed, “It seems like the theme song of existence. Ignite the refuse, ignite the previous experiences. I am completely enveloped by mercy, and I sense completely vibrant in my current existence. I believe you can only reach that state when you incinerate everything and start anew.”

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‘PRICELESS’: For King & Country address the issue of human trafficking with a ambitious new movie.

They wrote, produced, and starred in the movie “Priceless,” which was based on their novel meant to raise awareness about human trafficking. The song “Priceless” marked the beginning of their mission to empower women. In the meantime, the brothers released a deluxe version of their album “Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong,” which included the hit No. 1 song “Ships Burn,” the first completed song for their third studio album, and the namesake for their project, For King & Country.

Grammy-winning duo For King & Country penned “Priceless” the book, a novel meant to raise awareness about human trafficking, and wrote, produced and starred in “Priceless” the movie.

“Knows Only God,” the new single by Country’s & King For, made its debut with a visually powerful music video that aims to address the issue of suicide prevention. The single “joy,” which is the lead single from the album “The Ships,” focuses on finding light in a world filled with negativity. Smallbones’ social consciousness drove them to create the album “Priceless,” where they tackled the issue.

The footage rewinds to show how a personal interaction changed the woman’s intentions and saved her life, demonstrating the importance of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s number, 1-800-273-8255. The video follows a young woman throughout her day, as she meets friends for coffee and then jumps off a bridge. The video was made for Country & King’s music video after Kate Spade’s passing.

Joel Smallbone stated, “In terms of comments, I believe it’s the most intense response we have ever received.” People are expressing, “I’m on the brink, the verge, and after watching this, I was convinced.” This summarizes it, if there was a profound and heartfelt intention behind the album.

In addition, if team members feel depressed or are taking a risk, they can reach out to their fans by texting a set number provided to them by the team.

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For King & Country

The pain and distress engulfing the nation can be attributed to the rise in popularity of pop music, which can be credited to Beverly Keel, the chair of Middle Tennessee State University’s Department of Recording Industry. “God Only Knows” and “joy.” Are examples of an emerging pattern of religious songs being played on mainstream radio. Artists such as Drake, Kesha, and The Weeknd incorporate references to God and prayer in their latest musical releases.

She stated, “We need to be reminded that we can still have joy but be upset about what’s going on. I think the message of Country & King resonates with me more than ever now.” “On both sides of the political spectrum, we have many questions and people turning to God for answers.”

Keel stated that their music “falls somewhere between Coldplay and Imagine Dragons.”

She expressed, “The melodies prompt us to contemplate and serve as a reminder that we are not solitary.” “The tunes will possess widespread musical charm, and the words will resonate with each of us personally.”

The album “Burn the Ships” includes deeply personal songs such as “Fighter,” “Pioneer,” “Only God,” “Knows,” and “Joy.” Joel Smallbone, one of the co-brothers who oversaw the smallest details of the album, admits that when he heard the finished piece, it made him cry. This is both his biggest weakness and greatest strength – the need to have control in everything he does.

“Mission completed,” declares Luke Smallbone: brimming with melodies that they’ll continue to be enthusiastic about performing for years to come, they desired the album to possess a personal and genuine touch.

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